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After many years of trying, we are running out of ideas, trying to duplicate a fried-chicken recipe, that only I have experienced. Chicken tikka masala recipe easy My wife, the cook/chef in the family, never had the luxury of tasting this dish. Chicken garam masala recipe easy I doubt that any CH subscribers are either old enough, or, if they are, ever had the “best fried chicken in the world,” Alamo Fried Chicken in Biloxi, MS. Chicken tikka masala recipe with coconut milk Going back into the ‘50s and very early ‘60s, a tiny restaurant, Alamo Fried Chicken, did a different sort of take on “Southern Fried-Chicken.” The batter was fried to a dark brown, and was thin, but was rather smooth, when prepared. Stuffed chicken marsala recipe olive garden It had spices, but would never have been considered as “hot.” They did “skin-on” and “bone-in” chicken, and probably did all parts, but I remember the breasts most – probably passed the other cuts to family members.

We’ve tried to work out this recipe, but it’s been based on MY memories. Best chicken marsala recipe olive garden If my wife had ever tasted it, I know that she’d be able to dissect the recipe perfectly.

Chicken calories and protein Unfortunately, the place sold. Chicken tikka masala recipe indian style Also unfortunately, the buyer only got the name and the physical building, and not the recipe – it folded soon after.

Every edition of “Southern Living,” or “The Food Network,” or “The Travel Channel,” that features fried-chicken, gets our attention. How to make chicken tikka masala indian style We’ll try to incorporate aspects of all into our search for Alamo Fried Chicken.

While I still have hopes of duplicating THAT recipe, I am a realist, and not getting any younger. Chicken marsala recipe tyler florence That prologue goes into my question:

What is the BEST fried-chicken, that you have ever had, especially if you have a recipe to accompany it?

In the “olden” days, buttermilk was the liquid left after making the butter, right? That’s completely different from the buttermilk we buy in the grocery store. Food network chicken marsala tyler florence But, a lot of people swear by buttermilk soaked, then fried, chicken. What part of the chicken is gizzards They say it tenderizes the chicken.

Thanks for the Info, I guess I’m lucky, in that I’ve never tasted a “tough” chicken, but then I never order fried chicken out. Healthy chicken easy recipes A little cook’s pride here, but mine is better and CLEANER that what I can get out.

Buttermilk is high in lactic acid, which can work as a tenderizer. Chicken easy recipes for dinner I do not know how it came into so many Southern fried chicken recipes, but does appear a lot.

For this recipe, it’s only a guess, and has been used in several variations. Slow cooker chicken easy recipes Not sure if it’s correct, but it certainly makes the chicken taste good…

This post is not an attempt to answer the question about Alamo chicken, my apologies Bill. Ground chicken easy recipes But we just tried our hand at fried chicken and dang, it was yummy!

We started by rendering our own lard from fresh lard. Breast chicken easy recipes We did not get leaf-lard, but got abdominal lard from our butcher. Canned chicken easy recipes Following the instructions of Miss Edna Lewis in “The Taste of Country Cooking”, we cut the lard into small chunks and slowly rendered this down in a large pot on the stove, stirring and stirring. Baked chicken easy recipes It took a long time, 2-3 hours! We strained the liquid, and let it cool into a wonderful white solid fat.

We then followed the instructions from “The Gift of Southern Cooking” by Miss Lewis and Scott Peacock. Pictures of chicken gizzards We brined our chicken pieces for 12 hours in a solution with proportions of 1/4 cup kosher salt to 1 quart cold water. Chicken gizzard recipe We drained the brined chicken, then soaked the chicken in buttermilk (2 quarts for 2 three pound chickens) for another 8-12hours. Gizzard chicken We drained the chicken onto a wire rack.

We then heated 1 1/2 pounds of lard, 1/2 cup of butter, and half a cup of a combination of chunks of presunto (Portuguese version of proscuitto) and smoked ham. Fried chicken gizzard recipe We used the presunto and the smoked ham combination because we have no easy access to Virginia country ham, a ham that is made by air-curing the leg and then smoking it. Chicken gizzard nutrition This mixture was cooked over low heat in an cast-iron pan for 45 minutes, skimming off the foam from the butter and allowing the hams to brown. Chicken gizzard recipe chinese The ham was removed from the oil, and the temperature of the oil was increased to 335 degrees Farenheit by increasing the heat to medium-high.

2 cups of flour, 4 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 teaspoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of fresh ground pepper were combined, and the chicken pieces were dredged in this mixture, then patted to remove all excess flour. Best chicken gizzard recipe The pieces were cooked in small batches inthe fat, taking care to keep the oil hot. Chicken gizzard soup 8-10 minutes per side until golden brown. Chicken gizzard stew The pieces were drained on a wire rack.

We made a gravy as per “The Taste of Country Cooking”. Chicken liver and gizzard recipe We used a couple of chicken backs, necks, the chicken innards that came with the chickens (Gizzards, heart, livers) the bones from a rotisserie chicken, 1 celery stalk chopped, one chopped onion, 3 cups of cold water. Gizzard of chicken We cooked this over medium heat for 1 hour, and strained the stock. Gizzard chicken recipe Then we put 4 tablespoons of fat from the chicken frying fan in a small sauce pan, added 3 tablespoons of flour, and browned this mixture. Chicken liver and gizzard Then we added 2 1/2 cups of stck, stirred well and cooked this for 15 minutes at a simmer. Boiled chicken gizzard recipe Seasoned with salt and pepper. Pickled chicken gizzard recipe This made a lovely white gravy.

We served the chicken with gravy, corn pudding (again from Miss Lewis) and some biscuits that a friend brought. Chicken gizzard recipes tenderizing It was all very yummy! We served this along side some lovely vintage Champagnes (when I get a chance, I shall report this on the wine board). Chicken gizzard indian recipe What a great evening! We were very pleased with this recipe, the chicken had a wonderful crispy skin, the meat was perfectly seasoned and moist, with a lovely delicate taste of chicken that did not succumb to the flavour of the skin and fat. Spicy chicken gizzard recipe The chicken was not greasy at all ( I think keeping the fat hot is key – small batches!). Recipe for chicken liver and gizzard Well worth all the effort.

My dear Maisonbistro, this is a recipe that can and must be repeated in the future. Chicken gizzard salad You just let me know when your officially off your diet!!! I can’t imagine this fried chicken being ok… Chicken gizzard soup recipe Even if it isn’t that greasy…

MMRuth, the rendering wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, it didn’t stink up the house. Gizzard of a chicken But we did have the windows open pretty wide.

We used 1.5 pounds of lard because we were doing 2 chickens, enough for 8-10 people. Chicken gizzard and liver recipe You could use a lot less. Easy chicken gizzard recipe The original recipe calls for 1 pound for 1 three pound chicken. Gizzard in chicken You really just need enough fat to cover half of the piece of chicken, as you turn the pieces over to cook each side. Chinese chicken gizzard recipe So yes, you might even get away with a little less. Chicken gizzard benefits I did weigh the lard.

I buy my lard at a Mesican groceries in my area because it is the closest to home rendered lard.

Also, below is a link to a great explanation why lard is really better for us than “healthy’ partially hydrogenated vegetable fats”.

That sounds like work, but a work of love! I hope that all of the effort paid dividends in the end.

I’ll excerpt some of your points and pass them on to my wife, for inclusion in her experiments.

Thank you for taking the time to put this all together. Chicken gizzard fried I think we have some new elements to throw into the recipe.

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