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At least I do for sure. Banana peanut butter ice cream I love bread. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting Love its texture, love all that you can make with it (sandwiches, french toast, etc.) and I especially love how fun it is to eat it (its ok, you can call me weird).

Bread makes me feel all sorts of happy. Best banana muffin recipe ever Can you tell I have a thing for it?

Because of this strong love I have for bread, I am dedicating the next two blog posts solely to it. Easy banana muffin recipe These recipes wont be the savory kind, noooo…they will be the sweet kind! My bread recipes will actually be based on two of my favorite fruits: blueberries (blueberry bread) and bananas (banana bread)!

Are you excited for these? You should be. Banana muffin recipe healthy I was…a bit too much, in fact! I am almost done eating my two batches of bread, which I just made two days ago. Banana muffin recipe best Yikes! They are fan-freakin-tastic! You’ll see. Banana muffin recipe easy You may want to make two batches of each, that way you can share one and keep the other one all to yourself. Banana cake recipe with sour cream Gots to be strategic, you know?

Enjoy this Blueberry Bread recipe; eat it for breakfast, for lunch and/or as a snack.

Best vegan banana bread recipe My Banana Bread recipe will be posted soon…so stay tuned!

• Mix dry ingredients together well: almond flour, cinnamon and baking soda.

• Mix wet ingredients together well: honey, vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar, and eggs.

• Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients; make sure these are well incorporated.

• Divide batter and pour it into the two mini bread pans. Banana nut bread with cream cheese Bake for about 35 minutes (or until it passes the toothpick test).

• Let bread cool. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream Once cooled, cover it with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator overnight.

• Slice (each) bread into 6 parts. Banana bread recipe self raising flour Share it with family and love the taste of amazing baked Paleo goods!

I’m an avid Paleo blogger passionate about health and fitness! I love cooking with natural ingredients. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread This passion drives me to dream up fun culinary creations that not only nourish the body but taste great! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a drag, try some of my Paleo recipes and let me know what you think!

I cannot wait to try this delicious recipe, but baking with raw honey is a waste of money, friends. Easy vegan banana bread Once it is heated over 145 degrees it loses all of its nutrients. Healthy blueberry banana bread So put it on your toast, but don’t wate your money putting it into hot tea or for baking.

I loved the banana bread! Now working on the blueberry bread, can anyone tell me what the use for apple cider vinegar is? If it’s only for the taste then I’ll skip it cause I dislike the taste very much.

Hi Mary! I included apple cider vinegar in this recipe for it to react with the baking soda; together these two make a chemical reaction that is needed to produce carbon dioxide, which lifts the batter as it bakes.

The pictures show a texture on the bread that I just don’t understand where it comes from. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe It’s almost like it has pieces of nuts in it. Banana bread with cream cheese Is your homemade almond flour more like a coarse almond meal? Otherwise, where are those light colored specs coming from? Thanks for sharing!

Hi there Nelly! You’re right, it is almond flour! I do make my own (recipe here – and so its texture is a lot thicker than store bought almond flour. Healthy banana blueberry bread My almond flour is fresher than store bought, gives my recipes a bit more texture and it’s cheaper. Banana blueberry bread healthy A win-win situation! ??

I just made this and it turned out wonderfully! I had a bunch of organic blueberries that tasted delicious, but the texture of the blueberries was a bit rough/grainy – so I needed something to bake them into! I made it in a regular sized loaf pan, so added approx 10 more minutes to the baking time. Paleo blueberry banana bread I made the almond flour myself, but it turned out a bit clumpy and moist, so the batter ended up being very “liquid-y”. Mini banana bread recipe To solve this, I added approx 2 tsp of coconut flour (very slowly as it’s easy to overdo it with coconut flour) until it held together a bit better. Vegan banana bread applesauce My berries were wet as well, so ended up sinking mostly to the bottom. Gluten free banana bread recipe Regardless, the loaf is DELICIOUS. Dairy free banana bread recipe I love that it’s not overpoweringly sweet – so you really get the flavour of the blueberries. Best vegan banana bread Thank you so much for the delicious and healthy recipe! I am pregnant and recently found out I cannot tolerate wheat/gluten, so this recipe is truly perfect!!

Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Mariel Lewis and I am the gal behind Amazing Paleo. Simple vegan banana bread I am obsessed with working out, eating good food, traveling, having fun with friends and discovering the latest wellness tricks and trends. How to freeze banana bread I want to empower you by sharing my health-related findings and my newest favorite recipes, as my goal with the blog is to have you become the best version of yourself! I have over 250 Paleo recipes on the site, natural beauty tips and workout inspirations. How to store banana bread Let’s live a healthier life together everyday, shall we? But most importantly, lets be FRIENDS!

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