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Trump wants more asylums — and some psychiatrists agree – the new york times free recipes for chicken enchiladas

In the wake of the horrific school shootings in parkland, fla., president trump has called repeatedly for building or reopening mental institutions. It’s not that they believe that having more institutions would somehow prevent spree killings, as mr. Trump apparently

Trump views 50 years out of date, may trigger disruptive trade war paul krugman easy chinese dessert recipes for kids

“he does not take the job seriously. He doesn’t say to himself that I am the most important official in the world; I have better do my homework for understanding the issue. ..He just goes that these are my gut

Trump to impose sweeping steel and aluminum tariffs – the new york times peru food recipes english

A steel furnace in germany. At a white house meeting on thursday, president trump said that he did not want any nation to be exempted from the order. Credit WASHINGTON — president trump said on thursday that he would impose

Trump tariffs’ most perverse effect helping china easy mexican dessert recipes with pictures

Has the united states ― which has generally been a champion of free trade since world war II ― been the victim of unfair trading practices by other nations? Certainly. It’s neither new or particularly unusual for nations to subsidize

Trump skeptics gather to ask whether democracy can survive him – the washington post peruvian desserts recipes easy

On tuesday night, in a penthouse event center atop the american psychological association’s washington offices, more than a hundred people from the political left to the center-right met to discuss their common question: how could american democracy survive president trump?

Trump reveals new plan to fight opioid crisis the mighty great peruvian recipes

President trump announced his administration’s plan to fight the opioid crisis on monday. Trump’s plan includes an effort to reduce opioid prescriptions, educate people about the “dangers of opioids,” and calls for harsher punishments for drug traffickers. Speaking in manchester,

Trump picks hawkish bolton as top security aide – bloomberg businessweek middle east ground chicken recipes indian style

President donald trump is taking a sharply hawkish foreign-policy turn with the appointment of john bolton as national security adviser, ditching moderates and installing an inner circle that championed some of the policies he derided on the campaign trail. The

Trump makes me long for george w. bush… not! – san diego citybeat spanish non alcoholic drink recipes

We all snicker in agreement as the ball clunks off the rim and rolls to the far side of the other basketball court on the other end of the gymnasium. With a huff, I embark on the relatively long trek

Trump meeting with kim could signal major thaw in nuclear standoff – politico authentic mexican food recipes with pictures

President donald trump has agreed to meet directly with the north korean leader, kim jong un, in what could be the biggest breakthrough in the tense nuclear saber-rattling that has defined the president’s stance since taking office. The invitation from

Trump is a protectionist — but who is he protecting best dinner recipes for two

Donald trump’s nationalist trade policies, including his recent decision to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, have stirred debate on the left. For years, progressives have argued that neoliberal globalization destroys jobs and worsens inequality in the US and

Trump doubles down on tariffs ‘trade wars are good, and easy to win’ thehill chinese vegetable recipes with pictures

President trump donald john trump kushner has called bolton for advice over past year: report jeb bush hits trump: I go home to children ‘who actually love me’ sanders to visit mississippi for anniversary of MLK assassination MORE on friday defended

Trump declares “trade wars are good,” immediately gets brutal awakening vanity fair mexican breakfast recipes chilaquiles

It’s disturbing on a number of levels, not the least of which is his use of a phrase parents generally reserve for their naughty children (“don’t get cute with me, missy!”) applied here, by the president of the united states,

Trump calls for death penalty to ‘get tough’ on drug pushers ctv news best pound cake recipes from scratch

MANCHESTER, N.H. — embracing the tough penalties favoured by global strongmen, U.S. President donald trump on monday brandished the death penalty as a fitting punishment for drug traffickers fueling the opioid epidemic. The scourge has torn through the rural and