‘bollywood movies are very exciting’

The search for a better opportunity to explore her entrepreneurial skills is what brought Sylvia Hii from Malaysia to India. Chicken biryani recipe in marathi And it’s her love for Bengaluru and her ability to embrace varied cultures that keeps her here. Chicken biryani recipe in hindi with captions in english The founder and vice-president (marketing) of Digital A Plus Group of Companies, Sylvia says that her time in the city has taught her many interesting life lessons.

Chicken biryani recipe in hindi Born in Sarawak, Sylvia finished her secondary school there and later went to college in Kuala Lumpur.

She graduated from Bemidji State University, Minnesota, USA and got her first job as a personal banker at a bank in San Francisco. Vahrehvah biryani It was in 2005 that she first came to Bengaluru and explored the city. Vahrehvah biryani recipe “After that, I went to Singapore for a bit and then returned and started working here. Vahrehvah biryani masala I set up an event management company here along with a few friends,” she says. Chicken biryani in telugu It was her mentor, Roger Hamilton, who advised Sylvia’s friends and her to move to Bengaluru.

“We remember pulling out a map and asking ourselves, ‘Which place has the maximum entrepreneurs in India?’, and everyone replied Mumbai. How to make chicken biryani kerala style But Roger said that we should choose Bengaluru as he had visited the city earlier and was pleased by it,” she says. Chicken biryani recipe kerala After moving to Bengaluru, Sylvia and her friends met some entrepreneurs in the city. Chicken biryani recipe kerala style “There were not many entrepreneur clubs back then, but we met some people who were around. How to make chicken biryani in hindi Some of the pleasant memories that I have from those meetings include never being denied a meeting, always being respected as a woman and even as an expatriate,” she adds.

She says that she “loves the warmth of the people here”. How to make chicken biryani in hindi language “They are always ready to help when the need arises,” she states. Chicken dum biryani in hindi After quitting the event management company, she took a short sabbatical after which she worked with Indegene Lifesystems Bangalore Campus. Chicken biryani by sanjeev kapoor in hindi “Utilising all the knowledge that I gathered at this company, I decided to set up Digital A Plus Group of Companies. Shrimp biryani recipe video It happened by chance,” she says with a smile. Chicken biryani recipe video hindi For Sylvia, work is worship and her social life is dominated by her clients who have now become her friends.

Ask her about her experiences in the city and she only has good things to say. Chicken biryani recipe video “When I came to the city, I was very homesick. How to make simple biryani rice Of the friends I made then, Kusum and Sunil would keep inviting me to their place, trying to make sure that I settled in well and never felt left out,” she says. Chicken biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor Sylvia loves Indian food and even cooks it at home. Chicken biryani recipe in malayalam She says, “I was used to having rice and soup back home. Beef biryani recipe in hindi When I came here, I slowly started indulging in Indian cuisine and now I can make ‘dal’ and ‘bhindi ki sabzi’. Vahrehvah chicken biryani recipe video I love ‘chicken biryani’ from ‘Rahhams’ and Chinese food from ‘Beijing Bites’.”

Though the spice levels in Indian food do startle her at times, she enjoys it nevertheless. Vahrehvah chicken biryani recipe “I love the ‘thaalis’ too,” she adds. Vahrehvah chicken biryani video Over the years, she also got close to Rashmi Aiyappa, a friend who helped her develop strong skills in training, counselling and mentoring. Beef biryani recipe kerala style “She helped me become grounded and learn how to deal with people. Beef biryani recipe kerala She has taught me many valuable lessons which have only enhanced my experience in Bengaluru,” she says.

For Sylvia, it was interesting to see how women here, across fields and ages, are dependent on others. Chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi “In Malaysia, we are all very independent. Prawns recipes indian style When I made friends, I slowly realised the culture here. Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe video But I feel that these things, which do not

exist back home, are very endearing,” she says. Easy chicken biryani recipe video Sylvia also likes the close-knit relationships here. South indian chicken biryani recipe video “I love the family bonding. Indian chicken biryani recipe video My siblings live in Kuala Lumpur and we would hardly meet. Pakistani chicken biryani recipe video My stay in India has taught me the importance of family ties,” she adds.

Of the places that Sylvia loves going to, temples top the list. Thalassery biryani recipe When she has some time to spare, she also loves going to The Oberoi or The Leela Palace Bengaluru. Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi She seems to have taken a strong liking to Indian culture which is clearly evident from the collection of saris that she owns.

“I think I have at least 40 saris. Chicken recipes in telugu I enjoy wearing them and can drape them very well. Chicken recipes indian curry I also like attending client meetings in a sari. Shrimp recipes indian I love soaking in the culture here and respect it a lot. Chicken recipes indian sanjeev kapoor And I know that people respect me for that as well,” she says.

The expatriate also enjoys watching Hindi movies in her leisure time. Chicken recipes indian style “I watched ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ recently. Shrimp recipes indian style Bollywood movies are very exciting; the scripts and the actors’ real-life stories are very inspiring and interesting. Chicken recipes indian Whenever I want to relax, I watch ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on YouTube. Prawns kerala recipe I can understand the language,” she adds.

She likes shopping at Orion Mall, Rajajinagar and enjoys the many sights and sounds at Commercial Street.“There are several options there. Prawns recipes kerala style But I have to say that the market isn’t as crazy as it was years back and things are more organised now,” she says. Chicken recipes indian style sanjeev kapoor “Bengaluru has changed over the years. Shrimp recipes cooking light Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be able to stay here for even a month. Shrimp recipes cooked in oven But I adjusted gradually. Chicken recipes ingredients It is the perfect city for expatriates and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now,” she says.

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