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Gluten is a special type of a “sticky” protein that is naturally found in some foods or contained in some processed or canned foods. Banana bread cookies recipe Barely, wheat, and rye are some examples of gluten-rich foods which means that the vast majority of cereals and breads contain gluten. Banana bread with pecans What are the side effects of gluten and what’s the deal with the gluten-free diet hype?

Some people suffer from gluten-intolerance, commonly known as Celiac intolerance. Low sugar banana bread recipe Bloating, intestinal problems, seizures, depression, immune system malfunction, autism, anxiety, thyroid problems, and adrenal exhaustion are just few examples of the unpleasant symptoms that accompany this disease.

Fortunately, curing this disease is so easy: simply eliminate gluten from your diet. Icing for banana bread However, this could represent a tough challenge for long-distance runners who consume large portions of pastas, bagels, cereals, energy bars as well as other grain-based foods. Banana and walnut bread recipe So how can a runner cope with that? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. Banana bread bread maker Enjoy! Cheer up! You have abundant choices of gluten-free foods

Generally speaking, there are plenty of gluten-free foods including corn, rice, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, teff, quinoa, sunflower seeds, soybeans, natural (unprocessed) oats; not to mention seafood, vegetables, fruits, most types of cheese, fish and unprocessed meat.

In my quest to dig for the most up-to-date information about this topic, I searched for expert advice on the best gluten-free foods for long distance running but I stumbled upon what’s even better… Gluten-free food recommendations from long-distance runners… Typical GF diet of seasoned marathon runners

Many seasoned marathon runners recommend substituting pasta and pretzels with rice and rice cake. No baking soda banana bread In fact, it is best to eat brown rice most of the time but you can also eat white rice particularly before rigorous training as it contains less fiber. Famous banana bread recipe To add a more tasty touch to rice cakes, some runners get creative and add either tuna fish or cheese slices on top.

Another interesting substation for pretzels is potato chips since many long-distance runners would need lots of salty foods including carbs and sodium. Resep banana cake breadtalk Needless, long-distance runners wouldn’t worry much about fat consumption due to their excessive exercise routine.

Other delicious options include banana slices with peanut butter and honey. Banana bread in bundt pan Recommended GF night-before-race meal

Marathon runners recommend eating lots of sushi the night before the race! In fact, some of them consume as much as 25 pieces the night before an 18+ miles run. Jamaican banana bread recipe You may combine salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, salmon rolls with avocado and albacore. Is banana bread good for you You may also have white rice and add GF soy sauce to the mix.

The protein, carbs, fat and sodium mix in this meal will keep you “fueled” without feeling heavy or full. One egg banana bread In addition, soy sauce is particularly useful for runners who exert a lot of sodium as it helps in retaining water and salt. Is banana bread healthy Sashimi is another great option for you to try. Is banana bread bad for you What about the best GF food choices right before the race

Some long-distance runners recommend having Vanilla Thick yogurt and banana couple of hours before the race to give enough time for digestion without feeling stuffed or weighted. Bread maker banana bread For 10+k races, you may also take a Vanilla Bean Gu 10-to-15 minutes before the race.

Another very important tip: don’t overdrink water. Banana bread whole wheat flour Just make sure to consume adequate amounts of water every now and then to avoid stomach cramping. Banana loaf cake recipe Performance effects of Gluten versus Gluten-Free life styles

So far, we discussed the health benefits of the going GF especially if you are a long distance runner. Banana and walnut loaf recipe What about performance benefits? Well, most runners who became GF assert that they noticed substantial improvement in performance and some of them indicated that they feel “less weighted down and bloated” and “feel lighter, healthier and just happier” than they used to before going GF. Banana and walnut cake recipe In fact, one of them says: ”Since I’ve gone GF, I’ve run PRs at every distance from the 5K to the marathon.” Final words about the Gluten-Free life style pros and cons

Well, the obvious drawback of going GF is deprivation from some of your favorite foods forever, not to mention that it’s difficult to eat out due to the limited menu options. Banana bread with bread flour Also, some runners mentioned that they have some difficulty staying full because GF foods are generally not high in calories.

On the other hand, the health and performance rewards of going GF are well worth the sacrifice. Homemade banana nut bread This is what a GF runner constantly tells herself to stay on the GF track: “Is 5 minutes of food pleasure really worth 2 days of tummy displeasure?”

Another one proudly says:” Personally, I can live without bread and pasta. Banana muffins with coconut flour What I can’t live without is good health, vigor and energy”.

Now that we laid all the facts to you, the choice is entirely yours: will you try to go GF or you would rather a delicious cupcake instead? We can’t wait to read your comments…

I’m a runner and a celiac…and for those doing the gluten-free life, be warned – Soy Sauce is loaded with wheat. Banana cake with plain flour So if you need to avoid gluten for health reasons, BYO wheat-free soy sauce to any sushi restaurant.

Those who have celiac or are gluten-intolerant KNOW that the wheat-laden cupcake isn’t worth it. Banana bread with coconut milk I’ve learned to cook myself well after my diagnosis 8 years ago, and would never think of returning to my gluten-filled life. Eggless banana cake with condensed milk I am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been, and cooking for myself brings me more joy than any take-out, and I eat better than I ever have and share my food with others on my blog.

I second the gluten free pretzels. Banana poke cake with condensed milk I can’t tell the difference between them and the regular ones. Banana pudding recipe with condensed milk and cream cheese Also remember that there are some pretty decent tasting gluten free breads out there. Healthy banana bread applesauce Gotta have mine with peanut butter!

Great article, very useful information. Bread machine banana nut bread One small correction; gluten intolerance is not the same as celiac disease, gluten intolerance can be extremely unpleasant, but celiac disease is an allergy, and can be life threatening. Recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins Sorry to be pedantic, but I feel it’s an important distinction.

I went gluten free for a few years and then went back to gluten over the winter. Starbucks banana nut bread calories I used it as a tool as I was recovering from illness and needed the sustained energy and easy quick digestion of gluten. National banana bread day Now that I am stronger I am back to gluten free to reduce inflammation and feel great.

I just wanted to warn everyone, that sushi is NOT GLUTEN FREE. Banana oatmeal bread recipe In many cases soy sauce is the culprit but also WHEAT STARCH is often used to glue the rice together and in making imitation crab, often a staple of california rolls. Difference between banana bread and banana cake I became VERY ill after eating sushi assuming it was safe. Banana recetas Wheat is a sneaky culprit. 1 banana banana bread Check extensively EVERY time you order sushi, because they can change things up each time you visit. Banana comic Good luck and happy running. Banana pictures funny I am also one of the lucky ines who exprienced new PRs when I stopped poisoning my body with wheat, in 5k,10k,25k, half and full marathons. Banana pictures Felt better than ever and my hair started growing beautiful again after 2years of horrible acne and losing hair, and nails that wouldnt grow. Banana chiquita I call it reVibrance!

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