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Note: This is an updated version of our most popular article What is the Best Deck Stain?

We have had over 11,000 Q&A questions for the first article, helping consumers find the best wood and deck stain for their deck and specific environment.

The point of this article and is to offer guidance in choosing a quality deck stain that works well and will not create larger issues down the road when time to reapply. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 pictures We have updated our original article by including answers to some of our most popular questions that we receive.

Here are some of our most popular answers to remember, before proceeding with any questions below:

• No deck stain will last 5+ years. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 memorial pictures A good quality stain will last 2 or maybe 3 years on a deck floor (horizontal) and typically twice as long on railings, siding, etc. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 attacks (verticals).

• Penetrating stains will have less chance of peeling as they soak into the wood grain and do not film on top of the wood grain when fully cured.

• Penetrating deck stains are easier to maintain by cleaning and reapplying after 2-3 years.

• Filming Deck Stains that dry on top of the wood are harder to remove and/or reapply as they are more prone to peeling, wear, flaking, etc.

• Not all Deck Stains are penetrating. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 conspiracy Even when they claim otherwise.

• Semi-transparent, Transparent, and Semi-Solids will show the grain of the wood to some extent. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti pasquale buzzelli 9/11 video Solid stains, Deck Resurface Coatings, and Paints will not.

• Clear sealers without any pigment/color will not prevent UV graying. Calories homemade meatballs Lighter Pigmented stains that are Transparent, Semi-Transparent, or Semi-solid will have less UV protection than Darker Pigmented stains in the same transparency. Bbq homemade sauce More color/tint = better UV protection.

• Deck Stains are either Oil Based or Water Based. Chicken homemade recipe Filming or penetrating. Meatloaf homemade recipe Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid, Solid (opaque) Stains or a Deck Resurface Coating. Chili homemade recipe See here for more info on Deck Stain Types.

• Oil based stains can still be used in all States and Canada as long as they are compliant to local VOC regulations.

• When switching brands of deck stain it is always best to remove the old coating first. Easy homemade christmas gifts Do this by using a Deck Stain Stripper and/or sanding.

• Always apply a Wood Brightener after prepping with a Stain Stripper or Wood Deck Cleaner to neutralize the caustic.

• New Decks (less than a year) are treated differently than older decks (more than 1 year). Easy homemade biscuits New decks need to be prepped and usually cannot be stained right away. Easy homemade halloween costumes See this about Staining New Decks.

Note: This is the first version of our most popular article on Easy homemade brownies We help by guiding consumers in finding a high quality and low maintenance deck stain based on a series of questions. Easy homemade christmas ornaments This article alone had had over 11,000 Q&A questions to date. Easy homemade mac and cheese recipe We have updated this article by including some answers to our most popular questions.

This is the most popular question that deck owners have. Easy homemade dog treats Unfortunately, there is not a “best” deck stain out there. Swedish homemade There are products that are better than others, but there is not one that will outperform every other stain.

A better way to approach this common question is to ask, “what is the best stain for my deck and it’s environment”? Just because a deck stain performs well in the Northeast part of the country does not mean it will perform well in the high altitudes of Arizona. Homemade meatballs ground beef There are also VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Laws the come into effect for different parts of the country. Homemade meatballs with grape jelly This may limit what is available in your state. Homemade meatballs For example, TWP 100 Series cannot be used in 17 states that have a low VOC content of 250.

To understand a deck stain and its potential longevity, we should first look at the main reasons deck stains fail:

• UV rays from the sun will damage the wood resulting in degradation of the wood cell structure. Italian homemade bread This will break down the stain while causing the wood to oxidize (turn gray).

• Water, snow, and ice will cause damage to the wood by breaking down the exposed cellular structure.

• Freeze/thaw will expand and contract the wood resulting in the stain “bond” with the wood cells to fail.

• Mold, mildew, and algae will leave the wood unsightly/dirty and can result in rotting.

• The previous stain used was of low quality or applied poorly.

