Bn should include nuclear power plant in ge14 manifesto

YOURSAY | ‘That would give them a good idea of what Malaysians think of the plan.’

Quigonbond: The government of Malaysia scores a massive fail when it comes to “enhancing public awareness to progress further towards making a knowledgeable decision”.

So far, what it attempts to do is to have forums attended by “already converts” and there is hardly any meaningful public consultation with the rest of the public.

The government also has not answered a lot of questions. List of fast food restaurants near me Whether we go nuclear cannot be left to site-specific environmental impact assessment only because any nuclear fallout is likely going to engulf the entire peninsula, Singapore and South Thailand.

In any event, the current government cannot be entrusted with managing nuclear power.

Chinese food restaurants around me You just have to see how they have special visas that had allowed North Korean spies to freely use Malaysia for their intelligence and procurement activities.

It’s obvious that they are trying to sneak this through in the midst of the Act 355 debacle and tensions with North Korea.

Dr Spin: Are you ready, Minister in the PM’s Department Nancy Shukri? Have you studied the downsides as well as the claimed benefits from the industry lobbyists?

Is there overwhelming trust in the government and its regulatory agencies? Are the Malaysian economy, political structure and anti-corruption record robust enough to ensure that a nuclear project is completely clear of corrupting influences?

Has Malaysia demonstrated the openness necessary to ensure that every incident and failure is objectively and thoroughly examined to maintain required quality standards and management integrity?

CucuMalaysia: What other countries have, Malaysia must also have, at all costs even if it is of poor quality. Food restaurants that deliver That’s the mentality of Umno cabinet members.

The country already possesses submarines that allegedly don’t submerge, fighter planes without engines, poorly-constructed buildings that may collapse anytime, poor urban traffic schemes, and the list goes on.

And not forgetting, we also have an astronaut. Restaurant food waste What else do other countries have which we still don’t have?

The Analyser: BN should try including a nuclear power plant in their election strategy for GE14. Fast food restaurants open christmas day That should give you a good idea of what Malaysians think of the plan.

This sounds like it is a fait accompli after zero community consultation.

Ex-PJ: The nuclear plant will be supplied and managed/run by China. Chinese food restaurants that deliver near me Ex-RMAF radar operators need not apply.

Well Thats Fantastic: That anyone would want to use a handout to the needy to remind people which party is “giving” the handout. Fast food restaurant coupons The reason people are in a situation and need this handout is because this one party has held the reins of power for far too long.

They have created a class that depends on their political charity to survive instead of giving them good education or retraining into more needed fields. Healthy food restaurants near me This is how they will stay in power.

Anonymous #44199885: Sixty years after independence from the British, we have 7 million Malaysians needing BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) to survive.

This is supposedly a great achievement for a country that for almost 50 years practised affirmative action and other social programmes to help the poor. Restaurants that deliver food near me And we expect to be fully developed by 2020?

Demi Rakyat: All these BN leaders just want to deceive the rakyat, as though they are the ones who are providing the money.

These people have already received BR1M before previously, which was directly credited into their account. Food restaurants that deliver near me And now these BN leaders want to personally give out the vouchers? Shameless.

Ong Seng Swee: BN leaders in the three states of Perlis, Kelantan and parts of Perak knew they are losing the states and are trying to convince people with BR1M as a way of winning people’s support.

I think the leaders in these states are forgetting that people have made up their minds.

Wg321: BN leaders are very fond of giving long-winded speeches on stage before giving out BR1M to the suffering receivers.

After receiving their BR1Ms, these people will start cursing these BN leaders, especially MCA politicians, who make them wait for hours. Chinese food restaurants that deliver Besides, these people have work to do for the day.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Despite being allegedly treated like cows and goats, the Malaysian electorate still keep queuing up when the sweet-talking politicians with some cash vouchers come to town. Fast food restaurants open late near me So don’t blame the ‘pirates’ – we make them what they are.

‘Pirates’ would not exist if the people are brave, bold and live with dignity. Fast food restaurants hiring near me We allow the ‘pirates’ to breed because we feed them with corrupt money.

Once the ‘pirates’ taste this, like piranhas, they will demand for more and may eventually ‘eat the people up’ as well.

Anonymous #03815719: Can the PM tell us why BN politicians are handing out BR1M? This is not BN’s money. Fast food restaurants close to me This is clear abuse of power and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) needs to investigate.

Wira: Over seven million people are entitled to BR1M this year.

1. Best fast food restaurants in america There are seven million people who are poor enough to need subsistence to live. Coupons fast food restaurants These exclude their children who depend on them.

2. Fast food restaurants in usa Seven million people are bribed because they are poor even after 60 years of Umno/BN rule.

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