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One of the challenges I enjoy most–both as a coach and with friends–is persuading newcomers to raw foods that there is a divine-tasting natural equivalent for for every man made concoction on earth. Banana bread with no eggs For every bottle of Gatorade there is a cup of young coconut water; for every dab of cream cheese there is a smear of avocado and salt; for every glass of chocolate milk there is a cup of carrot-romaine juice; for every muffin or cookie there is a soft, satisfying bite of baked kabocha squash ( HEAB, I know you’re grinning right now).

To me, nothing embodies this truth more than the following recipe.

Banana bread with pancake mix I hesitate to call it a recipe, even, because it’s so damn simple.

Back in my pre-vegan days, I, like so many girls, was obsessed with “healthy” soft-serve ice creams – Tasti-D-Lite, Crema Lita, etc. Banana peanut butter recipes (I’m sure that if I would have loooved Pinkberry, too, but it appeared on the scene long after I went vegan!) If my friends and clients are any indication, the stuff is like crack for many NYC ladies! And that’s OK: it’s definitely a healthy upgrade from, say, Haagen-Daaz. How ripe do bananas need to be for banana bread But it’s still not necessarily the best or most natural snack option out there—especially since lots of women tend to eat it as a meal in and of itself! (Note to my sistas everywhere: a cup of froyo is not nourishing enough for a meal!)

Well, if you’re into the pinkberry or Red Mango, boy, do I have a treat for you. Banana bread recipe without flour It’s the best soft serve ice cream you’ll ever taste, but it’s 100% raw, 100% vegan, 100% unprocessed, and 100% delicious. Moist chocolate chip banana bread It’s also kid-friendly and ridiculously simple to make.

That’s right. Banana bread receta facil Who knew that frozen bananas could, if given a spin in the food processor, rival the best fro-yo in town? Well believe me, they do. Banana bread recipe with whole wheat flour Once you try this recipe, I guarantee you’ll crave it instead of your usual ice cream—at least some of the time.

It couldn’t be more simple. How do you make banana nut bread Take 2-3 frozen bananas (you can freeze them in ziplock bags or in tupperware), like so (this was about 2 and a half):

And throw them in your food processor (I’ve tried this in a Vitamix, but the results weren’t great — you could also use certain juicers). What makes banana bread moist Then turn the processor on and let it run for about five minutes, stopping every now and then to scrape it down. Easy banana cake recipe plain flour The bananas should get increasingly light, fluffy, and smooth. Gluten free banana bread coconut flour By the time you’re done, they’ll resemble a creamy bowl of soft serve, like so:

If you’re really feeling decadent, make some raw chocolate “syrup” by combining 2 tablespoons of agave nectar with 1 tablespoon raw or dark cocoa powder. Banana bread recipe australia Drizzle it on top of the frozen bananas, and voila:

It’s a dessert or afternoon treat to rival the best sundaes and scoops out there. Easy banana loaf recipe Really, I can’t begin to do justice to how delicious this is! Even if you don’t eat a lot of fruit, it’s worth treating yourself to this one every now and then. Banana bread vs banana cake Trust me. Best banana muffin recipe It’s also a sweet treat you can feel great feeding your kids. Banana walnut cake recipe Dairy and soy and preservative free ice cream? Yes please!!

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading, and start freezing those bananas you’ve got sitting on the counter.

I’ve made something similar to this, but probably the texture wasn’t nearly as perfect as the recipe will make…. Banana walnut cake recipe eggless I don’t own a blender nor a food processor, so I just chilled my bananas very cold (not frozen), added fully frozen raspberries and used my immersion blender. Banana walnut cake recipe sanjeev kapoor The frozen raspberries did the job for the bananas and I got something at least very similar to ice cream! Yummmmm!

I later tried the same banana idea but this time I had no frozen berries on hand, so now there was some more effort and lots of waiting time – and probably my banana-cream wasn’t too healthy…

I added sweetened vanilla soy milk and glucose-fructose-syrup to the very cold (but not frozen) bananas, mashed the bananas a bit and gave everything a good stir before freezing the mixture. Easy banana cake recipe I think I waited about 30-60 minutes before blending it all together with my immersion blender, then put the container back to the freezer for about 2-4 hours. Starbucks banana loaf recipe Turned out so gooooood!

You can’t let it freeze all the way though if you still want to scoop it with a spoon, not drill holes into solid ice. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch And because it will turn into an ice block anyway if you freeze it overnight, probably any kind of sweetener (normal sugar or what ever you prefer to use) )will work and pure vanilla powder could easily replace the soy milk. Starbucks banana bread recipe Maybe the alcohol in vanilla extract could help with the ice crystals so it wouldn’t be so hard after over-freezing?

This soft serve absolutely hit the spot this past weekend when it was steaming outside. Banana nut cake recipe I had never heard of it, but was looking for things to try without going overboard with ice cream, and this was perfecto!

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