• The Stain was not applied properly or the wood was not prepped properly prior to application. Italian homemade pasta recipe Bad prep is the number one reason stains prematurely fail!

Important Note: This is our 3rd Review of Armstrong Clark Stain.

Armstrong Clark Wood Deck Stain is a highly regarded oil based stain formulated with 5 generations of stain industry experience. Italian homemade sausage recipes Armstrong Clark is available in several formulas: Transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid colors.

Armstrong Clark Deck Stains are uniquely blended with drying and non-drying oils that isolate from each other during application. Italian homemade company The non-drying oils penetrate the wood fibers and help rejuvenate and condition lost natural oils while the drying oils cure on the surface to lock in the conditioning oils and form a barrier of weather protection at the surface. Italian homemade company san francisco Armstrong Clark Stain Review

– The initial appearance of Armstrong Clark was a rich deep finish with naturally enhanced wood grain showing through the semi-solid formula. Italian homemade sf Our choice of the Cedar Semi-Transparent color had a rich cedar tone.

– Upon our 2-year inspection, Armstrong Clark Wood Deck Stain produced above average UV resistance. Barbecue homemade sauce Being a semi-transparent Cedar color we projected better than average UV shielding and it did not disappoint. Pizza homemade sauce recipe It would seem to us that the transparent colors would deliver slightly less UV shielding due to less pigment in the formula, while the semi-solid colors of the AC would have slightly better UV protection when in full sun.

– No peeling was detected at the 2-year point. Butter chicken homemade recipe There was slight wearing on the high traffic areas, around the furniture, and on the stairs.

Important Note: This is an updated Review of our original Defy Extreme Wood Stain. Cream of chicken homemade recipe See Here for First Review: Defy Extreme Stain Review

Summary: Defy Extreme Wood and Deck stain is our top choice for water-based deck stains. Kfc chicken homemade recipe It has superior UV resistance and has the ability to penetrate into the wood grain almost as well as an oil based semi-transparent. Fried chicken homemade recipe The mold and mildew protection is superior to 90% of all other semi-transparent stains due to the nanoparticles of zinc oxide.

In 2008 Defy unveiled Defy Extreme Stain, which quickly became the most popular stains in the Defy stain line. Lasagna homemade recipe As a water based stain formula, Defy Extreme penetrates wood surfaces and does not form a film. Soup homemade recipe Defy Extreme Stain utilizes synthetic resins and nano particles that harden the cellular structure of the wood pores and helps reflect harsh UV rays like a sunscreen to prevent fading and graying.

– The initial appearance was a warm rich finish with even natural grain highlights. Chili sauce homemade recipe We were impressed that Defy Extreme Deck Stain did not conceal the wood grain like other water based stains. Calories in homemade meatballs Wood surface penetration was outstanding. Easy homemade christmas gifts for kids to make The Cedartone test color revealed a hint of orange but was tolerable and almost expected for a cedar deck stain tone.

The best time to stain a deck is after it is built while the wood is still new and has not been compromised by weather damage. Easy homemade christmas gifts for sisters However, it is important to allow a new pine deck to dry out for several months before staining it. Easy homemade christmas gifts for dad A new pine deck contains too much moisture at first and you do not want to trap that moisture in the wood by staining it too soon. Easy homemade christmas gifts for parents Wait for the wood to reach 12% moisture level or less. Easy homemade christmas gifts made by kids This can be checked with a moisture meter. Easy homemade christmas gifts in a jar As mentioned this usually takes a few months in warm weather depending on the sun exposure the deck receives. Easy homemade christmas gifts for friends Do not wait too long though like a year or more because that is when most of the damage occurs to unprotected pine.

When staining a deck there are many brands and types of stains to choose from. Easy homemade christmas gifts for kids If you are looking for a certain color or wanting to mask the wood grain completely then a solid color deck stain is the best choice. Easy homemade brownies with chocolate chips There is however some things to consider when searching for the best solid color deck stains.

