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Here’s what this past week looked like of My Everyday Life- Week 10:

This is the year when we’ve finally known each other longer than we haven’t known each other.

Birthday linguine & clams. Banana bread recipe sour cream His favorite.

Sour cream banana bread Always his birthday dinner.

A doodle while we waited. How to make a banana bread I told Cooper how lucky he was that he had two O’s in his name.

I loved the reflection of the tree in the window and the colors on the building.

Got a chance to see Sarah Britton from My New Roots (love her!) speak about her new cookbook Naturally Nourished and her experience feeding her own child. Banana bread with sour cream Very inspiring. Buttermilk banana bread I’ve already made a recipe from the book. Betty crocker banana bread I’ll share it next week.

I wonder how old that baby is now… Or if that baby is still alive!

The face I see when I am eating food and somebody wants some.

Spaghetti & Meatball dinner. Banana bread with buttermilk I pulled meatballs from the freezer in a pinch.

Cooper noticed an extra punch in my yogurt card and was a little jealous….

I lasted 40 minutes and filled my journal with 4 pages worth of notes!

Week 10 in 2016 Week 10 in 2015 Week 10 in 2014 Week 10 in 2013 Week 10 in 2012 Week 10 in 2011

Last September, I started a new bullet journal. How to make homemade banana bread I was a little apprehensive starting one in September since most calendars start in January, but I really didn’t want to wait! I wanted to start experimenting with a system that works for my brain. Betty crocker banana bread recipe One that will keep me from having calendar burnout….where I buy into a new calendar system after giving up my old one after 4 months. Best ever banana bread Can anyone else relate?

I’ve been using this journal for the past 7 months (kind of a record for me) and it’s mostly because I decided to treat this journal differently.

I’m constantly inspired to see how people make the bullet journal system work for THEM, since it’s really not a one-size-fits-all system.

My intention is to use this journal to figure out what system works for ME.

Did you know that they’re referred to as bujos? So, from now on I will refer to it as my bujo for the remainder of this post!

There might be some of you who are wondering…. Banana bread 1 banana What’s a bullet journal?

If you’re interested in starting your own bullet journal, here are some of my supply recommendations:

I’ll share some of my favorite experimental spreads with you soon! Let’s go through my setup!

If you don’t LOVE your notebook, you’re never going to be motivated to use it. I did A LOT of research on books. Banana bread muffin recipe One of the hardest things for me to decide is if I want lines, graph paper, or plain pages in a notebook. Chocolate chip banana nut bread This Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook has been wonderful. Oatmeal banana bread recipe That’s right! The pages are dotted and they’re numbered too. Banana bread low fat You can focus on the dots if you need help measuring out a spread or drawing a straight line. Banana bread with applesauce The dots are not offensive to the eyes. Chocolate banana bread Using a dotted journal doesn’t make me wish I had a plain journal or a graph paper journal so I feel like that’s a huge win. Banana bread muffins That was one of my excuses for abandoning so many past journals. How to cook banana bread For this book, I wanted something that would:

The funny thing is….. Banana bread sour cream I used to hate orange and now I love it.

There’s a pocket in the back. Banana pineapple bread That’s where I keep my address labels & stamps so I can write letters and mail bills if I’m on the go (and have my bujo with me). 2 loaf banana bread recipe The dimensions are 5.75? x 8.25? so it fits in my purse.

I try to stay away from super inky pens (read: SHARPIE) that have a tendency to bleed through.

If you want to see some of my favorite pens, I suggest you read: Besting Writing Pens (Part 1) Best Writing Pens (Part 2)

For the times when I only have pens and I make a mistake, I use correction tape.

I bought myself a little Pen loop for the journal. Banana bread with chocolate chips It helps hold pens/pencils

On my first bullet journal, I used washi tape to separate the sections. Bananas for banana bread It worked, but the dividers weren’t as sturdy as I wanted. Whole wheat banana bread I bought myself some tab dividers and I LOVE THEM. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar They’re pretty durable and it’s so much easier to go to the current month because of them.

Washi tape can add a lot of character to a page. Banana bread cake recipe It can also double as a page marker.

