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Aren’t these pretty? Radicchio Grumolo are a wild variety of radicchio, grown in and near Verona, in North East Italy. Damson gin recipe bbc These rosette shaped radicchio of varying colours are strikingly beautiful to look at. Kilner sloe gin recipe card Do their flavour match their looks? You better believe it!

The image below shows you baby Radicchio Grumolo, even milder in flavour and my favourite. Damson gin recipe uk Here in the UK, they are supplied by + Natoora, and in my case, I get them from + Ocado, the folks who deliver my grocery.

I just adore this variety of radicchio; with their mild bittersweet flavour, they are perfect in so many ways. Recipe for making sloe gin I love adding radicchio grumolo to salads for a hint of spice and colour but they are just as perfect used in any cooked recipe that calls for radicchio.

I’m both excited and slightly disappointed. Sloe gin recipe 70cl bottle 10 seeds and only one has sprouted. Best recipe for sloe gin Mmm, maybe I should ask for my money back. Recipe for sloe gin The Aji Amarillo is Peruvian and one of my favourite chillies; impossible to get in the UK, unless you grow them yourself!

You’ll have to hang on for the summer for a post on the chillies themselves, when I have some to photograph. Sloe gin fizz recipe Here’s hoping the other 9 are just a little slow off the mark!

I love this time of year, as I start to plan what’s going to be happening in the edible garden and start sowing seeds.

And the leaves you can just see: I’m propagating more Vietnamese Mint

* chillies of course, but so far, I’ve only decided on Aji Amarillo, my favourite Peruvian chillies.

* tomatillos – I shan’t sow these for another month at least, I think

Stay tuned, this Collection is going to start getting busy again!?

To keep those stupid red spider mites at bay. Recipe sloe gin I don’t have a place for this guy in the new house yet. Best sloe gin recipe He lives in the sitting room because the conservatory is too cold in the evenings, especially these last couple of weeks.

I’m usually getting a head start with seeds this time of the year but the freezing weather has delayed everything. Recipe for sloe gin fizz Can’t decide on which chillies, any thoughts, anyone? Definitely getting the aji amarillo again, that was really good last year!

AngellSoho – London (UK) Media Content and Production: Used to work for a South East Asian Royal family and the Gurkhas used to laugh at me when steam came out of my ears and had to rush to dunk my head in a bucket of cold water. Sloe gin recipe 70cl Cannot take that stuff far too hot for me.?

Okra has such an undeserved bad rep, just as much for its infamous gooey insides, as its bland, almost negligible flavour. Sloe berry gin recipe I must confess to being a huge fan of it though, however it is cooked, whether with lots of spices to enhance its naturally mild constitution or with just a few ingredients so its natural woody, grassy flavour can be enjoyed to the fullest.

This is a bit of a contentious issue, with South Asians and East and West Africans laying claim to its origin. Easy sloe gin recipe Suffice it to say though that it is very popular in the cuisines of these countries as well as in Middle Eastern and South American cooking.

A vegetable by any other name, I grew up calling it lady’s fingers, bhindi or okra, interchangeably, depending on who I was talking to!

Well, that rather depends on the dish you’re cooking itself. Sipsmith sloe gin recipe Certain dishes rely on okra’s sticky insides to thicken stews and soups, such as in the world renowned gumbo.

If you’d like to use it in curries, dals and stews without the stickiness, the best thing to do is to leave the okra whole, that way none of the mucilaginous content has a chance to get released. Recipe sloe gin fizz This is not a full proof method though, as the okra cooks and softens, it does have a tendency to split.

There are 2 key elements involved if you would like a slime free okra dish:

1. Best sloe gin fizz recipe Make sure that the okra is dry, very dry, before you cut it and most certainly, before you cook it. The best sloe gin recipe Moisture encourages the spread of the characteristic goo.

2. Gordons sloe gin recipe Cook it on high heat, this will cook off any remaining moisture and sticky liquid.

Look for the bright green, firm ones. Simple sloe gin recipe These are the younger, fresher okra and will have less tendency to split when cooking whole. Make sloe gin recipe Stay well away from the khaki green coloured ones and most certainly, leave those with obvious black, brown or grey streaks.

Jerusalem Artichokes are funny little things, grossly misnamed because they’re neither real artichokes nor are they from Jerusalem!

The Jerusalem Artichoke is native to North America and is in fact, a member of the lettuce family that is also related to the sunflower; the latter, I’m sure, is what gave some clever fella the idea that sunchoke would be a better name for these knobbly tubers!

There is a persistent rumour that consuming the jerusalem artichoke is going to give rise to excessive wind the next day. Sloe gin recipe gordons Sadly, this is true!

The science tells you that it’s the presence of inulin in the tubers that gives rise to this child-hysterics-inducing phenomenon. Dried sloe gin recipe We don’t have the right enzyme to digest inulin, so the task is relegated to the friendly bacteria down the line. Kilner sloe gin recipe It’s at this production level, when the bacteria come to play, that the excess carbon dioxide is produced in exchange for energy. Sloe gin fizz cocktail recipe It’s all about give and take, right?

Kiwi berries (Actinidia Arguta), miniature versions of the more well known Kiwi Fruit, are native to China, Japan and Eastern Siberia.

Also known as hardy kiwifruit, kiwi berry, arctic kiwi, baby kiwi, dessert kiwi, grape kiwi, or cocktail kiwi, these little guys are about the same size as grapes and come in different varieties and colours. Sloe gin recipe sipsmith The most common one that I have seen here in the UK is the green variety with shades of red, as you can see in the image.

They have smooth skin, unlike their larger furry counterpart and are therefore, eaten whole. Sloe gin recipe almond I reckon they are a touch sweeter than kiwi fruit and less astringent.

I’ve placed a grape next to them, to give you an idea of their size.

Shiso leaves are from the shiso plant, a perennial herb that is also known as perilla (perilla frustescens) and belongs to the mint family. Sloe gin and tonic recipe The leaves come in two colours, green as you see here, as well as red/purple.

It is a herb that is widely used in Japan, Korea and parts of South East Asia, in salads, with noodles, as dishes for small amount of sauces and as wraps.

The taste is a touch citrusy and sharp with a touch of spice, definite hints of mustard or wasabi, but not quite!

It’s definitely one of my favourite “exotic” herbs and is very, very easy to grow in a pot on the kitchen windowsill.

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