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Stoli Vodka is returning to television with a commercial for the first time in seven years, at a time when other traditional and new vodka brands—and the flight to spirits by the millennial generation—have breathed new life into the segment already.

The brand extols Stoli as “THE Original” and “THE Vodka” in a new 30-second spot, a montage of scenes of night life mixed with glimpses of the original Stoli bottle. American classic bathroom vanity The spot “celebrates all things THE through the people who drink the iconic spirit and the things they do,” as the brand comments in a press release.

“From its original roots to its award-winning recipe and classic bottle, Stoli is iconic,” said Neel Williams, creative director of the Martin Agency, which is behind the creative. Classic bathroom vanity cabinets “Few brands can claim to be THE in their category, but Stoli has the birthright and the confidence to to it.”

That confidence is based in part on increasing sales in 2015 and 2016. Modern classic bathroom designs “The campaign overall will be an accelerator for the Stoli brand and will contribute to extending our growth in 2017,” Stoli Group USA President and CEO Patrick Piana added.

The 30-second spot has been running since March 13th on US TV networks during live sports and late night in target markets with national digital distribution to include sports and lifestyle properties and premium full-episode players.

Stoli launched the origins of this campaign in 2014. Best summer cocktails 2016 It included developing online partnerships with a mix of millennial-centric publishers, including Esquire, DailyBreak and music-streaming service Grooveshark. Best new cocktails 2016 The campaign also hatched a number of short animated videos for social media sharing, such as this Super Bowl-timed tweet:

It’s a game-day cocktail showdown. Best fall cocktails 2016 Mix up a winner this Sunday. Best cocktails of 2016

Some offered support for the LGBT community, which was interesting given how the brand has been trying to distance itself from the Russian government’s anti-gay policies. Best bathroom designs pictures Gay rights activists spearheaded a boycott of Stoli and other Russian heritage vodkas in 2013. Best cocktails with ginger ale A brand spokesman said that Stoli has “had a platform in support of LGBTQ communities for 30 years.”

The Stoli Group imports Stolichnaya as well as other brands including Stoli Ginger Beer, Elit Vodka, Bayou Rum and Kentucky Owl Bourbon. Classic radio shows online free brandchannel talked with Russell Pareti, Director of Brand Marketing at Stoli Group, about “THE” campaign and Stoli going forward:

bc: How does this campaign speak to millennial men (25-35), a key market you call “authentic experiencers”?

Russell Pareti (right): We know that millennials, both male and female, are looking for authentic brands. Classic radio shows mp3 What’s unique is they’re holding brands to a higher standard. Classic radio shows on cd Our brand is about authenticity. Used bathroom sinks and vanities Our new spot communicates the character of the brand, its bold personality. Old radio commercials We’re using a visual montage of authentic and original people who personify the spirit of Stoli today and symbolize our spirit and energy.

We’ve got a full campaign to a robust digital distribution with top sports and lifestyle properties and full-episode players. Classic bathroom floor tile patterns It’s ESPN, Fox, MLB and so on. Classic bathroom tile designs Complex, Fortify, Vox and other lifestyle properties also include Rolling Stone. Classic bathroom floor tile Full episode players would be Hulu with Google Preferred as well as Vevo. Best craft cocktails in las vegas Social media has become important and Instagram is the lead channel given the resonance it has with the millennial audience.

It’s #NationalVodkaDay. Classic bathroom tile design ideas THE Vodka since 1938. Classic bathroom tile ideas You know what to do.

A post shared by Stolichnaya Premium Vodka (@stoli) on Oct 4, 2016 at 7:58am PDT

bc: It’s interesting that some of your recent videos have acknowledged the LGBT community in light of the boycott by some activists. Classic bathroom tile patterns Care to comment?

Pareti: We are a product that currently and has been exported from Latvia. Recipes using vermouth We are extremely proud supporters for now over three decades of the LGBT community, and we continue to make stronger investments in the LGBT community. Drinks using vermouth We’re not Russian-born; we haven’t been for decades. Drinks using sweet vermouth We are aware of people’s perceptions but the truth is we’re a Latvian brand.

For those who know their vodka well, and themselves even better … this video is for you. Recipes using sweet vermouth #stoli #vodka

bc: Overall, Stoli is finally owning its iconic roots – including its birth year (1938) and origins and spirit. Best cocktails to make at home Can you elaborate on that?

Pareti: Unlike many of our competitors, we have the birthright as a key differentiator specifically within the vodka category. Easy holiday cocktails with vodka As we know, the category is extremely competitive and those are very few that have a long history and heritage. Easy halloween cocktails with vodka That really is a testament to our quality. Easy fruity cocktails with vodka Any brand that’s premium with 80 years or more goes back to the quality. Easy summer cocktails with vodka We were the first imported vodka, in 1973, where the US received Stoli and Russia received Pepsi.

Same ingredients, different time.. Easy to make cocktails with vodka THE vodka since 1938. Easy christmas cocktails with vodka

In today’s age the millennial consumer is craving authenticity. Simple drinks We’ve been a product relatively unchanged in terms of the liquid and packaging over the years. Simple drinks with vodka So it’s a really important opportunity for us to double down on authenticity and heritage where it’s ownable and differentiated on the competitive landscape.

There’s no actual ownership of vodka; there is a debate between Poles and Russians. Simple drinks with tequila But it originated in Eastern Europe, and as a brand whose name means “the capital” in Russia, that’s where our original roots are. Simple drinks to order at a bar We source our ingredients, some of the highest-quality grain in the world, and our product is actually made and exported from Latvia. Simple drinks made with brandy As the original premium vodka for us to have our roots tied back to Eastern Europe it’s very relevant to our brand profile.

Explore football season’s best #cocktailgating recipes, courtesy of THE Vodka. Simple drinks with rum

bc: What were the research insights that led to “THE” as the central focus?

Pareti: “The” vodka defines what it means to be “the” to our consumers. Simple drinks to make with tequila It connotes authentic, bold, classic, original and high-quality. Simple mixed drinks with tequila This was played back again and again. Easy drinks with tequila Our challenge has been how to use visuals to showcase and communicate these elements of what “the” stands for. Best summer cocktails with vodka We wanted to do it through people who help depict our brand, those who drink Stoli. Best drinks to order at a bar for girls We are trying to reach all those people who are being true to themselves, original and authentic to themselves.

bc: What are the hopes that this campaign will do for the brand’s growth? How does this compare to the last TV campaign?

Pareti: It’s been quite a while since we’ve been on-air. Best drinks to order at a bar And this is the first time since Stoli Group USA, which was founded in 2013, will have a TV campaign. Easy mixed drinks with tequila In 2015 we had increased sales, up close to 5 percent, and similar growth in 2016, and we think a return to TV will help cement our position as one of the only mature brands in the category that has steadfast growth.

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