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i went to the doctor for a colonoscopy test. Gin martini recipe sweet vermouth but the doctor did not say anything to me the only thing he said wow! my colon was black, then ask me if i am a constipated, i replay i been constipated since i was a child. Dry martini recipe gin vermouth then he said if my doctors knows about it i said yes. Cinzano bianco vermouth recipes then he ask me if i take stool softeners? i said yes. Martini rossi red vermouth because somethimes i go out for 4 ore more days with out going to the bathroom.

Martini rosso red vermouth and the last past 6 years i been taking a natural whole herb named: cascara sagrada 450mg. Martini rossi sweet vermouth 2 capsules in the morning. Martini with sweet and dry vermouth that is the only thing that i helps me. Vodka martini bitters my doctor will not get this report until 2 weeks mean while i will like to know what that means. Martini rossi rosso sweet vermouth also he said he will suggest my doctor to order a x’ray of my colon.

from my own experience, what you refer to as “black colon” is also called ” melanosis coli” which means: it’s a condition associated with chronic laxative use in which dark pigment is deposited in the lining layers of the large intestine(which is the colon). Martini rossi sweet vermouth review the pigment results in a characteristic dark brown to black lining of the large intestine.

it goes away sometimes if the laxative is stopped. Bourbon sweet vermouth bitters these certain laxatives are referred as an anthroid group, which have rhubarb derivatives in it. Rye whiskey sweet vermouth bitters many of these laxatives have been used for hundreds of years. Martini extra dry vermouth miniature in 1997 the FDA banned the use of the popular anthranoid laxative “phenolphthalein due to fears that it might be cancer causing. Martini extra dry vermouth white animal studies have shown that extremely high doses of it let to tumors in animals which may cause cancer in humans.

I’m not sure if Cascara or Senna are the ingredients that cause this pigmentation?

I was only using a health food store product that was supposed to be safer than most over the counter laxatives and had no idea it would lead up the diagnosis of this pigmentation. Vodka sweet vermouth recipes they say it’s caused by abuse of laxatives. Vodka martini without dry vermouth I wasn’t abusing any laxatives and had only used it a few times to get back my balance restored because I’d just had major abdominal surgery from having a total hysterectomy and then when I was home recovering when I wound up having to go back in the hospital for a partial blockage. Cocktail of gin and vermouth crossword clue surgery and pain medication and not getting out of bed enough can all cause your bowels to be sluggish and cause constipation.

it was horrible. Dirty gin martini recipe without vermouth so I thought by taking the senna or cascara would be a natural alternative which my dr told me to stop taking.

they don’t warn you this on the back of the bottles and I think the companies should state a warning about it.

they used to think this condition was a precursor to colon cancer, but further studies have proven that’s not so.

just thought this might be helpful to you. Cinzano rosso vermouth cocktail recipes google “melanosis coli”.

I just had a colonoscopy and the doctor said that my intestines were really black and asked me if I had been using a lot of laxatives so I said no. Cocteles con vermouth blanco I have no problems with bowel movements since I was a child.

I just had a colonoscopy that resulted in the revelation of black colon as well. Martini sweet vermouth recipe Have had to find ways to naturally keep constipation at bay – a problem since childhood. Martini dry vermouth recipes I took Cascara Sagrada as a safer alternative to laxatives. Sweet vodka martini recipes Due to extreme health issues arising which included chronic diarrhea I’ve not needed to take anything for regularity for awhile. Scotch sweet vermouth and angostura bitters Yet I was told the condition was a result of laxative abuse. Whiskey sweet vermouth bitters I respectfully listened. Martini with vermouth and gin But am not convinced. Vodka martini orange bitters Searching to insure answers to the real problem.

The dried, aged bark of R. Vodka martini gin purshiana has been used continually for many years by both Pacific northwest native peoples as a laxative natural medicine, as one of several anthraquinone-containing herbal medicines including the leaf and fruits of senna, the latex of Aloe vera, and the root of the rhubarb plant.[13] Commercially it is called “Cascara Sagrada” (‘sacred bark’ in Spanish), while traditionally it is known as “chittem bark”.[14]

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