I put a big strip of washi tape down the center of this page so that I could easily spot it when I’m flipping through. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk See above!

How I add color! When I’m working on my bullet journal at home, I use my brush pens. Banana banana bread When I’m on the go, I always keep a highlighter in my purse so I can embellish my journal when I need to.

I always have one or two binder clips hanging onto my bujo. How do i make banana bread It’s a good way to mark a section in your bujo. Hawaiian banana bread I also clip receipts/important things to a binder clip in the back so I can find them easily.

Whenever I stamp this star stamp on my bujo, it means I worked out!

Here’s something I like to do….make lists that are portable! I like to use colored index cards for this. Banana blueberry bread recipe They end up turning into bookmarks…and I tuck them into the current week so I have a visual cue of something I need to accomplish.

I hope this inspires you to make/embellish your own bullet journal!

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life: Week 9

Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law!!!! We surprised her for her birthday up in Idaho.

She gifted me these extra crystals from one of her chandeliers while we were there.

I always make sure my father-in-law takes me to get a doughnut ??

My love affair with cooking started when I brought home my first cookbook (ordered from the Scholastic books fair at school, naturally). Chocolate chip banana bread It was the Better Homes & Gardens New Junior Cookbook! The image of a red checkered cover with two children on the front will forever be burned into my brain.

There were a few times I found myself talking to other people in college about this cookbook.

Making French toast at 8 years old was a major life skill to have. Banana bread recept A skill my brothers had not yet figured out. Diabetic banana bread recipe A skill that would serve me well in life, but most importantly throughout my childhood, when I had to barter/bribe my older brothers. Banana bread rezept French toast, while we were watching Saturday cartoons, could get me out of washing my dad’s car sometimes. Banana bread calories I imagine I easily weaseled my way out of clearing the dishes with a batch of French Toast. Banana bread machine recipe We’re Italian. Calories in banana bread Food is our everything.

I have to say, that I had a few things preventing me from reaching my french toast potential as a youth. Banana bread receta We only ever had whole wheat bread in our house and margarine was the preferred spread of choice. Easy homemade banana bread French bread with and butter was reserved for when my parent’s had people over. How to bake a banana bread And BOY DID WE INDULGE.

Now, our french toast is mostly made from sourdough bread (my husband’s favorite bread) and we use real butter.

One Friday night, with a little extra bourbon in my glass, I inadvertently found my first cookbook on for sale Etsy. Banana bread allrecipes It arrive last week!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted a video of this on my Instagram stories and a few of you also cooked from this book too!

Cooper has been at home this week from school with a really bad case of poison oak. Recipe for banana bread muffins Our schedules have been thrown off and we’re busy doing a lot of catching up with school work.

I thought that it would be fun to throw a Shutterbean cooking lesson in the teaching plan while we’re at it.

(This is an old picture. Whole wheat banana bread recipe I would never put a picture of him with poison oak online!)

Yesterday morning we made French Toast together and he said it was one of the best french toasts he’s ever had! It’s an Easy French Toast recipe. Banana bread with nuts Totally simple and uncomplicated. Banana bread recipe with baking powder We’re cinnamon lovers in my house so I add a little bit extra on top of the final result.

It’s a special thing to teach Cooper how to make one of his favorite breakfasts. Home made banana bread The best part is that we live in the house I grew up in, so we get to be in the kitchen where I learned how to cook. Recipe for homemade banana bread We stand in the same exact spot where my mom taught me so many important life skills I use to this day (Thanks, Mom! I owe you!!)

My hope is that he remembers these moments of magic in the kitchen when he takes these skills with him into adulthood. How do u make banana bread Maybe eating french toast on sourdough bread in his first college apartment will remind him of staying at home and spending quality time with his Mom, who did whatever it took to help him heal and feel better.

We’re getting a few sunny days sprinkled in with our rainy days!

As I write this, I’m sitting in the back of the car as we drive home from visiting family in Idaho to surprise my mother-in-law on her birthday. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe We had a blast! I ate and drank too much, but we were with family, so WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

Cooper has poison oak. Easy banana bread 2 bananas It’s really bad. Banana bread 2 bananas The worst of it is on his face. Ingredients to make banana bread Poor guy.

