Between rounds

The other night I went to my cousin’s place, we went out for a late lunch, got ice cream, then rented a movie. Italian ice cream cake recipe With nothing available to satisfy our taste in film, we rented quite the opposite: Bolt. Italian ice cream calories We both fell asleep watching it.

I left, then came back.

French ice cream cone then we decided to watch a movie she owned: the sixth sense. Italian ice cream bars I haven’t watched it in a few years, my memory of it had faded, so I was more than into watching it again; We love scary movies.

Although it wasn’t until the scene came up, that I remembered it was so emotionally painful and powerful, when it unfolded onto the screen. Best ice cream cake recipe The scene where Cole and his mother sit in their vehicle waiting in a line of cars behind an accident. Italian ice cream flavors list Patiently waiting and half-worried that nobody got hurt, this is where Cole decides to tell his mother of his ‘secret’ He does so, and silently his mother enters a complex, then Cole mentions her mother…

“Grandma came to see me. French ice cream flavors She told me, that she saw you dance; she said you two got into a fight the night of your dance recital….but she was there…she saw you dance. Italian ice cream flavors she stood on the side, so you couldn’t see her. Best ice cream at walmart She said you looked like an angel / She said you came to the place where they buried her… Italian ice cream cones asked her a question…” (at this point, his mother was crying, he continued,)

“…she said the answer was – Every, Day …what did you ask her?”

….probably one of my most favorite scenes ever. Free ice cream cone coloring pages I cry every time.

“Seven beers followed by two Scotches and a thimble of marijuana and it’s funny how sleep comes all on it’s own.” – David Sedaris.

This passed Christmas, I didn’t make plans to go home for the holidays. Free ice cream cone day Instead I stayed in New York and worked. Free ice cream cone at dairy queen My friend Paul invited me to stay at his place and spend Christmas with him and his family. Free ice cream cone coupon I worked late Christmas Eve, and by the time I got to his place in the Bronx, his family have already been visiting and drinking; there was a nice glow in the room when I arrived.

I met his parents for the first time, and they were very accommodating, very welcoming, offering me dinner and drinks. Free ice cream cone clip art His mother especially was quite amazing. Free ice cream cone template She asked me if I wanted a drink, and I said “sure. Mexican ice cream bars what do you have?” she replied, “we have everything, what do you usually drink?” i hesitated, and said, “…I’m a whiskey guy” and she exclaimed, “wonderful! because we have the best scotch in the world…Johnny Walker”

She asked her husband to prepare my drink, he came back with a glass with two ice cubes, and probably 6 ounces of Scotch. Best ice cream cake recipe ever He sat with me for a while, maybe 30 minutes talking about Paul, his son, “Out of all the friends that Paul brings over, you’re the first one to ask for Scotch, he doesn’t even like it. The best ice cream cake recipe It’s a man’s drink!” and cheers’ed me.

He then got up and wondered into the living room. German ice cream flavors Paul came over and said “my parents really like you, my Dad, what were you guys talking about?”

Today my roommate Jess and I wished our other roommates Adrien and Anna a good day as they were leaving the apartment to go to work. Japanese ice cream flavors list Jess and I sat around the house, eating breakfast, and watching t.v. Japanese ice cream flavors Around noon hour, I figured I would go down the street to the furniture store, where we went last time to look at matresses. Gelato italian ice cream flavors I bought a twin matress and a captains bedframe with three shelves underneath. Free printable ice cream cone template It was a good price. French ice cream brands $200.00.

They told us it would be free delivery, because we live just around the corner…and that they would bring it in a matter hours. English ice cream brands I think Jess and I have been waiting three.

Jess had plans to meet with her friend this afternoon at, I think she said, 3:00pm. Italian ice cream brands So when we got back from walking around the neighborhood, she decided to take a shower and get ready to go out. Free ice cream cone day at dairy queen For the past few days we’ve noticed the focet in out bathtub kept dripping. Printable ice cream cone coloring pages and more so today, Jess thought that maybe the knob wasn’t turned tight enough. Free ice cream cone day carvel she went to turn it more, and *snap*

