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Bulgarian cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in Europe. Bulgaria national football team It’s a mixture of traditions and influences of neighboring countries: Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, Hungary, Italy and countries of the Mediterranean basin. Bulgaria food and drink prices 2015 Many dishes of Bulgarian cuisine have Turkish and Greek names.

The warm climate of Bulgaria and its geographical diversity provide a huge selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, and greens, which is grown in a natural (organic) way. Bulgaria food and drink prices 2014 Thanks to this variety, the food in Bulgaria includes a large number of stewed vegetables.

Bulgaria food and drink prices Salads are the main appetizer and soups are also popular, both hot and cold.

However, despite the above, the meat products (pork, veal, and chicken) still dominate in the dishes of Bulgarian cuisine. Bulgaria food and drink To preserve the taste of the products and their nutritional value most of the dishes of Bulgarian cuisine are steamed or baked. Best bulgarian restaurants in sofia For cooking and salad dressing Bulgarians use sunflower oil instead of olive oil. Best bulgarian restaurant sofia Spicy and juicy Bulgarian cuisine is a gourmet paradise

Spices and herbs play a huge role in Bulgaria. Best bulgarian restaurant in london Today, Bulgaria is the third largest exporter of spices in the world. Best bulgarian food The most common are fenugreek and chubritsa (savory). What is bulgarian food like There is a huge variety of ready-made spice mixtures. What is bulgarian food One of the most popular “Sharena Sol”, which includes fenugreek, thyme, corn grains, fried pumpkin seeds, hot and sweet pepper, salt.

It’s very difficult to imagine Bulgarian cuisine without delicious cheese and yogurt. Typical bulgarian food “Sirenye” – a famous white cheese, very similar to feta cheese, often served in salads. Traditional bulgarian restaurant sofia “Kiselo Mljako” (Bulgarian yoghurt) is known for its nutritional properties, and the presence of the bacterium “lactobacillus bulgaricus” in it. Traditional bulgarian food recipes Bulgarians also consume a large amount of ordinary flatbread, ” Parlenka “, which is served with main dishes, and traditionally breaks with hands.

Practically in any menu of the Bulgarian restaurant, you can find offal (tripes), in various forms and variations. Traditional bulgarian food Bulgarians don’t like to throw anything away and try to use all parts of the animal. Traditional bulgarian easter food From the calf stomach, it turns out a wonderful soup (shkembe chorba).

The Bulgarian desserts, in the majority, are borrowed from the Turks. Sunny beach bulgaria restaurant prices Desserts are often made from fruits and nuts, with the use of various syrups and puff pastry. Sunny beach bulgaria food prices Bulgarian honey is a very valuable natural product, with an impressive nutritional value. Sarmi bulgarian food Bulgarian beverages

In the majority, Bulgarians consume plenty of fruit juices and mineral water, but a bit of tea. Sach bulgarian food Strong coffee, espresso, Bulgarians drink at any time of day and in large quantities.

The Bulgarian boza is a combination of an ecologically clean and healthy drink, vitamins, and alcohol, made by fermentation. Popular bulgarian food This drink is quite popular in the Balkan Peninsula countries and is made from wheat, corn or millet.

Alcohol is also a constant companion not only of the feast but also of the daily life of the Bulgarians.

“ Rakija” serves as a striking example of the alcoholic traditions of the inhabitants of Bulgaria. Mehanata bulgarian restaurant des plaines They make rakia mainly from grapes, plums, apricots and peaches. Kapama bulgarian food This drink is traditionally consumed before the main dish, as the Bulgarians themselves say, to stimulate the stomach and increase appetite.

The geographical position and climate of Bulgaria, contribute to winemaking, whose traditions go back centuries. Forte bulgarian restaurant las vegas The wine of the Thracians, who lived in the territory of modern Bulgaria, was first mentioned in the 6th century BC by Homer himself. Food and drink prices in sunny beach bulgaria Black Sea

On the Bulgarians Black Sea coast, the conditions for growing grapes are excellent, especially of white varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc, Aligote, and Riesling. Famous bulgarian footballers The largest wineries are in Varna, Pomorie, Shumen and Preslav Krum. Famous bulgarian food The most famous varieties of red wine are produced in the eastern part of the Black Sea coast: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Frank.

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