Casey’s opens in new spot to herald new season news banana bread with walnuts

VERNON TOWNSHIP — the official first day of spring is just a little more than two weeks away but some people soaked up the weekend sunshine and got an early taste of the season.

Wendy kedzierski and her daughter karmyn were the first two customers through the doors of the new building that houses casey’s ice cream & candies at 16226 conneaut lake road on saturday.

Kedzierski admitted that she makes the rounds to various local ice cream shops, but casey’s is her favorite. While mother and daughter perused the more-than-30 flavors available saturday, they each chose their favorites during the first of what will likely be many more visits.

The decision couldn’t have been easy as there are at least two varieties of cookie-related ice cream, including crunch and monster. There was also the combination tongue-twister brain-freezer — banana-nilla-nutella.

“I had to get the chocolate peanut butter,” kedzierski said between licks.“the building really karmyn chose nerd heaven, sprinkled with candies, not divine pocket protectors.

While kedzierski is usually faithful to casey’s, she admits that she doesn’t faithfully ask karmyn to accompany her. “I bring her, unless I cheat on her,” she said.

“I actually come here a lot with my creek campers,” kedzierski said. She is the program director of creek connections at allegheny college. Creek connections is an allegheny outreach program that brings hands-on, inquiry-based education about watersheds to students ranging in age from middle to high school.

Casey’s owner, shawn sullivan, wasn’t surprised to greet the kedzierskis as the first customers at saturday’s official reopening in the new building. Kedzierski was a loyal customer at casey’s former location and at the temporary location that the business occupied in the nearby plaza.

It was nearly one year ago that casey’s former location was demolished to make room for marquette savings bank.“the building really from about june to thanksgiving, the ice cream and candy shop was located in the plaza while construction took place at the new building, according to sullivan.

Sullivan said he was grateful for the temporary location and for the new building. “the shop at the plaza kept us in the public eye,” he said. “it’s been a long time but we’re very happy to be here and be open.”

Sullivan was also very pleased with the location and the design of the building. “the building really stands out. We’re kind of up on a bluff,” he said. The ample windows on the new building not only allow lots of natural light in but also serve a purpose at night. “the building really stands out at night when the lights are on,” he said.

Another loyal casey’s fan, kelly blood of linesville, noticed the building taking shape and waited eagerly for saturday’s opening. “we’ve been stalking them just waiting for the opening,” blood said.“the building “we actually came early so that maybe we can come back again later tonight.”

Peggy mogush decided to be adventurous on saturday and try a new ice cream flavor — frog. There were no actual amphibious ingredients, just caramel and pecans. “that’s a winning combination,” she said.

As mogush licked her frog-flavored cone, she noted the marquee across the street at eddie’s footlong hotdogs. “it says they’re opening march 6,” she said. According to eddie’s facebook page, the conneaut lake road location will open tuesday and be open daily from 11 a.M. To 9 p.M..

Kedzierski said she is eager to see all of her favorite ice cream shops open as it signals spring. “I try to patronize them all,” she said. “in fact, before we came to casey’s, we went to the dairy inn in saegertown.”