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What is your favourite food when you are sick? There are some foods that are easy to eat and digest. Classic radio club of boston Try the BRAT diet to help your recovery. Classic radio jingles Some foods are definitely not to be considered when I am not well.

Classic rock radio online free This list may not look interesting at all. Classic country music radio online free In fact it is down right boring but when I am sick it is some of the best foods for me!

Not up to cooking? Why not get food delivery of something light and nutritious like porridge from Hon Kee Porridge.

Here is my list of what to eat when sick. Classic country radio online free They may be your food when sick too.

Easy as ABC to cook with protein to fight off the flu and strengthen the immune system

I love soups and more so when I am not well. American classic bathroom vanity They are easy to consume and nutritious as well.

The soup will provide you with the liquids to keep you hydrated, protein to strengthen your immune system to fight off whatever ails you.

ABC soup is what I eat when sick. Classic bathroom vanity cabinets I am not sure how the name came about though there are various theories about it. Modern classic bathroom designs Some say because it is easy as ABC to make while others say it was first thought of by the ABC( American Born Chinese).

This is a simple homemade soup made from chicken or pork ribs. Best summer cocktails 2016 Sliced large onions, sliced carrots, tomatoes and potatoes make up the rest of the ingredients. Best new cocktails 2016 I like to use a chicken as it is quicker to cook and the meat is tender and light to eat.

If you don’t fancy any solid food then a simple chicken soup is what you need. Best fall cocktails 2016 A simple and easy recipe where you can use a quarter chicken and adding an onion and a quarter carrot to flavor the soup.

Sometimes I have the soup with some cooked rice and it makes a tasty light meal. Best cocktails of 2016 You can choose whether you want to eat the chicken meat or not.

If you stay in the Petaling Jaya or KL area and are not up to cooking, you can order some tasty soup from “Taang Shifu” and have your food delivered from the nearest restaurant in your area.

When a person gets sick, the immune system of the body responds by pumping out hormones that end up in the brain. Best bathroom designs pictures These hormones trigger a fever, changes the sleep-wake cycle and cause a lost appetite. Best cocktails with ginger ale This is the reason why we so often feel sleepy when we are sick explains Doctor Clifford Saper, neurosurgeon at Bethesda Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Losing your appetite especially when you are sick with a bacterial infection is good. Classic radio shows online free Bacteria thrive on glucose and when a person is sick and stops eating there is less glucose and the bacteria starve to death. Classic radio shows mp3 Our bodies adapt to the lack of food by using up the stored fat to keep the metabolism going.

A BRAT diet is a bland-food diet which can help a person recovering from an upset stomach or diarrhea. Classic radio shows on cd One of the reasons is because it includes binding foods that are low in fiber which can help the stool become firmer. Used bathroom sinks and vanities The diet includes bananas which are high in potassium and helps replace nutrients lost through vomiting or diarrhea.

Other foods which can be added to the BRAT diet include crackers, boiled potatoes and clear soup. Old radio commercials Both adults and children can go on the BRAT diet for a short period to help the body ease into regular eating.

Rice congee is a great alternative for those who are looking for gluten free food as rice does not contain any gluten.

This is one of my family’s favorite food for anyone who is not well and have a lost appetite for their regular meals. Classic bathroom floor tile patterns We like to call it porridge but it is actually rice congee.

You boil the rice in a large saucepan with many times its water until the rice breaks down and becomes a fairly thick white porridge. Classic bathroom tile designs Once the porridge is done, add in the minced pork with some ginger slices and let it cook for a few minutes. Classic bathroom floor tile Add in salt and pepper. Best craft cocktails in las vegas You can sprinkle some spring onions if you like. Classic bathroom tile design ideas It is light and easy to eat.

Instead of minced pork, you can add in minced chicken or fish slices. Classic bathroom tile ideas Be sure to add in finely sliced ginger especially when you cook with fish. Classic bathroom tile patterns This will help to remove the fishy smell.

If you are in the PJ and Bangsar areas, you can even get Kitchen On Wheels to deliver from Honkee Porridge.

