Carriker chronicles greg bell on picking the huskers, spring practice and more national pork scotch fillet steak marinade

Welcome to the carriker chronicles, the people’s show, where we check the pulse of husker nation, brought to you by nebraska spine hospital. Today I’m joined by nebraska running back greg bell, how you doing today greg?

Adam carriker: I’m great man! Thanks for joining me. I want to dive right into it. The first question I want to ask you — before you came to nebraska — we have a couple of senior running backs, devine ozigbo, mikale wilbon — you’re going to be a junior. We got tre bryant, we’ve got highly thought of sophomore jaylin bradley and now maurice washington is here. So before you came — there’s all these running backs. I’m curious, what made you choose the university of nebraska with all these running backs we have right now?Adam carriker

Greg bell: I just wanted to come in and compete with guys that good and who push me hard and everyone on the team is great running backs so that’s why I came here.

Adam carriker: awesome, I love that. So there’s 6 very talented running backs including yourself. What makes you unique or stand out and gives you that possible starting running back job come the fall?

Adam carriker: now, I know over spring break, you put out this tweet that said “no spring break”. And it’s you running uphill on a treadmill. It almost looks like you have to make the treadmill go on your own. You’re tied at the waist to a dummy behind you. So talk to me about some of the workouts you’re doing over spring break and talk to me specifically about that treadmill workout and what that was like.Running back

Greg bell: that was actually my first time doing that! It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in a workout. I was training here in san diego and it’s something we did every day here, so I can get better and be great by the time spring ball comes.

Adam carriker: talk to me about winter conditioning. Tell me what it was like compared to how you trained in the past. Because I heard it was a little tougher than some players were used to.

Greg bell: that was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I pushed myself trying to get better for coach duval and his coaching staff. They pushed everybody to get better by the time the fall comes.

Adam carriker: what are some of the things this coaching staff has focused on for drills?Adam carriker one of the things I saw was a lot of the stuff with the back squat, some dead lifts, some hang clean. What are some of their favorite things they’ve focused on this past winter?

Adam carriker: talk to me, there’s a nutrition expert there and zach duval did a lot with nutrition. Talk to me about what you learned with the nutrition side during winter conditioning as you get ready for spring practice.

Greg bell: you gotta put the right stuff in your body or your body is not going to react well and it’s just going to break down. They just told us to put the right stuff in our body and just eat right.

Adam carriker: so what are some of the things they wanted you to eat? For me, they always told me it was chicken breasts.Running back it was dry, I’d pile on the BBQ sauce, but it’s lean, high in protein. What are some of the things they were pushing for you to eat?

Adam carriker: okay, cool. What has spring practice been like so far for you guys? You got one in the books. I mean, was it a little bit chaotic, what about the tempo, getting a lot of plays off, what was it like?

Adam carriker: alright, we got one of them. Ben miles, he’ll do alright. So talk to me about coach scott frost. What’s he been like so far? You guys are getting to know him, what’s the first impression as you’ve been there over the past couple months and now that spring ball is really getting underway?

Greg bell: coach frost is a great coach and a great person.Running backs he’s real relatable to us, cause he played football and he knows what it takes to get to the next level. He’s just a great person and a great coach.

Greg bell: really nothing. Just don’t be afraid to fail. If you’re going to mess up, mess up 100 percent. They want you to make mistakes because everybody makes mistakes.

Adam carriker: talk to me about running backs coach ryan held. What’s he been like so far? I imagine he’s looking for specific things, each coach tends to look for specific things. What’s he told you he’s looking for? Like “this is how you win the job here at nebraska?”

Adam carriker: alright, so I gotta ask, who took the reps at the running back position with the first team so far in the running back position?Greg bell

Greg bell: it was devine (ozigbo) and (mikale) wilbon but we’re only getting like two reps, we’re going to keep switching in and out. Everybody’s going to get equal reps really. It’s not really one running back right now.

Adam carriker: alright. They gotta start with somebody, so they’re just getting everybody reps. I gotta ask, you’re from san diego, now you’re in nebraska, what are your thoughts and impressions of nebraska these couple months you’ve been here so far now?

Greg bell: it was pretty good, everybody’s been real nice. I wasn’t used to the weather at first but I’m used to it now, and nebraska’s good!

Adam carriker: you came there in the winter, I came there in june.Running back I went out and ran for the first time there and it was like 95 degrees, 90% humidity, so you’re coming in there in a little different weather so talk to me about getting used to that weather being a cali kid.

Greg bell: yeah I’ve never seen snow before so when I first got there it was snowing so that was kinda shocking to me. That was the biggest shocker for me though.

Adam carriker: I knew my wife loved me when I threw her in the snow and I jumped in the snow with her. That’s when we fell in love so I have a special thing for snow. Last question, you got anything you want to relate to the husker fans directly?

Adam carriker: alright, I like it man! Thanks for coming on the show, you got my number, save that bad boy!Running back if you ever need anything, I’m a former player so hit me up anytime alright? Until next time husker nation, GO BIG RED and always remember…