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I’m 27 weeks pregnant and two weeks ago my perinatologist said baby is great but measuring 2 1/2 weeks bigger. Good desserts for diabetics He said some babies are bigger and others smaller. Desserts suitable for diabetics He said it wasn’t bad at all for the baby only maybe a little bad for me since i’m the one that has to give birth and i’m so little (5’5 and 114 lbs pre-pregnancy weight). Recipes for diabetics desserts He told me not to be surprised if i had to have a c-section, b/c you never knew.

Easy sugar free desserts for diabetics Anyway he said i had a perfect baby from his point of view and that i should not worry. Desserts for type 1 diabetics Monday i went to my regular ob/gyn and he said that he would test me for Gestational Diabetes earlier than normal just to rule out that baby was big b/c of GD. Sugar free desserts for diabetics recipes Now i’m worried that maybe I have this, and if i do its b/c of all the fruit juice and other sweets i’ve had. Sugar free desserts for diabetics easy I don’t go overboard on sugar but i do have them everyday. Desserts for diabetics without artificial sweetener In juices, or in my PBJ sandwich, maybe a rice krispie treat and the occacional candy. Fruit desserts for diabetics No chocolate. Delicious desserts for diabetics I guess I should just wait and see when i get my test done but i can’t stop thinking about it. Homemade desserts for diabetics What do you guys think?

I don’t know. Christmas desserts for diabetics I have already had 1 somewhat big baby and 1 big baby but did not have GD either time. Desserts for pre diabetics I drank soft drinks and pretty much didn’t change my eating habits too much. Sugar free jello desserts for diabetics I haven’t had soft drinks in about 4 years now but I do drink a sweet tea on occasion, maybe 3 – 5 a week. Sweet desserts for diabetics I do eat sweet stuff on occasion as well. Simple desserts for diabetics I will be surprised if I don’t have another big baby since those run in my family and I already had one! I have my GD test in 2 weeks. Holiday desserts for diabetics So, hopefully I don’t have it – and neither do you!!

Is your DH (dear husband) a “bigger” guy? My SIL (sister-in-law) is teeny tiny, about your height I believe, and my bro, her DH, is 6′ 6″ and he was a huge baby himself! I think she is wondering if she is going to have a larger baby ust because of genetics!

My doc told me the risk of gestational diabetes is higher according to the mother’s age (35+) and Asian and Hispanic ethnicities, if you were obese prior to the pregnancy or have a family history of it…so I don’t think sugar intake during pregnancy affect it.

It’s my understanding that it’s a hormone secreted by the placenta that causes gestational diabetes (along with other risk factors that increase the risk), not eating too much sugar. Thanksgiving desserts for diabetics Although, I’m sure eating too much sugar can contribute to more maternal weight gain and a bigger baby.

And to your peri suggesting a possible c-section based on your size, puhlease, I’m 4’11” and weighed about 98-100 lbs pre-pregnancy with each son, and I’ve birthed too sons vaginally just fine. Healthy fruit desserts for diabetics You really can’t determine the size of woman’s pelvis by her outward appearance. Chocolate desserts for diabetics You may be capable of having a 9 lb baby vaginally. Quick easy desserts for diabetics You just never know. Easter desserts for diabetics In fact, I know some girls my size who have birthed 8 lb babies just fine!

This GD testing has got me stresssssed…I just figured it would be another test I would pass with flying colours! So far I’ve had an increadible uneventful low risk pregnenacy and all my bllod and urine works has been wonderful…so I just figured it would be the same for the GD testing. Apple desserts for diabetics And then I started reading these boards….LOL don’t get me wrong at all I love it here and I have learned a ton, but this is one test I had not done any research on.

My mother didn’t have GD for either me or any of my siblings, I went into this pregnancy a little overweight but not horrible, I’m fairly young still at 26, my diet did change for the better, by 25 weeks I’ve only gained 12 1/2 pounds, but like anyone I have my cravings and am not always perfect, especially with my nightly bowl of chocolate ice cream.

I keep hearing about the one hour and three hour tests and people talking about not having carbs or not having sugar to help better the results and I’m wondering if my sweet tooth has done me in?!

If it turns out you do have GD – your sweet tooth is not to blame (trust me on this, I’m a sugar junkie – much to my dismay – and I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors yesterday).

Pregnancy can mess with your body’s ability to produce or use insulin efficiently…there are some risk factors for GD, such as age ro family history, but sometimes it just happens. Great desserts for diabetics And it can happen with one pregnancy and not the next even. Safe desserts for diabetics I would not worry, as there’s nothing you can do at this point if you DO have it, just wait until you get results from the test to begin stressing abotu it.

If you do have it and need to alter your diet – it won’t be fun – but it is doable., My friend has had GD for both her pregnancies, and with her first she did eventually need insulin shots (in the late third trimester). Jello desserts for diabetics So far with this pregnancy she has not, but she’s still in her 2nd tri right now.

The day of your test, I just wouldn’t go insane with the sugar intake prior to fasting. Desserts good for diabetics I had cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast – a warm sandwich and water for lunch – and had no problems. Strawberry desserts for diabetics I just wouldn’t decide to pick that day to binge on ho-ho’s or whatever as it could potentially give you a false positive.

Good luck and don’t freak out – if it happens, it’ll happen – and you’ll get through it 🙂

Thanks Cristyloks. Birthday desserts for diabetics I don’t go in for the test until next Thursday (14th) so all I can do is wait and see and hope that this test will be like all of the others.

I’ll also be going in to check my Rh antibodies lvl as I’m Rh neg. Desserts for diabetics uk with any luck my body is doing what it needs to do and I won’t need any more bloodwork until closer to my actual due date.

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