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TGIF, eh!? After a week of lots of rest and being sick, I’m finally feeling better and looking forward to a weekend of yoga teacher training! Was also finally able to walk to work again, so after that, and playing with the kiddos, I was reeeeaaaddyyy for lunch. Banana bread rezept My latest sangy obsession? Chickpeas and avo mashed with sea salt. Banana bread calories So simple, so delicious. Banana bread machine recipe Tossed this and spinach in between two slices of sprouted grain toast with hot sauce, and had some fresh blackberries and a @healthade booch on the side(best flavor?????). Calories in banana bread What are you all doing this weekend? Ps- half this sandwich is currently all over me cause I overstuffed it??

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here tryna see juuuuust how many toppings I can squeeze into my yogurt container ?? Breakfast this am: plain @kitehillfoods yogurt topped with baked Japanese sweet potato, @purely_elizabeth granola, one of the cashew chocolate chip balls from yesterday, and a drizzle of cashew butter.

Banana bread receta Also added some almonds and blackberries after this photo for good measure. Easy homemade banana bread After a nice night of self care and getting into bed super early, I’m feeling a little refreshed but not quite 100%. How to bake a banana bread Definitely gonna listen to my body and take another day off from working out-something I would nevvvverrrr have even considered in the past. Banana bread allrecipes Listen to yo body peeps! ???

Really have a thing for ballz lately??Well…maybe not in my personal life… Recipe for banana bread muffins but definitely in my food ventures (hopefully you know me enough to understand this) ?? ANYWAYS. Whole wheat banana bread recipe On the real though, you should make these. Banana bread with nuts Like take me seriously again and trust me and make these. Banana bread recipe with baking powder Cashew butter, coconut flour, oat flour, dates, almond milk and chocolate chips. Home made banana bread And honestly, you could probably omit the oat flour or the coconut flour or even the dates-pretty much anything in a food processor with cashew butter and chocolate chips is bound to be good! Particularly #ballz ????????????

Simple lunch for a day home from work. Recipe for homemade banana bread As you might have seen from my story, I’m not even sick, as much as exhausted. How do u make banana bread Ever since I got back into the swing of working out, I’ve gotten a liiiiittle obsessive, and haven’t let my self rest, or listened to my body. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe From two a day workouts to traveling, the time change/Daylight savings, and yoga teacher training…my body was finally like yo, let’s sleep in or something???? So today I have not done much besides sleeping, eating, resting, and doing some self-care (masks, meditation, all the good stuff). Easy banana bread 2 bananas I needed this reminder because I was getting so wrapped up by the need and want to “get back in shape”, that I lost my connection with my body. Banana bread 2 bananas Taking the time to reconnect and unplug…well, not from Netflix but ya know. Ingredients to make banana bread Anyways, here we simply have sesame tofu, edamame, baked Japanese sweet potatoes, and snappea crisps! Also made some more on-the-go bites that I’ll share later??

Hiiii pals! Sorry for being MIA this weekend, I had yoga teacher training so I was literally either in a backbend or asleep??Today is my first day back from vacation and although I’m absolutely exhausted, I’m so thankful for everything from time with my loved ones to The Lumineers concert to meditating in the mountains of Colorado with mah girl @lyndsayp143 ?????? Also, it’s the first day of Spring and sunny-can’t ask for more than that!?????For lunch, I’m having two slices of sprouted bread with a @hilaryseatwell burger, roasted red pepper hummus, and spinach. Banana bread with baking powder So simple, so good. Banana bread machine Now off to frolic with the kiddos. Sour cream banana bread recipe Hope your weeks are off to a good start??

Here to interrupt your regularly scheduled feed of green food is me and my lunch which just happens to be the least festive thing I’ve ever seen?? Don’t you worry though, I made sure to strategically put a green plant in the background to stay relevant?? On the real though, this baked potato topped with banana bread crumbles, pb, and granola was BOMB. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas Anyways, Happy St. How to make the best banana bread Paddy’s day everyone! ??

