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I just finished watching a video by LifeRegenerator where he interviewed Kristina Carillo-Bucaram in which she stated that her eyes used to be dark brown and have turned green and now blue.

If anyone here has experienced an eye-color change, can you please post a before and after ? It doesn’t have to be a close up of your eyes but at least demonstrate the change. Banana nut bread with buttermilk It can just be a picture of you at the beach! It doesn’t matter as long as we can see your eyes ok! If you wanna post a close-up pic, the pupil should be dilated to approximately the same diameter too since we all know that constricted pupil eyes appear lighter than dilated pupil eyes.

My hypothesis is that such a change can only happen to those who have been raw for over one year, had light eyes in early infancy that later changed in color, and you have to be 100% raw with no sway from the path.

Easy banana bread no eggs So far I haven’t seen any pics, only random posts of people on online forums claiming that their eyes changed.

I do, from before and after my last water only fast last month (for only 23 days this time).

At 25, my eyes were so dark brown that the iris and pupil were indistinguishable. How to make banana bread pudding After 2 1/2 years of 100% simple raw, my eyes were steel grey with hints of brown, and all the spots were gone. How to make banana bread without eggs At 34, my eyes were a striking golden color, and went through a hazel color before being decidedly green from 45 to 60. Banana nut bread recipe healthy I have had the irises become tighter knit and getting more clear and green over the years. Healthy banana bread muffins I do drink 8 ounces of wheat grass juice 5days a week (only fresh, less than 15 minutes from the press–NEVER A JUICER–which destroys the enzymes instantly). Best banana bread recipe uk That is down from a quart a day 25 years ago when I had a bedside wheatgrass delivery business pre-dawn in Aspen Colorado. Best banana bread recipe sour cream The wheatgrass, fasting and raw all contribute to eye color change.

I only have an iPad at the moment, cannot post from it (or at least I do not know how to) though I can e-amail pictures from it.

This is the first time I did before and after pictures of my eye in regards to the fast…

My eyes were dark dark brown, almost black and they are turning green. Banana bread with sour cream martha stewart My family keeps trying to tell me eye color change is a bad thing but I feel really good…

Everyone tells me that honeybees die after stinging someone, it is universally believed, and not true in the slitest–except, that is, that the bees do not survive being slapped to death… Banana bread with sour cream and chocolate chips That said, it should be pretty easy to find over a thousand credible references that eye color change is good, or at worst–benign. Banana bread with sour cream and brown sugar Ask your family if they can find even one reference to back up their misconceptions–or are they just making it up to freak you out because they are insecure–(maybe even ask them THAT if that is the kind of relationship that family members suffer in your family). Banana bread nutrition facts If not, then ask nicely…

Thought I’d add this in here too, I think I’ll take another picture after surgery I’ve heard surgery can have an effect on the eyes. Healthy banana bread with greek yogurt I’m only mostly raw and it’d be kind of fun to see if I could get close to that pretty cobalt blue and blondness that I was as a kid, or if those little orange rings go. Moist banana bread muffins My eyes started turning greenish as a teen, but looking at pictures they seem to be blue until I was 11.

Yea only a week in and my left eye is lightening! Barely, but I have always hated my eyes (brown) so I am well aware of their color. Banana nut bread moist And I said I would change my eye color one day. Easy banana bread recipe uk I legitimately was convinced in High School. Banana bread recipe with sour cream and brown sugar And now I have the tool to actually change them back to what I was born with, green! So excited!

A year or two ago I saw several references to a guy that had developed a 15 minute proceedure to turn eyes to blue, ($500), but stressed to all that it was a permanent one way change, he could not change ot back…

Meanwhile, my eyes are just getting more intense green, not towards blue–but the strands are several times more tight-knit now, not coarse, and none of the spots that I had decades ago…

It is funny that people claim that eyes changing color is the sign of a health problem. Banana loaf with chocolate chips However, since modern medicine hasn’t really researched a raw foods diet, how would one know if an extremely clean and healthy body would or wouldn’t alter skin, hair and eye color? I have been vegan for 10 years and have worn glasses since I was 9. Gluten free banana chocolate chip bread After adding more raw foods and green smoothies to my diet, my vision improved in both eyes after consistantly getting worse over the past 16 years. Moist banana chocolate chip bread I have not been raw long but know that when I eat vegan junk food or drink a lot of coffee my brown eyes turn black. Healthy chocolate chip banana bread People say they turn black when I am angry too?! Very interesting topic.

I have close ups of my irises I’ve been taking since Dec2013, when I started going no-meat, no-chicken, a little fish, lots of juice, lots of veggies and NO-wheat. Banana bread without nuts I’ve noticed that the longer I stayed fish-free and dairy-free the lighter and more green my eyes became.

On Jul 2014 I went to Rio and I found this Vegetarian Restaurant. Healthy banana chocolate chip bread I trusted my mum and aunts when they told me that the yakisoba they served was 100% VEGAN (wheat-free) and ate it. Banana nut chocolate chip bread 40 mins later, when I was at the Hotel I started feeling BLOATED! I felt like if I was gonna explode! Nausea. Banana walnut chocolate chip bread Turns out that YAKISOBA was 100% fully wheat! Look how my eyes looked on the trip back to Sao Paulo (2 days later):

Huh. Best banana bread muffins This is interesting. Banana bread muffins healthy My wife commented the other day – “wow, your eyes are REALLY green!”. Vegan chocolate chip banana bread I have hazel eyes that are usually more on the brown side, but it was enough of a difference that she noticed. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe martha stewart I didn’t think anything of it until I saw this thread. Banana bread recipe applesauce Tiny old picture:

I don’t think my eyes are changing color, so much as they have gotten clearer – the green has always been there, but only if it was really sunny outside. Paleo banana nut bread I just took this picture (past midnight, dark outside) sitting at the computer (i.e. Banana nut bread recipe paula deen not very bright) and the color is definitely a lot different.

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