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There comes a time when even Jacob Zuma gets what he deserves. Banana bread moist recipe Questions are asked because answers are needed. Simply recipes banana bread Answers are needed because questions have been asked. Banana bread best And sometimes, the only way to get an answer is with a good, old fashioned klap.

The story shared by Israel and Palestine has been told in several stunning films, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it told like this.

Nina Paley created this (extremely brief) animated history of the land that was at one time called Israel, Palestine, Canaan and the Levant. Blueberry banana bread She even created this viewer’s guide to make sense of what’s happening.

(Want to dive in deeper? Check out these excellent films.) WHO’S KILLING WHO? A VIEWER’S GUIDE

Early Man This generic “cave man” represents the first human settlers in Israel/Canaan/the Levant. Easy recipe banana bread Whoever they were. Best easy banana bread recipe Canaanite

What did ancient Canaanites look like? I don’t know, so this is based on ancient Sumerian art. Quick easy banana bread Egyptian

Canaan was located between two huge empires. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe Egypt controlled it sometimes, and…

The “Children of Israel” conquered the shit out of the region, according to bloody and violent Old Testament accounts.

Then the Baylonians destroyed their temple and took the Hebrews into exile.

No sooner did Alexander conquer everything, than his generals divided it up and fought with each other.

Greek descendants of Ptolemy, another of Alexander’s competing generals, ruled Egypt dressed like Egyptian god-kings. Banana bread healthy (The famous Cleopatra of western mythology and Hollywood was a Ptolemy.)

This guy didn’t fight, he just ran the Second Temple re-established by Hebrews in Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile.

Led by Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee, who fought the Seleucids, saved the Temple, and invented Channukah. Sugarless banana bread Until…

…the Romans destroyed the Second Temple and absorbed the region into the Roman Empire…

….which split into Eastern and Western Empires. Banana bread simple The eastern part was called the Byzantine Empire. Super moist banana bread I don’t know if “Romans” ever fought “Byzantines” (Eastern Romans) but this is a cartoon.

Speaking of cartoon, what did an Arab Caliph look like? This was my best guess.

After Crusaders went a-killin’ in the name of Jesus Christ, they established Crusader states, most notably the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Wikipedia sez, “Over time, mamluks became a powerful military caste in various Muslim societies…In places such as Egypt from the Ayyubid dynasty to the time of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, mamluks were considered to be “true lords”, with social status above freeborn Muslims. Recipe of banana bread [7]” And apparently they controlled Palestine for a while.

Did I mention this is a cartoon? Probably no one went to battle looking like this. I need a recipe for banana bread But big turbans, rich clothing and jewelry seemed to be in vogue among Ottoman Turkish elites, according to paintings I found on the Internet.

The British formed alliances with Arabs, then occupied Palestine. 3 banana bread recipe This cartoon is an oversimplification, and uses this British caricature as a stand-in for Europeans in general.

The British occupied this guy’s land, only to leave it to a vast influx of….

Desperate and traumatized survivors of European pogroms and death camps, Jewish Zionist settlers were ready to fight to the death for a place to call home, but…

….so were the people that lived there. Low fat banana bread recipe Various militarized resistance movements arose in response to Israel: The Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

Backed by “the West,” especially the US, they got lots of weapons and the only sanctioned nukes in the region.

Sometimes people fight in military uniforms, sometimes they don’t. Banana bread loaf recipe Creeping up alongside are illicit nukes possibly from Iran or elsewhere in the region. Low calorie banana bread recipe Who’s Next?

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Remember that annoying Gangnam Style song that circulated the interwebs for months and played in every commercial and ringtone?

The video features Thuli Madonsela, Schabir Shaik and the Gupta family, as well as his AIDS-preventing method of taking a shower (and much, much more).

The original was forced down by exploiting an archaic IPN law. Yummy banana bread However, other versions were uploaded. Simple banana nut bread recipe (You can’t stop the internet).

Here’s a few. Small banana bread recipe Find one that works (and share it, so that as many as possible can enjoy it before the Apartheid-style sensors gets hold of it again.

