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Whether it’s prepared in a dry rub, or generously marinated with a myriad of flavours, people can’t resist the charm that is a lamb chop. Recipe for flank steak marinade for fajitas With a cut that has exquisite marbling and lean meat right near the bone that holds all of it together, and you have a great recipe for rich, hearty a meal that you can tuck into. Recipe for skirt steak fajitas Where Kota Kinabalu is concerned, this cut of meat can be found in a number of different places, whether it be a full fledged restaurant, or a road side stall.

Recipe for tri tip steak marinade The list below will save you the trouble and point you in the right direction to get you fix of red meat goodness.

The agnello alla griglia is a hearty dish as far as a plate of lamb chop goes. Ingredients for steak fajitas This dish comes with the aforementioned lamb chop slathered in a mint and apple glaze sauce. Recipe for philly steak and cheese sandwich It also comes with a side of roasted vegetables in a tomato sauce base, a portion of creamy fettuccini, and two breadsticks. Recipe for steak in crock pot The lamb is grilled to perfection, making this cut of meat incredibly juicy and tender. Recipes for steak kabobs on the grill It’s also fused well with mint and apple sauce. Looking for steak and cheese pie recipe The roast vegetables further add tartness while the pasta gives the dish more richness and creaminess, obtaining a very well balanced dish in terms of flavours.

The ever famous Upperstar Grill and Bar has been regularly noted for its lamb chops with black pepper sauce. Recipe for steak fries in the oven The first thing to note about this plate of lamb chops is that it’s presented very well. Cheese sauce recipe for steak sandwich The fries (or wedges depending on your choice are placed to side and the coleslaw has been shaped well, as well as the bowl of black pepper sauce that’s well place to make the plate have an organised look. Recipe for flank steak tacos As far as flavours go, the meat is incredibly tender and juicy, with the black pepper sauce working well with it to further elevate the dish with its peppery kick. Ingredients for steak tacos The coleslaw on the side comes in handy to cut through the overall richness of the dish, and enhance its overall balance.

Often noted for having the best steak in Kota Kinabalu, the folks at Jeff D’Corner do not disappoint when it comes to the lamb chops. Recipe for steak and mushrooms The proprietor and chef, Jeffrey Chung, uses the very same recipes his father learnt while being a chef for colonial Brits back in the day. Philly cheesesteak egg rolls recipe guy fieri On top of this, he also imports all his meat from Australia and New Zealand. Recipe for steak with mushroom sauce This combination guarantees lamb chops that are incredibly succulent and juicy. Recipe for beef steak with mushroom sauce The plate also comes with a side of mixed salad which helps to add freshness and cut through the richness of the lamb, as well as a slice of bread and fries to turn the dish into great comfort food.

Eddie Restaurant has been at the forefront of serving up great Western dishes for more than a decade, and the lamb chops here are no exception. Recipe for chicken steak with mushroom sauce The first thing to note is the generous lamb chop portion (that are imported from New Zealand). Marinade for flank steak fajitas The large cuts are literally stacked on top of each other. Marinade for skirt steak fajitas There are also a generous amount of sides on this dish, especially the baked beans. Recipe for steak pie filling As far as flavours are concerned, this is definitely a rich, hearty dish. Recipe for steak pie The lamb is very juicy and tender, and it is seasoned well. Recipe for steak pie in slow cooker The mixed vegetables add much needed freshness to the dish, while the baked beans add a slight tartness and another level of richness which further elevates the dish.

Kedai Kopi Hilltop have been serving up lamb chops and other dishes for a very long time, and show no signs of slowing down. Recipe for steak pie gordon ramsay Their recipe and ingredients when it comes to their plate of lamb chops has remained unchanged since the early days, as such, this plate is as rich and heavy as it always has been. Recipe for steak pie with shortcrust pastry With two large cuts of lamb chops stacked on top of each other and slathered generously with black pepper sauce. Recipe for steak pie jamie oliver This plate of lamb chops is similar to that of Eddie Restaurant, with the addition of creamy mayonnaise pasta to further enhance the richness of the dish.

Lucy’s Kitchen has graced Kota Kinabalu with its spread of Western and local food; their New Zealand lamb chops are naturally a part of this fold. Recipe for steak pie with puff pastry The first thing that becomes very apparent upon the first glance of this plate of lamb chops it is an incredibly generous portion that encompasses 2, sometimes 3 cuts of lamb that are laid on top of mash potatoes and coleslaw, as well as black pepper sauce that almost submerges all of these ingredients on the plate. Recipe for steak in slow cooker This generous helping of black pepper sauce greatly helps make every bite of this tender and juicy lamb chop just a bit more moist and flavourful. Side dishes for steak kabobs The coleslaw works well in providing textural contrast with the crunchy vegetables, and flavour contrast that helps to cut through the richness of the lamb, sauce and mashed potatoes.

Being one of the premier Western breakfast spots in the land below the wind, its only natural that the lamb chops at Pete’s Corner be noted. Making steak kabobs The one thing that becomes obvious when first looking at the plate of lamb chops at Pete’s Corner is the overall simplicity of it. Easy steak kabobs There are only 3 components to this dish, namely the lamb chop which has a dry rub, mixed vegetables, and french fries. Easy marinade for steak kabobs Even with the simplicity, this plate of lamb chop still manages to deliver great flavours from the well cooked lamb chop itself, combined with the fresh and crunchy mixed vegetables, and rich fries to create the well rounded, hearty experience one looks for in a plate of lamb chop.

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