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Us high school basketball star breaks scoring record, goes viral for dunks beef biryani recipe in hindi

Gate city, virginia: the bleachers had been full for hours and nine cameramen lined the baseline by the time the main event began on a recent rainy tuesday evening at a basketball gym in southwestern virginia. Then, finally, the starting

Updates, bill hearings editorials prawns biryani vahrehvah

The committees are working on leftover bills that have been “blessed” or originated in exempt committees. They are also hearing and working bills that were sent over by the other chamber. In our case, we are hearing senate bills. In

This hospital for seals and sea lions will warm your heart treehugger shrimp recipes cooking light

Last week I was standing on the pier at huntington beach, south of los angeles, when a playful sea lion appeared in the green waves below. It was twisting and flipping with such joyful abandon that I couldn’t help laughing.

Think russia’s twitter trolls are bad startups do it every day wired uk fish videos for kids youtube

We’re just starting to understand the scale of russian influence in the US election. Facebook stated that 50 per cent of the 2016 voting-age population, some 126 million people, were exposed to russian efforts to influence opinion. More revelations will

These are some of the best plastic free campaigners and initiatives in cornwall – cornwall live prawns biryani recipe in malayalam language

The impact of marine litter on our beautiful coastlines has galvanised many people in cornwall to take action to reduce our plastic footprint and help clean up the resulting tidal wave of waste. There can appear to be a stigma

The shape of prejudice chicken biryani in telugu

I saw guillermo del toro’s the shape of water in february, before it won the oscar for best picture. Elizabeth and I both loved it and couldn’t stop telling all our friends about it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s

The problem with pornography what happened to shame chettinad prawn biryani recipe in tamil

Cast your mind all the way back to 2014. David cunliffe was leader of the labour party, fighting an unwinnable war against the vast popularity of the john key government. His campaign trail took him to a women’s refuge symposium

Sunio respecting animal rights to make better humans sunstar chicken biryani recipe in malayalam

FOR a developing country like the philippines, animal rights issues are still topics that aren’t too compelling be talked about much yet. To most, animals will still just be animals – something you keep in the house, keep out of

Sunday conversation kids, basketball, still mean much to don holst chicken recipes indian

Editor’s note: don holst was a basketball standout at plentywood high and northern montana college before starting a coaching career that eventually carried him to the NCAA tournament. He spent 11 seasons as an assistant men’s coach at montana and

Sneha, the bapu gari bomma prawns recipes kerala style

Portraying characters in period films like sri ramadasu, pandurangadu and rajanna must have come with their own challenges. What went into it? It cannot be done without teamwork. It is indeed a lot of effort — the costumes and body

Sharp-eyed mongabay readers spot a jaguarundi (commentary) hyderabadi prawns biryani recipe

• last monday, in an article about brazil’s cerrado, this mongabay editor mistakenly identified an animal in a photo as a puma (puma concolor). • most interesting find: these small cats of north, central and south america, were until recently

Searching for authenticity in hawaii – ktvz south indian chicken biryani recipe video

(CNN) – A surefire way to get some odd looks from your friends is to tell them you’re heading to a disney resort to learn about authentic hawaiian culture. But at aulani, disney’s resort on oahu’s western shore, between breakfast

Score mentoring gives northern nevada startups a business advantage shrimp recipes indian

RENO, nev. — for more than 40 years, professionals have shared their expertise with the owners of startups and successful businesses ready for a new phase as volunteers with SCORE of northern nevada. Part of a national organization that began

Rush hour is this the loch ness monster prawn biryani recipe indian style

Queensland’s labor government will reintroduce a waste levy that was scrapped by the LNP to stop NSW dumpers trucking rubbish across the border. Cabinet has signed off on resurrecting the levy, likely to be between $60 and $70 a tonne,