94.7 Highveld Stereo Producer Brad created what has to be the best Barry Roux parody song ever. Easy recipe for banana nut bread Hear it now.

The results for 2013 Grade 12 final exams have finally been made available, amid the usual jubilation, tribulation and controversy we’ve come to expect. Banana nut bread easy recipe Wally Walker went quizzing.

Jacob Zuma, the caring man that he is, tried to reassure and support nervous students. How to make banana bread recipe Jacob Zuma, uneducated man that he is, forgot that he never was a nervous student.

Apparently, over 50% of Economic Freedom Fighters are high school dropouts. Banana bread simply recipes That could change, thanks to honourable Education Minister Angie Motshekga.

You’re supposed to have a matric certificate and be educated, not have a matric certificate and still be uneducated.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Bake banana bread There’s always hope. Easy banana bread recipes moist Others have achieved so much more with so far less.

Nelson Mandela’s memorial service came and went fairly incident free, except for the occasional mishap. Extra moist banana bread Here are a few highlights.

Thamsanqa Jantjie has many talents, and knows many sign language dialects. Healthy banana nut bread recipe He can even interpret angels. Easy banana bread recipe 2 bananas Here he is, on stage with American President Barack Obama, to show us the ancient red balloon technique.

Later that day, Jacob Zuma ran into some trouble with a few dissidents. Tasty banana bread recipe Now is a good time to start making shorter speeches.

• Signer Thamsanqa Jantjie Appointed As Communications Minister (

• Meet Thamsanqa Jantjie, the Fake Sign Language Interpreter Guy (

Amid all the sadness and mourning there was enough scandal and intrigue to make the funeral of Nelson Rolithlathla Mandela a truly memorable experience. Baking banana bread Wally Walker was there, in the cheap seats, to bring you all the action.

The ANC rolled out the e-toll highway tolling system on December 3rd despite opposition from nearly every sector of society, and two days later Mandela died. Easy way to make banana bread Was it the last straw that broke the camel’s back? Could it be that he finally just gave up?

Thabo Mbeki was booed by the Zuma faction at the ANC’s leadership conference in Polokwane, which lead to him being dethroned as party leader in favour of Jacob Zuma and caused his early resignation as president of South Africa. The best banana nut bread Would he have enjoyed the Zuma booing? Probably. 5 banana bread recipe Just why was Uncle Bob [Mugabe, in the middle, the madly shrieking one – ed] laughing? Because he’s a senile old man.

When President Jacob Zuma delivers a speech, it sounds like he’s doing it using Windows 3.1 running Internet Explorer. Traditional banana bread recipe What we need here is a software upgrade, but we may have to throw out the whole system. Light banana bread recipe Keyboard and all.

American President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt posed for a selfie at Mandela’s Memorial ceremony. Super easy banana bread That’s fine. All recipes banana bread It’s just a picture, who cares? But then Barack Obama had to go and post it on Twitter and hashtag it into oblivion. How to make banana bread easy That was tacky and disrespectful. Best banana bread ever recipe Never use more than two hashtags.

Jacob Zuma got booed during his speech. Two banana bread recipe I just got bored. Amazing banana bread Now he’s on the war path. Banana bread recipe from scratch The ANC mentioned the possibility of taking action against the booers. Banana bread recipe 4 bananas To prepare, Zuma has updated the infamous and controversial anti-Apartheid struggle song, “Kill the Boer“. Banana bread recipe easy moist I suspect more boos to come. How do you make banana bread I intend more booze to come. Best recipe banana bread Haven’t these guys learnt anything from Apartheid?

The Arch can’t win this one. Ultimate banana bread recipe If Desmond Tutu goes to the funeral, he’d be barging in without an invite and be a nuisance. Award winning banana bread If he doesn’t go, people will say he’s childish and petty because he demands to be asked before he attends the funeral of a friend. Easy bake banana bread Well played, ANC. How to banana bread What a way to snub one of your fiercest critics.

Wally Walker is a world traveller and time travel aficionado. 1 banana bread recipe He’s been everywhere, and has a habit of blending into his surroundings, often making him hard to find.

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