Things I really enjoy: 1. Banana bread re Crushing a morning workout 2. The best banana bread recipe ever Homemade banana bread slathered in peanut butter with chocolate chips 3. Banana bread reteta Eating said banana bread post-said workout 4. How to make simple banana bread The Lumineers 5. Banana bread with The fact that I’M GOING TO SEE THE LUMINEERS TONIGHT. Best moist banana bread recipe ever I think that’s all, so with that being said… Bread machine banana bread recipe today ROCKS. How long to bake banana bread ????????ps- will post recipe that I adapted from @ohsheglows in comments!

Happy Snow day friends! (Well, friends where it snows-for everyone else Happy Tuesday????). Banana bread baking powder It could not have been a more perfect day to be stuck inside, because between post-vaca, daylight savings, and time change tiredness… How to do banana bread I needed a lazy day! Caught up on some Netflix and looottsss of cleaning, and also made these oatmeal cookie energy bites to have for the rest of the week that are SO good. Banana banana bread recipe In a food processor simply mix one cup @bobsredmill gluten-free oats, 1 TBSP coconut flour, 6 dates(I soaked mine for a few min to soften them up first), 2 TBSP unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chopped walnuts and a dash of cinnamon. One banana banana bread You could omit the coconut flour if you don’t have any on hand, and could absolutely add in some chocolate. Banana bread 3 bananas Either way, these were ?? –and SO simple. Banana bread recipe with milk Now off to watch Big Little Lies and maybe have a glass of wine?? Stay warm errybody

While I reeeeaallly don’t wanna be leaving beautiful Colorado, it’s always nice to be heading home, particularly because I totally miss my smoothie bowls and all the healthy meals while on vaca! Dreaming of this vanilla blueberry cashew bowl I made a few months ago and thinking it will be the first one I make tomorrow morning! Simply made with frozen banana, tons of frozen blueberries, vanilla unsweetened almond milk, TONS of spinach, spirulina, @crazyrichardspb cashew butter, and vanilla protein powder. Banana bread recipe with butter Hope your weeks are off to a great start everybody??

Hiiiii everyone! Sorry for being so MIA this weekend, I’ve been getting lost in the mountains and eating alllll the food, including this amazing “buffalo chicken” wrap with cashew ranch sauce, a side of sweet potato fries, and an oatmeal cream pie from Native Foods in Boulder! SO good. Banana bread without brown sugar Now off to explore some more and meditate on a cliff???? Have a nice, relaxing Sunday everyone! ??

The topping in my smoothie bowl may be sinking, but you vacation starts at 3 and I’m leaving for Colorado tonight so spirits are hiiiiiigh right about now?????????? Lots to do to get the kiddos ready for their trip, and hoping I can squeeze in a spin class to get one last workout in before I take off! If anyone has any recommendations on yoga or spin studios, as well as must visit coffee shops or restaurants around Denver, holla at ya girl! Happy Thursday errybody???

Didn’t finish my sweet potato fries from early so you best believe I’m making them into dessert???? Roasted then topped with cinnamon, @kitehillfoods almond milk plain yogurt, @purely_elizabeth original granola, and @crazyrichardspb cashew butter??Also, tomorrow is my last day of work then I leave for COLORADO??????? Cannot wait to share all the views and foods and coffee with you guys! Happy Humpday ??

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the amazing, intelligent, beautiful, strong, I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t women out there. Banana bread with two bananas May one day there be equality for us…and for all; peace on Earth and a wholeness that unites us, for we are one??Celebrating this day by kicking ass in my workouts and eating food from the Earth that will fuel my mind, body, and spirit. Banana bread with butter So, for lunch, a Buddha bowl with spinach, avocado, strawberries, chickpeas, spicy rice, and roasted sweet potato?? #internationalwomensday

Toastin’ to Tuesday the usual way for a little pre-workout??Sprouted bread, @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt, fresh strawberries, a @justins peanut butter cup, and @purely_elizabeth granola! As some of you may have seen, I’m headed to Colorado this Thursday for a little mini vaca, and I’m SO excited. Best banana nut bread recipe ever That being said, I have lots of workouts and packing to squeeze in between work, so it will be busy busy till takeoff! Cannot wait though, particularly for all the cool hiking, views, new coffee shops and vegan food?????? Would love any recommendations if anyone has any-we will be in Denver! Happy Tuesday! #toasttuesday

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