If the deck has been cleaned properly and does not have any existing coatings or finish on it then an oil based solid color stain is the way to go. Easy homemade brownies from scratch These types of solid stains will always perform better than a water based solid stain. Easy homemade brownies cocoa powder However, you may find that the oil based solid stains are harder to find due to strict VOC laws so any brand you can find should work.

Wood decks can be a beautiful addition to any property but when neglected they can also become an eyesore. Easy homemade brownies with cocoa When a deck goes too long without being maintained sun and water damage occur. Easy homemade biscuits without baking powder The wood loses its natural oils and becomes very dry and porous. Easy homemade biscuits without shortening Cracking, splitting, warping, and graying are all signs of an old deck that has not been protected against weathering.

Here are the steps needed to make your old tired deck look new again:

Do a thorough look over for any rotten boards and replace them. Easy homemade biscuits without milk Check for loose boards and railings and tighten these up as well with decking screws. Easy homemade biscuits and gravy Check foundation for any structural damage.

It is not impossible to bring an old wood back to life. Easy homemade biscuits from scratch A little care and maintenance can revive most neglected decks. Easy homemade biscuits self rising flour If the deck is still in good structural condition the grayed wood can be cleaned using a wood deck cleaner.

We have our favorite stains and offer reviews based on this but not everyone has had the same results. Easy homemade biscuits with all purpose flour We cannot expect our top rated stains to perform flawlessly in all scenarios nor would Behr Supreme fail in all scenarios. Easy homemade halloween costumes for couples We do suspect it does in most cases though

Defy Extreme Stain was introduced in 2008 as the newest member of the Defy Stain family. Easy homemade halloween costumes 2016 Defy Extreme Deck Stain in a penetrating water-based stain that does not film on the wood. Easy homemade halloween costumes for teens Defy Extreme contains synthetic epoxy resins that “harden” the wood pores below the surface.

Utilizing nano-technology, Defy Extreme is one of the best stains on the market when it comes to preventing UV graying.

*Note:Defy Extreme Wood Stain is an improved version of the Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain. Easy homemade halloween costumes for kids Containing the same ingredients but with the added UV protection of the zinc oxide nano particles .

– Defy Extreme Stain had a rich look to the wood. Easy homemade halloween costumes for adults Natural grain was highlighted evenly throughout. Easy homemade halloween costumes for dogs The Defy Extreme did not mask the grain like other water based wood stains. Easy homemade halloween costumes for men Penetration of the stain into the wood was excellent. Easy homemade halloween costumes for women The Cedartone color was slightly on the “orange” side but acceptable for a cedar deck stain color.

– One of the best in the industry. Easy homemade dog treats with pumpkin Testing over a 2 year period showed little to no color fade. Easy homemade dog treats peanut butter The zinc oxide nano particles seemed to help drastically with the Ultra Violet radiation that turns the wood gray.

– Better than average wear and tear. Easy homemade dog treats recipes High traffic areas show some wearing but overall tested

A wood deck can be subjected to tough weather conditions. Easy homemade dog treats for kids to make Deck floors are subjected to the excessive friction caused by heavy foot traffic. Easy homemade dog treats peanut butter oatmeal Because the flooring and tops of the handrails are horizontal surfaces, they are more exposed to harmful UV rays and moisture than the vertical surfaces of the deck. Easy homemade dog treats with baby food This constant moisture followed by drying out, along with fluctuating temperatures causes the wood to expand and contract almost daily. Easy homemade mac and cheese recipe with velveeta This constant swelling and shrinking can result in cracking, splitting, and splintering.

To prevent damage to the wood, it’s necessary to block out the sun’s damaging UV rays and to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. Pizza homemade sauce Applying a quality deck stain to the wood is the best level of protection. Easy homemade christmas ornaments to make Deck stains do require maintenance every couple of years but you’ll get many more years of life out of your deck.

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This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as wood restoration contractors. Easy homemade biscuit recipes All stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. Easy homemade biscuit recipe without shortening We offer no guarantee of similar results. Easy homemade biscuit recipe from scratch Take in consideration that wood and deck stain results may differ due to prepping procedures, different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, natural weathering, etc.

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