Blair resident to appear on food network show local news best cinnamon roll recipe with cream cheese frosting

On march 12, kaiser, who previously owned alotta brownies stores in arlington and fremont, will finally get her closeup as she appears on the fourth season of the food network‘s “spring baking championship.”

Kaiser, who attended culinary school in new york city and owned a wholesale baking company before moving back to nebraska 21 years ago, is one of 10 bakers who will try to impress judges nancy fuller, duff goldman and lorraine pascale as they are challenged to prepare the ultimate in spring-themed treats.

In each of the eight episodes, bakers will prepare tasty treats in two rounds, with the round one winner granted a special advantage in the main heat. The bakers will be challenged on their creativity, execution and ability to perform under pressure. The winner will be crowned april 30 and will take home a prize of $50,000.

“next month it will be a year since I got a call from a lady representing the food network,” kaiser said.Getting call “they were looking for individuals who might be interested in shows and so they reached out to me.”

“at first, I thought it was one of my friends playing a joke on me,” she said. “I really didn’t believe I was getting a call for something I had been waiting so long to have an opportunity to do.”

Kaiser was told to expect an email with paperwork she’d need to fill out. The representative indicated the process would be quick, but after not receiving the email that weekend, she once again believed it was all a joke.

When she returned to her bakery that monday, kaiser said she went back through her caller ID. She hadn’t looked at the number until that day and when she realized it was a california number, she thought “okay, this might be real.”

After leaving a message and getting a call back from the representative, kaiser learned that reviews of her bakery on google and yelp caught the attention of network officials and was assured the application paperwork would be on its way.Getting call during the next few months, with the help of her marketing company, kaiser put together a 15-minute video, had interviews via skype with show producers and answered “lots and lots” of essay questions, all while working on bakery orders for mother’s day and easter —busy holidays for a baker.

The news could not have come at a better time, as just two days prior, she and her husband jeff, took a leap of faith and decided to take an opportunity to expand the bakery into an adjoining bay.

Kaiser wouldn’t have much time to think about the business expansion, though, as she had about two weeks to get ready to leave for the competition. No one but her husband and children knew why she was going to be gone for a few weeks.

“it was tough, because I had new kitchen staff and was trying to get everything in order without telling people what was going on,” she said.

Not being able to shout her good news from the roof top was hard for kaiser, but she has perfected the art of keeping a secret.Kaiser said only she and those associated with the show know how she did.

She said her 11 year-old daughter, kathryne, has tried numerous times to find out and once word got out about her appearing on the show, people have tried to get the scoop.

While she’s not able to spill the beans on how she did on the show, kaiser did say the competition was the hardest thing, next to being a business owner, that she’s done. Filming lasted two weeks and went from 7 a.M. Until between 9 and 10 p.M.

“it’s intense, it’s stressful,” she said. “you have time crunches, you have your own little film crew on you filming everything you do. You are questioning yourself, but you don’t have time to question yourself.”

“it’s so scary, so frightening,” kaiser said. “you always wondered if what you made is going to be good enough for a judge — is it going to make them happy or are they going to ask themselves what is this person doing on the show?”

kaiser said

“I can’t go into detail, but I had a really good conversation with duff,” she said, adding that she’s anxious to see if it will make it to air.

“we all have self doubt, it’s part of life. So I have some self doubt and I have my fears, wondering did I look stupid when I had to run?” she said.

The kaisers are planning a private viewing party march 12 with close family, friends and customers. After that, she’ll spend the remaining monday nights watching it with family.

Though she’ll finally appear on a food network show, kaiser hope it’s not the last time. Next, she wants guy fieri, host of “diners, drive ins and dives,” to visit and try her peanut butter cinnamon rolls, and she said she’ll never stop wanting to have her own baking show.

“I want to tell the stories of my grandmas and my faith and inspiration,” she said. “I believe my purpose is to inspire others through food and baking and being real with people and telling them if you believe in yourself, you can do it.”