Cooper and I are still hooked on making our melted crayon art together. Banana bread with baking powder I’ve also been keeping up with t aking classes on Skillshare and have been really enjoying that. Banana bread machine My journal is keeping me sane.

Also! I had a Ladies Craft Night–Valentine’s Day. Sour cream banana bread recipe I am going to try to put together another one soon. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas Thinking Easter candy might be a fun situation! Or maybe dyeing eggs? Watching:

We’re happy that Billions is back! I’ve fallen asleep during the first few episodes. How to make the best banana bread Sometimes my brain just checks out when there’s too much information to absorb late at night. Banana bread re But I have to say, I love falling asleep while watching something.

We’re also really excited to have new episodes of This is Us to watch. The best banana bread recipe ever Are you watching it too??? The last episode had me bawling!!!!!

Another great show I watched this month— Z: The Beginning of Everything. Banana bread reteta Christina Ricci is so fun to watch. How to make simple banana bread I’ve always loved her. Banana bread with The costumes and the set design are just dreamy!

Sneaky Pete has also been good. Best moist banana bread recipe ever We’re working our way through it slooooowly.

Casey has been watching This Old House on youtube this month…’s always on in the background and I catch myself watching too. Bread machine banana bread recipe Reading:

Old cookbooks! Vintage cookbooks! Been reading through old recipes to see how much has changed and how much has stayed the same. How long to bake banana bread I’m fascinating out simple older recipes used to be. Banana bread baking powder The directions are always a lot shorter with a lot less description of what you’re supposed to do. How to do banana bread I also love looking at all the photography. So much has changed in the way people present/style food!

I picked up the book the Tao of Leadership at a thrift store this month. Banana banana bread recipe When I was in college, I studied Eastern Philosophy and really loved learning about Taoism. One banana banana bread When I’m out thrifting, I feel like the books pick ME. Banana bread 3 bananas This one has been quite enjoyable. Banana bread recipe with milk The information is bite-sized, so I read maybe 1-2 pages a day. Banana bread recipe with butter It’s a nice addition to my meditation practice. Banana bread without brown sugar Thinking about:

Doing the Whole30 again. Banana bread with two bananas Or maybe just going without bread for awhile. Banana bread with butter I gotta work more on my self-control. Best banana nut bread recipe ever I’m noticing that I can be disciplined when I give myself some rules. How long to cook banana bread The problem is I’ll be like…. Awesome banana bread NO BREAD STARTING TOMORROW!! And then I have toast at breakfast. Banana bread przepis I’m trying not to be hard on myself, but I also gotta get REAL with myself.

Taking a floral class online. Banana bread 4 bananas I want my flower arrangements to be less boring. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas For some reason they always look the same even when I try to do something different.

I really need to color my hair and cut it. Banana bread recipe baking powder It’s overgrown!!!!!! I’ve gotta lot of gray! I NEED A SHAPE.

I first fell in love with Philip Glass when I saw the movie The Hours (which is one of my favorites) and I listen to him a lot when I work. Banana cake bread His music helps me focus and it’s super relaxing!

Cooper and I are also enjoying the song “Hand Clap” by Fitz & the Tantrums

Still going through all of The Minimalist Podcast episodes too! Dream Life:

Nothing fun to report. Banana bread with 3 bananas I haven’t been remembering my dreams when I wake up.

But I am daydreaming a lot. Best homemade banana bread Hopefully, I’ll make some of my daydreams happen. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas Eating/Drinking:

I’ve been into eating arugula salads with feta, tomatoes, and marinated artichokes (see below!). Banana bread plain flour Sometimes I throw some sunflower seeds up in there. Banana bread resepti I toss it with a lemon juice and olive oil. Banana bread origin I think I’m gonna throw some chicken in this week.

And I gotta get myself back on the kombucha making cycle. Rezept banana bread I traveled and was thrown off of my routine and I’ve just let my scoby GO/GROW! SO! Tell me what’s up with you! How was your February? Leave your stream of consciousness in the comments

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