Bulgarian village recipe’s_ rustic scotch eggs

Bulgarian Village Recipes a mix of Bulgarian & European dishes most from ingredients grown on my property with added UK & European recipes passed down from my mum, all cooked in a little village somewhere in Bulgaria. Famous bulgarian food New recipes added often

Love the scotch egg & to have a recipe for making our own, well I think that’s brilliant. Buy bulgarian food online I cannot take credit for this recipe its my friend Sue Edwards that has passed it on to us, thanks Sue! I for one cannot wait to make them for summer parties in the garden, I think it will be a show off factor, with full credit going to Sue as being her recipe I just hope I can make them as well as this photo! Have a go & enjoy.

Shell the 6 hard boiled eggs.

Bulgarian traditional food Mix together all the sausage meat with the pepper and Worcester sauce. Bulgarian street food Take an egg and wrap it in the sausage meat. Bulgarian restaurants in usa Dip it in the beaten egg & coat it in breadcrumbs. Bulgarian restaurant shanghai Deep fry each egg for 5-7 mins drain on kitchen paper.

Welcome to Joanna’s Easy food blog featuring recipes made from fresh home grown produce. Bulgarian restaurant penang Both traditional Bulgarian village recipes & some adapted recipes from around the world!All cooked in a Bulgarian village. Bulgarian restaurant nyc I am not a chef I am not even a cook but I am someone who loves to make food, not fancy food just good wholesome fresh food & scrummy desserts! The aim of this blog is EASY recipes. Bulgarian restaurant new york I am not a fan of the difficult & expensive as I find I am rather dissapointed in the results! We can all cook from fresh we just need to get back to basics! I live in a village here in Bulgaria & grow lots of fruit & vegetables on my property & love nothing better than cooking with them fresh from the garden. Bulgarian restaurant los angeles ca Most also get preserved for winter. Bulgarian restaurant los angeles I make & freeze recipes, compote fruit, make chutneys & pickle the rest. Bulgarian restaurant london Since moving here I have succesfully made Jam for the first time ever. Bulgarian restaurant las vegas nv The villagers cook & eat what is in season & preserve hundreds of jars for winter. Bulgarian restaurant las vegas I am not a fan of fresh peas so will only eat frozen garden or petit poi but I know my friends have canned about 60 jars of peas alone to see them through. Bulgarian restaurant in new york The villagers pickle & preserve everything even Goat! The green beans get preserved in can’s for winter & I use them to make Bob later in the year. Bulgarian restaurant in los angeles Also lots of salad is eaten as the lettuce & cucumbers are all freshly picked when needed from the garden chopped & mixed with oil, vinegar & placed on the table as a messe. Bulgarian restaurant in des plaines The 2010 vegetables grown in my garden was Pumpkin, Cucumber, Lettuce, Peppers, Chillies, Garlic, Carrots, Beetroot, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Figs, Apples, Grapes, 4 varieties of Plums, Sweet Cherries, Morrello Cherries, Pears & other fruits including Peaches. Bulgarian restaurant in atlanta In 2011 I intend to plant more varieties of vegetables. Bulgarian restaurant des plaines il I am learning Bulgarian cuisine & will post recipes as & when I perfect them or get the villagers to teach me. Bulgarian restaurant des plaines It is near imposible to find recipes or a cook book in English. Bulgarian restaurant chicago Also we have lots of traditional English & recipe’s mum has made into Reedman traditions from all her travels, which I make & adapt. Bulgarian restaurant boston It is sometimes hard getting the ingredients in Bulgaria for food made in UK so adaption is needed or, for instance, the Bulgarian rice is totaly pudding rice & I can’t have success with it any other way so I have to pay a fortune for what here is specialist rice! Beef mince is very expensive, so I cook mainly with pork mince Please leave comments I would love to know what you think & if you try a recipe let me know how it went, Good or Bad!!!! I hope you enjoy ……

I am a 50 something woman who along with my husband dipped out of the rat race in England for a new life in Bulgaria.

I live in the countryside with rolling hills & views all around my small village. Bulgarian restaurant atlanta Life here is wonderful, hard work but easy going.

I now sadly find myself single & living alone so life has taken on a new challenge for me, will I survive, who knows lets wait & see, but I truly hope so. Bulgarian restaurant View my complete profile

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