I heard metal peices fall into the tub followed by a “aw shhhhit”

we tried to put it back together, but it wasnt happening. Free ice cream cone day 2016 We called the landlord on his cellphone and told him what happened, and asked him to phone us back. Free ice cream cone day dairy queen He’s been here for over and hour trying to fix it. Best ice cream cones He seems pretty bothered by the situation, which is understandable…because he had to come home from work, on a Friday to tackle yet another job. Chinese ice cream brands aparently it’s broken pretty good. Spanish ice cream brands Every now and then I can hear a sigh of frustration and disappointment.

however, the apartment has been more than great for us. Weird japanese ice cream flavors the building it’s pretty nice, and from the few neighbors we’ve met, everyone seems pretty friendly. Chinese ice cream flavors The neighborhood is great, and the location is pretty sweet, we’re just a block away from the subway, and the train to manhattan is only 10 minutes. French vanilla ice cream brands we really scored on this one.

not only did she do some grocery shopping, she bought ice cream. Carb free ice cream brands usually we don’t have ice cream, but if we do, she only buys flavors her and my dad like: Maple walnut, Butterscotch or Neapolitan. Fat free ice cream brands I never cared for ice cream, nor would I never buy it for myself…or get excited about getting some; I’d pass.

It took me a second to remember what my favorite flavor was, just as long as it took me to wonder why it was sitting at the bottom of our freezer. Best dairy free ice cream brands Mint Chip.

The absense of something never comes so clear and crisp and quickly.I stood in the one place where the headache didn’t exist. Lactose free ice cream brands Maybe five minutes. Egg free ice cream brands Then I returned to the couch and the headache, and life. Peanut free ice cream brands How often is there such a reprieve?

So after putting out the fire yesterday, i recieved a phone call from my nephew who manipulated me into driving him two hours into the city to attend a hockey try-out in Sudbury…

“since you wont be here for my birthday in september could you…”

There was really no reason for me not to drive him, except of course, the ridiculous price of gas and the amount of it I would be using driving my SUV 2 hours out of town and back. Sugar free ice cream brands But the price of gas, which i will explain further, was the least of my worries…

My tire blew on highway 69 just outside of Sudbury, 4 minutes away from the arena where he needed to be 15 minutes ago. Nut free ice cream brands I pulled off the road, and asked a flagsman at the contruction site just 30 yards in front of us for a phone. Soy free ice cream brands While on the worker’s cellphone with roadside assistance(which was useless), my nephew had caught a ride to the arena with one of the contruction crew’s men, telling me to meet him at the arena after the game. Mexican ice cream brands …which I would have done if, you know, i didnt have a blown tire on my vehicle.

So there I was, alone, with no idea what to do. Indian ice cream brands 20 minutes may have went by when I saw a police cruiser comming down the highway. Japanese ice cream brands I flagged him down, and he gave me assistance with my situation and called for a towtruck on his radio. Indian ice cream flavors He took down my license and registration to report the incident. Fat free sugar free ice cream brands We were standing in between my vehicle and his, and all I could hear was banging, screaming, and more banging. Low fat sugar free ice cream brands It was from a prisoner in the back of the cruiser. Best sugar free ice cream brands The officer stopped writing, looked up at me and said “see what we have to deal with…” The officer went back to his vehicle, put his flashing lights on, and I sat in my vehicle ahead of his; we waited over an hour for the towtruck to arrive.

He finally came, with that loud flashing ‘to the rescue’ arrival…

Both the officer and I greeted “claude” with smiles all around. Gluten free lactose free ice cream brands The officer drove away, wished me good luck, and claude walked around my vehicle inspecting the damage. Tree nut free ice cream brands He asked me if I had a spare tire, I told him I did, then he asked me to open the back. Peanut and tree nut free ice cream brands But the thing was, my back hatch had been jammed for the past couple of weeks…and after figuring out how to release the spare tire from under the car, the door was blocking the only possible way to get it. Dairy free nut free ice cream brands The only thing he said he could do was tow it to a garage and for me to wait until the next morning to get it serviced. Sugar free fat free ice cream brands So that’s what he did. Best fat free ice cream brands I paid the guy $100.00 to drive my vehicle 10 minutes down the road.

After many phonecalls, I finally got a hold of my nephew, met up with him again. Best ice cream brands and flavors It wasnt until midnight that we both got a hold of someone that we could stay with. Italian ice cream ingredients We took a taxi, I dropped him off at his friend’s place, and I went to mine. French vanilla ice cream ingredients another $40.00. Breyers french vanilla ice cream ingredients I was so stressed out by the situation that I couldn’t sleep.

