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Curtis Boyer, area director for Special Olympics Oklahoma, said more than 100 athletes from five different counties competed today at Norman North High School in the Boomer Sooner Area Games Bocce Ball Competition.

Campus Corner’s newest restaurant and bar sits above the rest. Long red dresses for weddings Literally.

Volare is a new pizzeria and bar situated between Campus Corner institutions Campus TV and The Deli, at 315 White Street. Black and red dresses for weddings The new, three story building seems to perch above the surrounding area.

“We’re the first and only rooftop bar in Norman, so it’s just an exciting thing to be a part of,” Volare General Manager Kathleen Gallagher said.

That rooftop has a unique view of Campus Corner, the University of Oklahoma stadium and the campus.

Volare will have misters and air conditioning machines in the summer while heaters and provided blankets will be on the rooftop in the colder months.

“We just want people to enjoy being outside,” Gallagher said.

Each level of the restaurant is full-service, with a dumbwaiter bringing food, a drink station and a full bar both on the first floor and the roof.

“It’s really fun to actually look out and see all of Campus Corner,” Gallagher said. Champagne cocktails for brunch “You can see your town, you can see your campus.”

The first floor has a community feel, with high seating around the bar, the pizza oven and a wide table in the middle.

Both the pizza oven and the bar use reflective surfaces to draw the eye. Champagne cocktails for new year’s eve Right now they are blue, but Gallagher said the lighting can be changed for other colors.

Volare’s bar is based off a similar design one of the owners saw in Paris, with dark woods and mirrors used as shelves for liquor.

Gallagher said this community table is a versatile area that can be used by students studying while they eat or large groups.

Along the side of the main seating area is a long, red velvet couch with two-person tables.

Each table is made from the same wood used in a butcher block.

The second floor, or the mezzanine, has four top tables one side and a plush lounge area on the other, all overlooking the first floor.

Gallagher said this is the area where she could imagine sitting with her friends, sharing a drink and splitting a couple of the late night, small plate options offered at Volare.

The atmosphere adjusts at night, bringing what Gallagher called a “dance floor vibe.”

Gallagher said while the new restaurant and bar is bringing something different to the area, they will be matching some of the drink specials usually seen in Campus Corner and keeping food prices low.

Last weekend, Volare gave tours to some students during the first OU home game of the year and received a lot of positive feedback.

“They were just visually overwhelmed,” Gallagher said. Champagne cocktails with vodka “Everyone was just really taken away just from their first viewing, without even trying the food or having any of our cocktails.”

But the people behind Volare have no doubt people may come the first time to see the new space, but they’ll come back for the food.

Gallagher said it is a simple food everyone enjoys, but Volare will be doing it in a different way.

She said their goal is to bring the purest, freshest product at an affordable price point.

“We’re using really using really high quality ingredients and products, but presenting it at an everyday price,” Gallagher said.

The restaurant is certified with an Italian Neapolitan pizza guild, so staff went through multiple tests and learned how to specifically cook, accounting for the pH levels in the dough, the exact temp of all ingredients before and after they are cooked and how to make their own mozzarella, according to traditional methods.

The woodfire oven is from Italy and so is a meat slicer, both located at the back of the restaurant’s main seating area.

“I love how on this first floor we offer a pizza bar because you can actually watch our chefs preparing the food,” Gallagher said. Champagne cocktails for christmas “We’re making the mozzarella in-house, you can watch them make the mozzarella, you can watch them prepare the pizza.”

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