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Ashley Vasko pours beer for customers at the Eagle Golf Club and Grill in Moyock, Saturday. Popular fast food restaurants Eagle Golf Club owner Tim Passch says proposed state legislation changing the starting time restaurants like his can serve alcohol on Sundays would be a boon for business.

MOYOCK – Eagle Creek Golf Club and Grill owner Tim Paasch says he’d like to be able to serve drinks to his Sunday brunch customers as early as 10 a.m.

Under current state law, however, he can’t sell any alcohol until noon on Sundays.

That could change, however, under new state legislation filed in the state Senate last week. Top ten fast food restaurants Dubbed the “Brunch Bill,” Senate Bill 155 would give local governments the option of allowing restaurants in their jurisdiction to start serving alcoholic beverages at 10 a.m.

Passch, who supports SB155, said he could see a 10-15 percent increase in his business if the bill becomes law. Best food restaurants Currently, he claims he’s losing business to restaurants in Chesapeake, Virginia, where customers can order a drink earlier on Sunday than they can in North Carolina.

“I think we would have a lot more people come to see us for brunch – and I think we’d have a lot more golfers come play golf,” said Passch, whose combination golf course and restaurant is just off N.C. Local food restaurants Highway 168 southeast of Moyock.

While many of Paasch’s customers are from Currituck and the Elizabeth City area, he also gets a lot of business from summer vacationers heading to the Outer Banks, particularly those anticipating weekend bumper-to-bumper traffic further south on U.S. Top 5 fast food restaurants Highway 158.

“People like a nice little pit stop,” he said. Food and restaurants near me “And we’re a good pit stop.”

SB155 has the support of both the Currituck County Chamber of Commerce and the Outer Banks Restaurant Association.

Dan Lewis, president of the Outer Banks Restaurant Association, said his organization’s membership voted unanimously last week to support SB155.

“For a restaurant association, it’s pretty much a no-brainer,” he said.

Like Paasch, Lewis said vacationers, especially those from other states, seem puzzled when they can’t order a drink before noon on Sundays.

Lewis said the before-noon ban becomes particularly relevant when there’s a bad-weather day at the beach. Restaurants food near me Business at restaurants immediately picks up.

Currituck Chamber President Josh Bass has been lobbying for passage of legislation allowing earlier alcohol sales in the state since 2015. Restaurants near me fast food That’s when the National Football League’s Carolina Panthers were granted an exemption from the law prohibiting alcohol sales before noon. Find fast food restaurants Vendors can sell alcohol at Panthers’ home football games starting at 11 a.m.

“Our bone of contention has always been, if the NFL can do it, why can’t our little mom-and-pop restaurants?” Bass said, referring to pre-noon alcohol sales on Sundays. Best food restaurants near me “If they can do it, it should be fine for small restaurants on the beach.”

Bass said allowing restaurants to start selling alcohol two hours earlier on Sundays would accommodate vacationers who might want a drink after taking a bike ride, going for a swim, or playing a round of golf. New fast food restaurants He dismisses the argument by some that allowing sales earlier would increase alcohol consumption on Sundays.

“I would say that the people going to brunch are not typically your heavy drinking crowd,” he said. “They’re going to order one or two (drinks) and then go back to their beach cottage. Chain food restaurants And the other piece of that, I would say, is that right now you can get a drink on Saturday morning, that’s legal. Fast food restaurants in the area I don’t think you see people wandering around drunk on Saturday mornings.”

Bass said he believes North Carolina’s current prohibition against selling alcohol before noon on Sundays is a holdover from the Prohibition era from 1920-33, when all alcohol sales were banned. Nearby food restaurants Even after Prohibition was repealed, a number of states continued to prohibit alcohol sales. Food restaurants nearby Mississippi in fact was the last to lift its state ban on alcohol sales in 1966.

Bass noted that SB155 has support from both Democrats and Republicans, adding that such bi-partisan backing is “very unusual” in the politically polarized state capital these days. Fast food restaurants in this area He also pointed to passage of a countywide liquor-by-the drink in rural Camden County last November as evidence that minds are changing on alcohol use.

One mind Bass is hoping to change is that of state Rep. Fast food chain restaurants Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan. Open food restaurants near me Bass has reached out for Steinburg’s support, the lawmaker confirmed.

While making clear he understands Dare and Currituck counties are tourism areas, Steinburg also noted that he’s a conservative Christian who has concerns about authorizing earlier alcohol sales on Sunday.

Steinburg said he would be open to backing legislation that set the starting time for Sunday alcohol sales at 11 a.m., but he considers allowing them at 10 a.m. “a stretch.”

“I think if anybody needs to have a drink at 10 o’clock in the morning, they’ve got a problem,” he said. Fast food restaurants open “I mean, I just can’t imagine anybody getting up at 10 o’clock in the morning and having to have a drink with their brunch. Food restaurants near my location I mean, at 10?”

Steinburg also cited state tourism data from December that suggests hotel and motel room revenues in North Carolina were up 8.9 percent in 2016, topping $3.5 billion.

“Certainly, if we are looking at people who are coming to this state in record numbers, the fact that they can’t get a drink until noon isn’t keeping them from coming,” he said.

Lewis said he’s not necessarily certain passage of SB155 will attract more tourists to the Outer Banks. Food restaurants around me But the restaurant association leader says changing the before-noon ban could only boost tourism efforts.

“It would certainly encourage repeat visitation. Most popular fast food restaurants If first-time visitors have had anything less than a positive experience, they’re less likely to come back,” he said.

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