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Banana bread is one of those recipes that you need a master recipe for–a recipe that has never failed you and is probably written on a scrap piece of paper that you occasionally misplace and then freak out when you can’t find it! Well, freak out no more because I have your go-to, never-fail recipe right here.

I have used this recipe my entire professional career. Banana bread batter It has been made in Ireland, Italy, Australia and now in the United States.

Banana bread pudding It’s from the Avoca Handweavers Cookbook, which is a lovely Cafe nestled in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland. Ingredients for banana bread If you ever get a chance to visit it is really a special place. Two banana bread If you have tried my Best-Ever Carrot Cake, it is also an Avoca Handweavers recipe and another fantastic treat.

Also, be sure to check out my Banana Split Ice Cream Cake which is the perfect recipe to use this Banana Bread.

• In a large bowl stir the flour, salt, baking powder, sugar and cinnamon together

• In a seperate bowl mash the banana with a fork until very little lumps left.

• Mix in the egg, sunflower oil and vanilla essence into the banana

• Fold in mashed banana mix into the dry ingredients using a fork. Banana bread recipe healthy Do not over mix, just mix it gently.

• Spoon into a lined 2 lb loaf tin and bake in an oven preheated to 350oF (180oC) for 45- 50 minutes until the loaf is golden brown and springs back when prodded gently with your finger. Cooking banana bread Leave in the tin for 10 minutes, then turn out on to a wire rack.

Nice work you got here. Unique banana bread recipe Am very impressed. How to bake banana bread I would love to learn more from you. Top rated banana bread recipe I really enjoy baking I thought of starting my own baking business. Banana oatmeal bread Am from Zambia in Africa and i feel that your tips might help. Chocolate banana bread recipe Would you kindly share some.

Thank you for your note and I appreciate you watching my show. Recipe for healthy banana bread I try to share my favorite recipes, tips and techniques in my videos so I hope you’re enjoying those. Soft banana bread recipe Are you able to take any baking classes at a nearby school? ??

Thanks so much, really glad you my recipes and baking videos :). Simple moist banana bread recipe I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. 2 banana bread However, I know you can make cheesecakes because that is this weeks Thursday episode AND I am very soon making bread episodes. Easy banana walnut bread I am excited waiting for my pizza oven to arrive from Italy.

Using this recipe, my banana bread turned out very dense and gummy! It was well cooked and the fork was dry coming out. Banana bread recipe 3 bananas But thick. Gourmet banana bread I wonder if the texture would improve if i had added an extra egg or fewer bananas. Banana date bread My bananas were not too black, but had a lot of of spots on them.

We love your site and most of your recipes. Organic banana bread We’ve used a few of them in cooking classes at our church.

You really have to try America’s Test Kitchen’s Ultimate Banana Bread recipe. Banana bread pudding recipe It uses six bananas per loaf and uses concentrated banana juice from five of them. Best banana walnut bread recipe It’s better than any banana bread we have had in Hawaii, and we’ve tried loads of banana breads on four islands. Banana bread recipe with oil It really is the best ever, ever…

This banana bread recipe is indeed the best ever. Perfect banana bread recipe Thanks for sharing this, Gemma. Fat free banana bread I would definitely make this again after today and share it with my husband. Bisquick banana bread recipe I like that it is not too sweet and I can still see bits of bananas because it was not over mixed.

I’m a huge fan of your site and your videos! I love the time and effort you put into explaining the techniques and science behind your methods.

I recently tried making your banana bread recipe using gluten-free flour (this flour to be exact: and I found that 50 minutes was not enough to fully cook the bread through – I did leave it in longer and found that it eventually cooked through but came out a bit more on the burned side (my fault).

I was wondering if you maybe had an idea as to why the bread didn’t cook through all the way with the gluten-free flour? Could it have been because of your recipe didn’t call for baking soda or dairy? Or I wonder if it was the flour itself?

I trust your recipes and plan on making this again, so I’d like to not make the same mistake twice! ??

I want to tell you how much you’ve helped me these past few days. Bread machine banana bread Let me explain a bit….

I moved to China from America around two years ago and its been a fantastic experience! Ive made tons of friends and eaten lots of…interesting food. One banana bread recipe But around 4 weeks ago I got really sick and 2 weeks later I was in the hospital. Banana bread easy moist Dont worry its nothing serious! It turned out I have chrones disease. Banana bread recipe best moist Im still in the hospital and in these 4 weeks i havent had anything to eat. Bisquick banana bread That has been the hardest part about the whole thing. Banana bread ingredients I think ive lost around 15 lbs and i ways already thin before so now i look like a skeleton. Best banana bread recipe ever Im in Korea at one of the best hospitals so i think ill be okay.

The only thing that has been keeping me going through this whole thing is watching your videos of how to bake various things ?? you have inspired me A LOT!! All i want to do is get better, go back home, and try out some of the different things ive watched you bake. Banana bread recipe with sour cream So whatever you do dont stop baking! You’re videos are incredibly fun to watch so keep making them. Moist and delicious banana bread It seems like you enjoy making them:)

So not to depress you with this or anything haha i just wanted you to know that over here in asia you are greatly appreciated ??

