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The case revolves around a california law, AB 775, that requires pro-life pregnancy centers to tell women how they can obtain an abortion from the state. In the statement the US bishops praise the work of pro-life pregnancy centers and defend their first amendment right to free speech.

The state of california, at the behest of the abortion industry, is using its power to force pro-life pregnancy centers to be complicit in abortion by telling women how to get one free or at a reduced cost.

In another lawsuit over regulating crisis pregnancy centres, a federal appeals court in new york struck down parts of a new york city ordinance, although it upheld the requirement for unlicensed centres to say that they lack a license.Pro-life pregnancy

Justice breyer strongly pushed the argument that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander-there should be a consistent rule about whether pro-life states can force pro-choice counselors to make disclosures about adoption and whether pro-choice states can force pro-life counselors to make disclosures about abortion. The disclaimers are created to prevent pro-life centers from even telling women that the centers exist, and the disclaimers wrongly imply that the centers should have a license – when that’s just not true. Noting that the disclosure provision applies to advertising, kennedy said it would require a clinic that has paid for a billboard that simply said "choose life" to also include the notification.Pro-life pregnancy mcclure, whose facility is licensed, compared california’s law to forcing the american lung association to tell people where to buy cigarettes. This compels groups whose very objective is encouraging alternatives to abortion to use their own speech to facilitate abortion. Estimates of the number of crisis pregnancy centers in the USA run from 2,500 to more than 4,000, compared with fewer than 1,500 abortion providers, womens rights groups said in a supreme court filing.

The US court of appeals for the 9th circuit upheld the law as constitutional, saying that california had the right to regulate "professional speech" and had a valid interest in protecting public health access.First amendment

"The justices talked a lot about the burdensome advertising and the burdens on clinics that must post signs in 13 languages". Doctors and for-profit clinics were exempted from the law.

Free speech and abortion. I have listened to the stories of hundreds of women, some of whom wanted an abortion until they received alternative information, then chose to give birth. "It is compelled speech and against everything we are about".

"This animosity toward cpcs is evident from the fact that planned parenthood collaborated with california legislators to craft the very text of the FACT act. That the act may have a disproportionate impact on certain types of pregnancy-related centers is irrelevant for first amendment purposes".First amendment NIFLA argues that the law violates the clinics’ first amendment right to free speech and if permitted, would " radically empower the government to control speech" and "lessen speech protections" for religious organizations and advocacy nonprofits.

"If one decides this case based on the principle that the government can not compel someone to say something they are opposed to, then I think all of those laws are challengeable", said wendy mariner, a professor of health law at boston university, to calmatters. Alito asked california deputy solicitor general joshua klein. They believe abortion is immoral and, therefore, seek to provide pregnant women with the resources they need to choose a different path.Pro-life pregnancy centers

The justices are reviewing a 2015 law authored by san francisco assemblyman david chiu. As for those who were not licensed medical centers, they had an obligation to all-but-scream to pregnant women that they weren’t licensed medical facilities.

"If a reasonable person could look at this website and think that you’re giving medical advice, would the unlicensed notice be wrong?" she asked.