The next morning (this morning), I gathered my things from the nightstand at my friend’s place. French macaron ice cream sandwiches I was missing my key’s, nowhere to be found. Best ice cream sandwiches I was panicing until I remembered my nephew was the last one in the car, when he put his hockey equiptment in the back seat. Best ice cream sandwiches in la I went back to the garage where I told him to meet me at 8:00am…9:00am the latest. Best ice cream ingredients I got there at 9:00am. Cheap ice cream ingredients He was nowhere to be found, so i went to go get breakfast, came back and still nothing. Where did neapolitan ice cream originated from I waited there for hours, Bar-b-queing in the parking lot. English ice cream recipes I tried again and again to get an answer from his friend’s cellphone, until after the 30th time, his friend answered. Free ice cream recipes He told me he saw him for a few minutes lastnight, didnt know where he was or who he was with. Where to buy neapolitan ice cream slices I worried. Ice cream neapolitan I bought a calling card and left it with a note on the windshield for him to phone me on my friend’s cellphone. Neapolitan ice cream cake she picked me up and we went to the mall. Neapolitan ice cream cone We came back after 3:00pm and the note was still on the windshield. Neapolitan ice cream cake recipe I was pissed.

I got a phone call on my friend’s cellphone from my mother. Best neapolitan ice cream she told me that my nephew had hitch-hiked 2 hours back home in the morning, and just when I thought things couldnt have gotten any worse, she told me that he said he never had the keys. Neapolitan ice cream tub …I lost them.

So there I was, one thought process away from my suicide that my mom told me she would phone the dealership to find out if and when she could get another key cut for her. Neapolitan ice cream slices She called me back five minutes later, 18 hours after my nevous breakdown began, and said that all we needed to do was get a locksmith to open up the vehicle, get the ownership papers, take them to the dealship where they could print us off the key code to take it to a key-cutter, and get keys made. Neapolitan ice cream bar Then, we can get my vehicle into the shop, and the tire replace with another one.

…and it starts at 5:00am, when we leave to drive back to Sudbury to get this bullshit taken care of. Neapolitan ice cream astronaut I’m sure by this time tomorrow, I would have spent about $400.00 on that Korean-made peice of shit.

But on the brighter side of things, my nephew did make the team.

today i woke up late. Neapolitan ice cream flavors i was woken up from the cries of my dog who conveniently tangled herself around her chain; she knew i would come save her. Neapolitan ice cream squares otherwise i would have slept the afternoon away. Neapolitan ice cream brands last night i spent hours going through massive boxes of junk i had stored away for the past 10 years, mostly any peice of paper i had written or drawn on. Vegan neapolitan ice cream I came across essays i dont remember writing, school work i dont remember completing, drawings i dont remember drawing…it was an interesting task to tackle. Ice cream flavor neapolitan most of my stuff went into three piles, from “important things” to “less important, but things to keep” to “garbage.” eventually everything just went into the garbage.

after taking the chain off my dog, i gave her water, then food. Neapolitan ice cream sandwich she followed me into the house while i grabbed the big box of paper from my basement. Where did neapolitan ice cream come from I carried it outside to the overgrown corner of my property, where when we first moved into our house, we had numerous bon fires. Best neapolitan ice cream brand I had to flatten the grass with my feet like grass dancer i was in my youth. Neapolitan ice cream pistachio it was barely enjoyable.

there i sat all afternoon fueling a small fire with a histories worth of paper. Italian neapolitan ice cream i watched pictures, notes, and drawings catch fire, turn black then white, and rise up into the sky. Neapolitan ice cream block monroe was cute when she would run off into the field chasing the ashes. What three flavours make up a neapolitan ice cream i think she hurt her nose with the ones that were still burning. Neapolitan ice cream walmart it took a few hours until the box was empty, the fire had stopped, and i was covered in ash.

the more i get rid of the stuff i own, the more it feels like i have no reason to stay here. Neapolitan ice cream shocker and it makes sense to me – the only way to official move out of your parents’ house, is to make sure you own nothing in it, so that way you have no real reason to go back. Neapolitan ice cream bucket I think I’ll get back to the task of throwing everything into garbage piles, once i take a shower…

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