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Tim cook takes his turn to dunk on facebook, backing data privacy regulations green apple nutrition

Mark zuckerberg and his data-hoarding creation facebook remain in the crosshairs this week as scrutiny over its cambridge analytica profile-scraping scandal continues to mount, with the social media giant’s stock price falling by over 13 percent this week. So it’s

Tidbits liver sausage, ramen noodles and their place in the past columnists small apple nutrition

I’ve found that certain words or phrases can trigger memories and spark discussions. Some pleasant, some not. Some can take a conversation into many different directions. For example, when I hear the word “stitches,” the feeling of a needle puncturing

Thursday midday news roundup – sfgate nutritional value of apple juice

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the police department’s 24-hour tip line at (415) 575-4444 or text a tip to TIP411 and start the message with SFPD. Tipsters have the option to remain anonymous. Officers responded

Three things apple’s cheaper macbook air will need to be a hit macworld green apple nutrition info

It seems as though reports of the macbook air’s death have been greatly exaggerated. According to plugged-in analyst ming-chi kuo of KGI securities ( as reported by 9to5mac), apple is planning to release a new version of its iconic consumer

Three years later, is the surface 3 still worth your time windows central 1 apple nutrition facts

The microsoft surface 3 is almost three years old, which is super old in technology time. Launched with windows 8.1, the surface 3 was microsoft’s true "entry-level" surface aimed at college students and those who do mostly lightweight tasks and

This startup adds voice assistance to your online shopping experience techcircle apple tablet with keyboard

Speak now, what are you looking for? A deep baritone welcomes you. Well, he is quite a character and talking to him is easy. The short and crisp answers are even more reassuring. And, within minutes you are ready to

This is why fibre is vital for your health – and how to ensure you get enough bt medium green apple calories

But getting plenty of dietary fibre is crucial for your health – both in terms of you gut and digestive system, and helping keep major diseases at bay. So what is fibre? It’s often referred to as ‘roughage’ – ie,

This is the ultimate sleep guide to boost your energy for spring – mindbodygreen health benefits of an apple

While skipping over one hour of sleep may seem like no big deal, research finds it could be pretty damaging—especially if you’re someone who doesn’t get enough shut-eye to begin with. Small disruptions in sleep can add up to mess

This is definitely not the time to buy facebook, inc. stock investorplace best apples for juicing

There’s no two ways about it. Facebook, inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has been one of the market’s top-performing stocks for the past few years. Facebook stock has outperformed apple inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and alphabet inc (NASDAQ: GOOG, NASDAQ: GOOGL) since this

This guy built a skyline-powered ford falcon out of spares and garbage calories apple cider vinegar

The nissan RB straight-six is one of the most desirable engines of all time, and america’s gran turismo generation fights to get parts for these forbidden fruit motors. That’s what makes dillon merkl’s skyline-powered 1962 ford falcon so funny, since

This family is taking homesteading to a whole new level babble calories in apple juice

Every summer, I make strawberry jam for my family. As I spend the morning in the kitchen, hulling and washing strawberries, mashing them into a frothy pulp, and carefully pouring the steaming mixture into waiting jars, I feel downright “ma”

This bone broth diet got weird healthyish bon appetit nutrition facts in apple

Like most people living in a metropolitan area, I am tired. My right hip aches because I’m a 31-year-old geriatric. My scalp is dry—but, some consolation, not as dry as my face. My energy is zapped after one exhausting subway

This body shape can raise women’s heart attack risk apple muffins with applesauce

WEDNESDAY, feb. 28, 2018 (healthday news) — excess belly weight — a so-called apple shape — raises a woman’s risk for heart attack even more than overall obesity, researchers report. While obesity raises heart attack risk in both sexes, women

This ancient south pacific sipper is officially trending vinepair apple tablet price in dubai

In one of brooklyn’s coolest neighborhoods, free-spirited locals sip on a beverage they say helps them relax, unwind, and socialize. At a similar bar in berkeley, cal., students imbibe during a mid-afternoon study session, taking gulps from coconut shells and