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Altona is a suburb 13 km southwest of Melbourne CBD, home to PM Julia Gillard of Australia. Indian ice cream brands This blog aims to share its beauty & attractions with people not familiar with this hidden paradise. Japanese ice cream brands It hopes to dispel the prejudices of some people towards this suburb. Indian ice cream flavors This Blog is based in Altona but is not only about Altona.

25 beaches around Port Phillip Bay were nourished during the 1970s and 1980s to replace sand lost through erosion. Fat free sugar free ice cream brands In 2001, the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) commissioned a study to assess the condition of these 25 beaches as well as another 18 beaches, producing a priority list for beach nourishment in the Beaches at Risk report. Low fat sugar free ice cream brands The 13 assessment criteria include technical criteria (beach length, beach width, erosion rate, public risk, public facilities, foreshore land, environmental value), social criteria (social value, community use, supporting infrastructure, community management) and economic criteria (contribution to local economy, scope for economic development).

Altona Beach tops the list in terms of both technical and social criteria. Best sugar free ice cream brands Altona and Elwood Beaches are both large and extremely popular beaches that are well managed, have significant supporting infrastructure and provide economic benefits for the community.

In November 2006, the Victorian Government announced the Enhancing Our Beaches Program, which allocated $8 million over 4 years to add 166,400 tonnes of quarried sand around Port Phillip Bay, with Elwood Beach receiving 64,000 tonnes of sand and Altona Beach receiving 73,600 tonnes of sand.

Altona had been previously nourished 3 times, in 1982 (with 11,400 m 3 of sand), 1989 (16,000 m 3) and 1990 (4,500 m 3). Gluten free lactose free ice cream brands Hence, it has been 20 years since the last nourishment. Tree nut free ice cream brands The 2010 nourishment project deposited 45,408 m 3 of 1mm median diameter coarse sand from land-based quarry to 923 m stretch of beach between Bayview Street (east of Altona Pier) and Romawi Street (west), widening the beach from its present 15-25 m to a new 45 m. Peanut and tree nut free ice cream brands This $2.5 million transformation project, headed by DSE and Hobsons Bay Council, would see the beach last for another 20-25 years and also involve the expansion or diversion of several stormwater drainage outfalls to accommodate the expanded beach. Dairy free nut free ice cream brands The project probably started in September 2010 and was nearly completed in May this year. Sugar free fat free ice cream brands I am not quite certain about the completion status as this is still listed as a current project under Hobsons Bay City Council’s website.

Altona residents had lobbied for extension of the beach restoration program to the western end of the beach, with the Environment Minister Ryan Smith being brought twice to visit this area. Best fat free ice cream brands Bruce Ewen, who has lived on the Esplanade since 1973, said “ Crowds of people come here in the summer from all over the western suburbs and they all want to stay on the nice part of the beach. Best ice cream brands and flavors There’s all sorts of trouble with traffic and overcrowding. Italian ice cream ingredients We need to spread it out and get more equitable usage of our wonderful facility.” The high expectation brought about by the Minister’s double visits was followed by disappointment after the state budget failed to allocate any fund for the extension.

In contrast, the community response differed greatly on the other side of the Bay. French vanilla ice cream ingredients At the beginning of this month, the DSE commenced a $500,000 renourishment program of the beach at Half Moon Bay, laying it with 13,500 tonnes of coarse red sand, sourced from a quarry in Gippsland. Breyers french vanilla ice cream ingredients By widening the beach by up to 10 m, the program aims to prevent erosion and attract more people.

This project has sparked widespread community opposition. French macaron ice cream sandwiches Black Rock resident Michael Schuh said, ” They’re ruining a golden beach with red dirt.” He pointed out that the beach has remained unchanged since 1940, as seen in a painting by Arthur Boyd. Best ice cream sandwiches ” They’re nourishing a beach that doesn’t need nourishing. Best ice cream sandwiches in la If erosion was occurring and the beach was going to be gone and we had to live with it, we would live with it. Best ice cream ingredients But we don’t have that situation. Cheap ice cream ingredients What we’ve got is a perfectly good beach that replenishes itself.” The locals are also worried that the expanded beach would attract more visitors.

Environment Minister Ryan Smith scrapped the project a few days later in response to community concern. Where did neapolitan ice cream originated from He ordered an investigation which found the beach in ”reasonably stable” condition and had not eroded at the rate predicted three years ago.

A DSE spokesman said the project and the removal of 1800 tonnes of sand already dumped would cost $90,000, with the remaining $400,000 committed to the project to be delivered to beaches where there is a real need.

I hope that the authority would consider using the remaining $400,000 to fund the nourishment of the western end of Altona Beach, where it is fully justified in terms of technical, economic and social criteria.

A last minute bid by Hobsons Bay Council to get 13,500 tonnes of unwanted sand from Half Moon Bay for Altona Beach has been rejected, with the sand destined for Elwood Beach in the east.

Resident Bruce Ewen said it was a great opportunity for Altona to get the rejected sand and the sand colour and quality did not matter. English ice cream recipes “ If it was sufficient to finish the project, that would be fantastic. Free ice cream recipes If it means we have to put up with something that looks like a neapolitan ice-cream for a while, that’s not the worst thing.” Let’s hope that Elwood residents are not too particular about the colour and appearance of the unwanted sand!

DSE spokeswoman said that Altona might not be the ideal place for the sand because the beach was just refurbished. Where to buy neapolitan ice cream slices But there was some good new for Altona Beach. Ice cream neapolitan The State Government would help the Council buy a new recycling machine for seaweed control, by chipping in $43,780, about half the cost of the machine.

Western Metropolitan Liberal MP Bernie Finn said that the Environment Minister Ryan Smith had a very keen personal interest in Altona Beach and was “ keen to see this beach go from strength to strength”. Neapolitan ice cream cake Hopefully, we will see the western end of Altona Beach being renourished soon as the sand there was “ almost non-existent” as described by Hobsons Bay Deputy Mayor Tony Briffa.

• Altona residents call on State Government to help their beach

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