I just took my Banana Bread Muffins out of the oven. Sugar free banana bread I used a gluten free flour for it and it worked just great. Banana bread recipe sour cream I make muffins most of the time because the probability that someone uses the wrong shovel and gets some ‘bad’ crumbs on my cake. Sour cream banana bread I checked on them on regular intervals as I didn’t know how long they would take this way. How to make a banana bread But they turned out wonderful! The first one went to the baker of course, still warm with some home made chocolate ice cream (your base with a whole lot of unsweetened cocoa powder). Banana bread with sour cream It was pure bliss! Now I just need to find out how to make the ice cream a bit lighter. Buttermilk banana bread It’s a bit heavy for my taste. Betty crocker banana bread Sadly we only get whole fat sweetened condensed milk here in germany. Banana bread with buttermilk And even that is difficult to get… Could you recommed something? Maybe substitute a bit of the cream with milk? I don’t know if that would work, though…

I definitely have to try out more of your recipes and see how well they work with gluten free flour. How to make homemade banana bread ??

I have been following your recipe video from couple of days and have even tried out a few of them and they are just amazing.I would like to thank you for making baking so simple for us. Betty crocker banana bread recipe Let me tell you I am a complete vegetarian with no egg and no meat….n I wanted to try chocolate chip I replaced the exact amount of egg with milk and it came out amazing…..with same color and texture and wonderful taste….so is that possible with banana bread too….??? Can I replace egg with milk…?????

Can you help me understand that how do we decide the quantity of each ingredients added in a cake..if I want to work on a completely new flavor.

And lastly,is it necessary to keep the cake or anything that is being baked on middle rack….???

Thanks so much for your comment, Sonam. Best ever banana bread I haven’t tried replacing the egg with milk on the banana bread recipe. Banana bread 1 banana Let me know how it turns out. Banana bread muffin recipe You can find all of my different flavor cake recipes in the recipe section of my website. Chocolate chip banana nut bread Also, I would recommend baking it on the middle rack. Oatmeal banana bread recipe Hope this helps ??

hi Chef Gemma!! i just tried this recipe today and it was perfect!! everything was balanced and most importantly delicious!! i can’t wait to try out more of your pastries and bread recipes in the future!!

Hi Phee, I am happy that you liked mt recipe, and that it worked well for you. Banana bread low fat Do stay tuned, lots more to come in 2016, with someinteresting changes to the website too, thank you for being in touch, Gemma

Hello Gemma! I love watching your videos, and I trust your opinion. Banana bread with applesauce My boyfriend has recently been diagnosed with a gluten allergy, and we have been able to find substitutes for just about everything… Except a really tasty bread. Chocolate banana bread The ingredients are easy to find, but I can’t afford a stand mixer. Banana bread muffins For the ingredients of a gluten free bread, can you use your no kneed technique? If not, are there any suggestions you could provide to make an easy baking experience?(:

P.s – If you could make a video on gluten free bread recipes that would be wonderful and a lot of help!!(:

Hi Julia, I really intend to pay more attention to this area this year. How to cook banana bread It is not my special thing! In Ireland we have a traditional soda bread which will lwork well with Gluten free flour, here is recipe from Jamie Oliver ( It is easy, and quick to make,

Gemma, always my go-to banana bread recipe. Banana bread sour cream Thank you so much for posting it! I do have a question–would it be possible to use, say, cooked sweet potato, or pumpkin, in place of the banana, to change with the seasons? To use it as a master recipe, just switching out fruits?

I made this recipe this morning. Banana pineapple bread Let me say it’s not the best banana bread I have made. 2 loaf banana bread recipe Followed the recipe to a T except for subbing coconut for sunflower oil. Banana bread with chocolate chips Guess I’ll have to try a different recipe next time! Oh well!

I guess when you change an ingredient in a recipe, you change the result. Bananas for banana bread I am really sorry that you were not happy with the finished bake, sometimes substitutes work really well, others not so much,

I followed this recipe. Whole wheat banana bread However i baked it in convection combination mode in my microwave. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar The setting was 540W and 180?. Banana bread cake recipe I put the time for 50mins. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk However i noticed that the top of the bread started to look burnt. Banana banana bread I stopped the process in 15-20mins. How do i make banana bread As the top looked a bit burned. Hawaiian banana bread The bread tasted done. Banana blueberry bread recipe However after it cooled completely it has become hard and very dense. Chocolate chip banana bread Where do you think i went wrong?

Sorry for my late reply. Banana bread recept So I have never used an oven with a 540w setting. Diabetic banana bread recipe It sounds like it is the setting on your oven that over cooked the top. Banana bread rezept Like maybe there was a grills or broiler on as it baked?

Do you mean use essence instead of extract? you can use a teaspoon of this, it is not as strong in flavor as the extract, and not as natural, but the flavor will be there. Banana bread calories you can also work away without it!

Hi Chit, If you added all of the ingredients, I suspect you allowed it to stand too long before you baked it. Banana bread machine recipe Remember the raising agents begin to activate as soon as they are wet. Calories in banana bread get your baking into the oven as soon as it is in the pan, Gemma ??

I baked it and it was fabulous in taste and touch. Banana bread receta Just that i had trouble cutting it into slices as it was really really soft.. Easy homemade banana bread My measurements should be correct because i used the measuring tools..or is it that soft only?

Hi there Srashita, this is a firm bake, almost like a bread. How to bake a banana bread It sounds like there was something off in the measurements, or else it is the type of flour. Banana bread allrecipes flours change according to where, when and how they are milled. Recipe for banana bread muffins They absorb liquids in different ways. Whole wheat banana bread recipe you may need to adjust the liquids a little, or be sure your measurements of the oil are are really accurate. Banana bread with nuts i hope you will try this again.

Remember when you choose your style of measurement (cups, grams, ozs etc) stick to it, for the entire recipe.

Well! yes, but have you used it before for this? it is important that you understand how the temperature settings work in your oven.

I would be prepared to try it, but it needs to fit comfortably into the oven, and if it is over browning it will need to be covered. Banana bread recipe with baking powder This will be an experiment! ?? Gemma

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