Carlos moya says rafael nadal, roger federer can play until 40 baked chicken breast recipes for a crowd

Carlos moya had a very interesting interview with the corriere della sera italian newspaper to speak about several interesting topics, starting from rafael nadal‘s hip injury that is slowly healing.

In late february in acapulco, he was all set for a comeback, when a day before his opening round, he got hurt again during a practice session with adrian mannarino. ‘ before that, it was all perfect,’ moya revealed.

‘ he had the same problem as at the australian open. We tried to figure out why it happened: was it a setback? A chronic issue? Injuries are always the worst loss for a tennis player: they keep you away, detracting your confidence.

But now he is on the court in manacor.’ asked if he was worried, moya replied: ‘ no I wasn’t. I was more worried about the knee injury last year.Moya replied when rafa’s joints are in the middle, then I get panicked.

But this time nope: it’s a thigh muscle. And then the past consoles me. Now we have to find a balance: fewer hours on court, with more quality. In the matches, the strategy is to be more aggressive to shorten points.’ about coaching nadal, who was until 2017 coached by his uncle, toni nadal, moya replied, ‘I am not alone: we are a team.

My job is that he is always healthy and well-prepared. In spain, but not only, it’s a great responsibility: when things go well, it’s granted; when they go bad, I set a lot of question marks. I know what nadal represents for tennis.’ sharing more details, moya added, ‘ you work on details, trying to make him more aggressive without changing the shots’ technique.Moya replied

On the court, day after day, we imagine all the possible developments of a match, especially when it gets longer. He trusts and follows me. He is 31, he won everything, and yet he wants to improve. And he is open to new ideas: it’s not granted.’ moya also praised roger federer: ‘until saturday, he was the world no.

1, at 36: it seems tennis fantasy, no? At my time, in the 90s, at his age, we were retired for six or seven years but roger is phenomenal. Rafa as well, at the top of the rankings as a 31-year-old, it’s not bad! Tennis changed: I wouldn’t be surprised to see them still there in their 40s.’ he is also confident about novak djokovic, andy murray and stan wawrinka’s returns: ‘ they will come back too.

I know them: they are not people who easily give up.Rafael nadal but it won’t be easy: everyone wants the tennis throne.’ asked who will be the first next gen player to break through in a grand slam, moya replied: ‘ potentially, nick kyrgios: he has the tennis skills to do it but he needs to keep together his head for seven matches, along with the pressure caused by a major on his shoulders.

I see (alexander) zverev a step behind, (denis) shapovalov will become strong: to me, they have more margin than (hyeon) chung, who got close to his best in australia.’ commenting on the differences between the time when he was playing and current tennis, moya finally said: ‘ there aren’t surfaces’ specialists anymore: nowadays everyone plays the same tennis.

The medium level is higher. Once the best player was the strongest server, now if you do not return as a master you are dead.Rafael nadal everything has changed, but nadal and federer are still the world no. 1 and 2.’ ALSO READ : here is what rafael nadal needs to do to retain no.