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At dadong in midtown, modern art and lame duck – the new york times best apple pie recipe with brown sugar

Every so often, I’ll wake up to an inbox full of friendly emails from people volunteering to help me do my job. The specific assistance they are offering is to meet me at some forthcoming restaurant, their stomachs empty and

Prepare for st. patrick’s day with help from king kullen best apple pie recipe southern living

All the ingredients for traditional and creative st. Patrick’s day recipes can be found at king kullen grocery co. Visit the nearest store to stock up on corned beef, potatoes, cabbage and more. Choosing the right cut of corned beef

Lost and found – easy apple pie recipe with puff pastry

I have arrived in atlanta this week for a gig with performance artist, brian olsen. As we make our way to the car that awaits us, I reflect on a question that comes up often from my kids. “daddy, what

Tok tok mee is a culinary love letter to penang crunch top apple pie recipe paula deen

When I first meet the awesome gerald tan, he has just come off a flight from somewhere or other. I say this because it’s genuinely hard to remember where he flew in from, given that tan is currently travelling around

An unmistakable taste of montreal at chez ma tante the new yorker apple caramel cake recipe paula deen

On a trip to montreal a few years ago, someone told me that when a person there says she works in “the industry” she’s referring to the restaurant world. This came as no great surprise, as there is no other

The hole truth of the doughnut’s rebirth crain’s cleveland business apple pie recipe cinnamon nutmeg

A doughnut evolution is on the rise nationwide due to major chains providing new flavor varieties and expanding their menu offerings beyond the classic sweet treat. Nationally, according to chicago-based research firm information resources, sales of doughnuts at supermarkets and

Grub notes taqueria juaritos is worth hitting your brakes for flagpole magazine athens, ga news, music, arts, restaurants french apple pie topping recipe

SLOW DOWN: my reflexes are, generally speaking, not great, but they tend to kick into high gear if I see the word “taqueria” on a sign, especially if it’s in an unusual location. Taqueria juaritos (3875 jefferson road, 706-202-6906) is

Bank earnings are soaring, but congress wants to gut post-crisis safeguards best apple pie recipe martha stewart

Dick bove, a high-profile banking analyst, was feeling contrite. For years, bove, a regular on CNBC, has been arguing for the rollback of regulations imposed after the 2008 financial collapse. “but lately I’ve been trying to figure how regulation has

Six things university has taught me outside of my degree – impact magazine cracker barrel apple pecan streusel pie recipe

University is a time of personal growth, learning and preparation for the world of work. But after a year and a half of being here, I’ve found that I have gained many more valuable lessons from general student life than

Top chefs go wild with wacky food combos cinnamon apple pie recipe easy

"Macerated strawberries, strawberry eucalyptus, yoghurt granita." doubtless, this dish from the menu at adelaide’s bistro blackwood won’t sound wacky to some. Not if you’re in that inner circle of foodies who dine out more often than most. Native ingredients? You’re

Holey doughnut empire restaurant reviews salt lake city salt lake city weekly zucchini apple pie recipe crumb crust

Quick confession: doughnuts never ranked very high on my list of baked goods. I’d never say no to a free doughnut, but I’d never wake up in the middle of the night with a craving for one, either. As two

Passover planning nine tips that will make your holiday easier recipe for apple pie crumb topping

To traditionally observant jews, getting ready for passover can be stressful, frustrating and expensive. The shopping lists, menus and variances in stringencies can make your head spin; the aisle of yellow-capped colas can make you dizzy. As someone who’s basically

Sony kd-65xf9005 review what hi-fi apple pie recipe easy brown sugar

Sony refuses to be drawn on how many of these zones the XF9005 has (more zones tends to result in greater control of contrast between closely packed bright and dark elements), but says it is more than last year’s model

British pie week top pie offers and the best places to buy pie in the uk apple crumb pie topping recipe

We scoured hayler’s database, searching for every reference to the word pie. We narrowed it down even further to include only well-reviewed pies (or at least pies that weren’t totally lambasted). Finally, we checked each of the restaurants to see