When I am feeling nauseated, something dry like toast seems to be the best. Recipes using vermouth Spread a bit of peanut butter and it can help to fill the stomach. Drinks using vermouth This will help when you need to take medication with food.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or FAO has come up with some guide lines in feeding sick people to help them recover quickly. Drinks using sweet vermouth Sick people need to eat well and drink plenty of fluids to help fight infections.

• Feed a sick person small portions of food frequently especially if the person is not hungry. Recipes using sweet vermouth Give snacks between meals.

• Give plenty of water to drink every 1-2 hours. Best cocktails to make at home It can be boiled water, fresh fruit juice, coconut water, soup or watery porridge. Easy holiday cocktails with vodka This is because sick people often lose more water due to diarrhoea or fever.

• Give easy-to-eat foods but include energy-rich and nutritious foods like fish, eggs, milk and poultry. Easy halloween cocktails with vodka Add dry milk powder to porridges and other foods.

Another dry food that I look for when I am not well and lack of appetite are biscuits. Easy fruity cocktails with vodka One good thing about biscuits is that you can take your time eating it. Easy summer cocktails with vodka A bite at a time seems to be the way I eat my biscuits when I am sick.

Crackers are one of my favorite and handy snack foods when sick. Easy to make cocktails with vodka The plain, non-oily ones works best for me. Easy christmas cocktails with vodka You can eat them plain or dunk them in a hot drink.

Research shows eating the right comfort foods when a child is sick can soothe her symptoms and help towards quick recovery.

A hot drink is a great food when anyone is sick. Simple drinks I am not sure why but the warm fluid just brings a good feeling. Simple drinks with vodka Hot chocolate can be filling too especially when made with a good amount of milk. Simple drinks with tequila A hot drink and a good rest will help speed up the recovery.

This comfort food when sick is also great for kids. Simple drinks to order at a bar You can also slip in a spoonful of honey for the child who is having nighttime coughing and having problems sleeping.

Sandwiches provide a good source of nutritious food when sick. Simple drinks made with brandy They are easy to prepare and consume. Simple drinks with rum They can be just simple cheese, ham or egg sandwiches depending on what you feel like eating. Simple drinks to make with tequila They can be eaten slowly and still be as fresh. Simple mixed drinks with tequila More often than not, it is hard to eat a complete meal at one sitting when a person is not well.

A bowl of cereal is delicious when there in not much appetite for other more filling foods. Easy drinks with tequila Maybe it is because it is a light and easy to eat food when you are sick. Best summer cocktails with vodka The plain ones are the best rather than sugar coated cereals.

Try some oatmeal and other whole grain cereals when you are sick as they provide nutrients to help the immune system like zinc, selenium and beta-glucan.

When on the road to recovery a bowl of noodle soup tastes great. Best drinks to order at a bar for girls It can be made with chicken stock and rice vermicelli. Best drinks to order at a bar It is light, not oily and does not have too rich a flavor so it is easy to consume. Easy mixed drinks with tequila Cooked with some meat and vegetables they provide a nutritious meal.

Fruits are sometimes easier to eat than other more solid foods when feeling under the weather. Easy to make mixed drinks with tequila I find an apple much more appetizing than the normal meal. Easy to make drinks with tequila Other good fruits to eat are pears and bananas. Easy drinks to make with tequila They provide fiber and vitamins and are easy to digest.

Bananas are easy on the stomach when you are sick. What are the best drinks to order at a bar They are one of the fruits in the BRAT diet. The best drinks to order at a bar Get your fresh bananas delivered to you.

Being sick can be a misery. Best drinks to order at a bar for men Having light food is one of the ways to help towards a speedy recovery. Simple mixed drinks with vodka Other factors to consider are

1. Simple drinks to mix with vodka Plenty of rest – Getting a good long rest in a cool room with the curtains drawn makes me feel much better.

2. Simple drinks to make with vodka Drinking lots of fluids.- Our bodies lose a lot of water when we have a fever or are vomiting and have diarrhea.

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