Banana cream pie parfaits _ cravings of a lunatic

Have you ever had one of those days where you are super de duper busy and being pulled in every direction? I know you have. Best moist banana bread recipe ever We all have. Bread machine banana bread recipe Am I right?

You finally get home after a busy day and just as you go to slip on your jammies just in time for your favourite TV show (Supernatural- can you say Winchester boys rock my world) the doorbell rings.

Did I do laundry today or is it piled up by the front door for some unknown reason?

Well folks this is a surefire way to please those unannounced naughty guests who should have called but did not. How long to bake banana bread I mean seriously, who stops in on a weeknight when your favourite show is on anyway.

Have a plan of action in place for emergencies like this. Banana bread baking powder You need to be prepared. How to do banana bread Keep your pantry stocked with quick ingredients like graham crumbs, puddings, cookies, and things like that.

Set a code word set with hubby for moments like this. Banana banana bread recipe Try *winchester sandwich* as he’ll never know what you mean anyway, then that will be his cue to take the rude visitors on a tour of some project you did 3 years ago and never finished.

You now have 5 minutes. One banana banana bread This is what you make. Banana bread 3 bananas And honestly, it seriously takes only 5 minutes.

• Quickly take your pudding mix and milk and pop it in a mixer, turn on high and let it go for a few minutes to thicken.

• Cut up 2 and a half bananas into slices and pop them on top of graham layer.

• Now set them in the fridge and clean up quick. Banana bread recipe with milk *this is code for shove everything in the oven till later*

• Brush your hair. Banana bread recipe with butter *has nothing to do with the recipe but by now your frazzled and could use it*

Ha-the secret is out now, anyone can drop by unannounced and get a delicious dessert at Kim’s place. Banana bread without brown sugar In addition, she has an important TV schedule and has no issues with you dining and dashing!

This looks delicious, but I will need a bigger spoon to insure I can get all the components together in one bite-yum! Enjoy the weekend!

Kim, you always crack me up, “winchester sandwich” bah ha ha ha! Love it!

Your pictures are absolutey perfect, seriously they are really good photos.

I love to have some standby recipes like this, where you can make something delicious out of everyday ingredients, thanks for sharing. Banana bread with two bananas Must get me some mason jars.

You are so much more on the ball than you give yourself credit. Banana bread with butter In the same situation, I’d be like deer in the headlights without a clue. Best banana nut bread recipe ever These are SO cute. How long to cook banana bread I am thinking that you could use strawberries or peaches depending on the season and what’s on hand (As a banana hater, my mind always tries to come up with alternatives, don’t mind me.)

I have one I do in 5 minutes with cherry pie filling. Awesome banana bread You could use anything. Banana bread przepis They are fun and easy and look adorable. Banana bread 4 bananas The possibilities are endless. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas Bummer you hate naners. Banana bread recipe baking powder They are so good for you. Banana cake bread But I feel the same way about sweet potatoes so there ya go.

I am so happy you like it Reem. Banana bread with 3 bananas I have so many of these super quick ones. Best homemade banana bread My kids used to play every sport known to man and be involved in every school function so I had to learn how to do quick stuff. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas My arsenal is filled with stuff like this one. Banana bread plain flour Busy moms need fast. Banana bread resepti Lol. Banana bread origin Thanks so much for coming by my friend.

hehehhee…I have one of those, and usually do include something like your recipe!:)) or just be very very still, don’t say anything and hopefully they will leave the doorsteps:))

Congrats on double top 9 tonight..I am off to congratulate you on the other post!!! see’ya and good night!!!

“I love theses!” I actually have mason jars of both sizes! I use them as tea drinking cups w/flavored honey sticks,peach tea, cupcakes n a jar, layered desserts, and one of my best & favs is: Hot Choc & marshmellows! They can be prepared in advance then just add hot water or milk when ready to serve! I’d love to see your spin on that. Rezept banana bread Let me know if u use it! I add mint &/or cookie garnishes, cherries,whipped cream as well.

There’s something exciting about yummies in a jar. Banana bread with plain flour This looks delicious. How long is banana bread good for Congrats on two Top 9s! Oh and you are so much nicer than I am with unannounced guests. Banana bread recipe with two bananas I either don’t answer the door or I’ll let them in and not entertain. 2 banana banana bread You’re such a sweetheart!

I love jars, they are just fun. Banana and bread My house is very country so they fit in so nice here. Banana bread recipe without nuts Okay I am going to have to try that hot chocolate recipe. What is banana bread I have one I am posting some time this week that will knock your socks off. Banana bread cooking time So good. How long do you bake banana bread Been a recipe in creation for awhile. Banana bread with 1 banana Wanted it just right.

Just reviewed these on Tasty Kitchen. Baking powder banana bread I fed these to 45 members of the Women Soaring Pilots Association and they were a great hit. Banana bread with 4 bananas We let them put on the whipped cream themselves and almost had a food fight.

I am so happy you made these and even more delighted they were such a hit. How long do you cook banana bread I feel a bit humbled who you served them to. How many bananas for banana bread How cool is that. Banana bread baking time Thanks for such a nice review. Banana bread bananas This is just one of those easy things you can throw together yet it tastes incredible. Banana bread temperature Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and let me know how you liked them. Banana bread muffins easy Means a lot to me.

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