Bluffton sc fifth graders defend us immigration island packet chinese food recipes with chicken breast

I went so far as to say our school board members need to go back to the fifth grade, so maybe their behavior would improve to those standards.

Opinion backed by facts is what we talked about, me and all of the fifth grade classes at red cedar in their red foxes school uniforms, gathered in a sunny area at the end of a hallway.

They are impressive. Unlike most opinion you see floating around today, it is clear that they spent time researching their topic — and writing and rewriting before hitting the "send" button.

Elisabeth mullen wrote, "according to the national congress of american indians, only 0.9 percent of the united states is native american, which means the other 99.1 percent of our country’s population is originally immigrants in one way or another.Their country did you think of that?

"You might be thinking it doesn’t matter anymore, but it does.

You would most likely not be here today to enjoy the freedoms of a country as safe and good as this one without immigration. And though the majority of the immigration was early in our country’s history, it was very important to the growth of our country. Do you think life would be as good right now without the impacts of immigration in our country?"

"People change the face of the USA because they pay a lot of the USA taxes and they help people because they share their inspiring stories and it shows many native-born americans that people DO have it tougher than they do."

Genesis said, "sometimes people come to the USA because they are at war or they can’t be free and people judge them or say rude comments to them and they don’t know that they needed to leave their country and probably don’t even want to be there.Fifth grade most of the immigrants even suffer from depression or anxiety or sometimes even have trust issues because they might have come here because they were in a dangerous place and could have been injured or even killed.

"In the end of all of this, that is why you should appreciate your life and think twice before complaining about how bad your day is or before judging someone else."

Aysha perez wrote, "mexico’s beautiful culture is amazing in different ways. Hispanics, like mexicans, come from diverse social, economic and geographic backgrounds, making them all very different depending on family heritage and national origin."

Tony facenda said, "whenever immigrants came from their country they had a lot of cultures and traditions, which meant they brought most of our cultures and traditions.Cultures traditions so people should have been glad for having immigrants come down and do that. I wonder though how much people really liked immigrants. Even some people wouldn’t let them in their store.

"So for them it was hard to find a good job and one that gets really good money because they needed a lot of money to pay for things like clothing, food and other resources, and a house. I don’t know why people were so mean to do that because immigrants were trying to find out how to live in a new world. They wanted to become independent and for some it didn’t happen."

Reilley prelich writes: "they aren’t from america, they brought delicious foods, they invented great stuff, and they celebrate some of the same holidays as us. Who are they?Fifth grade the polish!!!"

Reilley said famed pianist josef hofmann invented the paper clip. Henryk manguskie invented the walkie-talkie and kazimirez zeglen invented the bullet-proof vest.

"Here in america, we mostly want everything we can possibly get, but in honduras they can only get what they NEED. So that’s why honduran people mostly use handmade stuff because they can make it out of whatever they have in their homes at that moment. That’s a way the honduran immigrants helped america succeed, by making new things."

The children of bluffton wrote about irish, chinese, italian, russian, venezuelan, canadian, french and english immigrants. They told about arepa, el dia de los reyes magos and música norteña. It’s all part of a great america.Their country like the freedom to write responsible editorials.