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Chicago artist Jim Bachor is on a mission: patching up his city’s broken pavement by filling potholes with colorful works of art — mosaics that turn eyesores and traffic hazards into things of beauty. Banana cake with chocolate chips And with his mosaics now being laid in other cities, Bachor is taking his artwork on the road.

A former ad agency creative director, Bachor is an artist whose interest in mosaic tiles was inspired by trips to Pompeii, where vivid examples of the art form have survived for millennia.

2013, Bachor said, was a particularly bad pothole season in Chicago; his own street was riddled with them.

Banana cake recipe moist “Crews come by and do this temporary fix, but they never seemed to stay fixed,” he told CBS News’ Lee Cowan. Banana cake recipe moist fluffy “And there was a pothole in front of our house. Banana cake recipe easy and quick So it just dawned on me. Super moist banana cake recipe I have this passion for this durable art form, and I have this pothole that needs a more permanent fix. Banana loaf recipe uk So I went out one night in May of 2013 and installed that first piece.”

He did so under cover of darkness. Best moist banana cake recipe “Yeah, well, I’m too old to be arrested!” he laughed. Moist banana cake recipe “And I didn’t know if this was against the law or whatever. Moist banana cake recipe jamie oliver My next-door neighbor was my lookout: ‘Let me know if the cops come by or something.’ And so I just installed it. Banana loaf recipe nz Took a couple hours. Best banana cake recipe moist And that’s how it all started.”

Word began to spread of Bachor’s vigilante street repairs, with TV and newspapers covering the mosaics. Banana loaf recipe moist And while the city didn’t officially communicate with Bachor about the appropriateness or legality of his art installations, a city spokesman told the Chicago Tribune in 2014 that, while Chicago appreciated the spirit of Bachor’s campaign, he should leave the work of filling potholes to the professionals, and left it at that.

Bachor told Cowan, “That was it. Best banana chocolate chip bread recipe They didn’t say no, so here we are!”

“Everybody hates potholes – doesn’t matter who you are, young, old, rich, poor. Banana chocolate chip bread recipe Everyone hates ‘em. Banana nut bread with applesauce So you’re walking down the street and you expect it’s a nasty asphalt street that’s pockmarked and whatnot. Best banana nut muffin recipe And then you might happen to see tulips, maybe, where there shouldn’t be. Banana cake recipe without butter And so it’s just that little bit of unexpected joy, which is kind of a fun thing for me.

Bachor typically notes potential pothole candidates as he drives around the city. Healthy banana bread with yogurt “They’re everywhere,” he told CBS News’ Lee Cowan. Banana bread with oat flour “So whether it’s taking the boys to school or baseball games or running errands, I’m always on the lookout going, ‘Oh, that’s a good one,’ maybe I’ll quickly write down the intersection.”

When looking for prospective potholes, Bachor searches for isolated, “rogue” potholes, as a street filled with potholes will likely be earmarked for repaving sooner rather than later.

This one is part of a series of mosaics called “Pretty Trashed,” inspired by a snack from one of his sons’ baseball games.

“It’s a nasty pothole. Banana bread cupcake recipe And now there’s a rendering of something also unattractive, being trash, but rendering it beautifully, a little piece of art.”

In the two years since he began his pothole installations, he estimates 40 to 50 percent of them have already been paved over. Banana bread recipe low sugar “I don’t usually go back and revisit [them]. Banana bread recipe no sugar Once they’re done and I photograph them, I’m good with it. Banana nut muffin recipe But my Instagram followers let me know. Banana walnut muffin recipe I got a post two days ago saying, ‘Guess what? Bomb Pop got paved over!’ So that’s how I get the news.”

Cowan asked, “What happens when you hear that news, that all this artwork is now sitting under black asphalt?”

“Well, it used to bum me out at first. Banana bread recipe oil But it’s the price I pay for playing in the street, you know?” he laughed. Healthy banana loaf recipe “As the campaign’s evolved, I have really found that it’s documenting them as soon as they’re done. Banana cake no eggs I take a ton of photographs once they’re done, because that’s as good as it’s gonna look. Banana recipes without eggs And then whatever happens happens.”

“My art tends to be roughly 18” by 24”. Banana muffin recipe without eggs You know, they can’t be too deep, they can’t be too shallow. Banana nut bread with pecans They need to be deep enough for the concrete to catch the art. Banana bread nutrition And they can’t be in the center of the road, obviously. Banana bread cinnamon rolls So there’s a lot of conditions.

“People send me photos, the Instagram followers: ‘What about this [pothole]?’ You know, I mean, it’s a good one, but it’s got issues.”

“What sometimes happens is the asphalt around the perimeter starts to fail. Banana bread recipe whole wheat And if that fails, then everything is up in the air. Moist banana bread sour cream I get a note from this Instagram guy saying, ‘Hey, not sure if you’re aware, but the tulip piece just kind of popped outta the ground. Banana peanut butter muffins I took it home. Banana bread recipe for bread machine Do you want it?’ With all the concrete, probably weighs 30 or 40 pounds! I’m like, well, that’s cool. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies Dedication!

“He wanted to know if I wanted it back, and I had to think for a second. Banana peanut butter chocolate And I’m like, ‘Well, I certainly don’t want you to throw it away.’ So I stopped by a couple of weeks later, gave him a pothole T-shirt and whatnot. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie And so now I have this original piece of pothole art that I have to figure out what I’m gonna do with. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins Probably frame it!”

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