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Vietnam’s sole operating oil refinery sets surprisingly low profit target for 2017 _ corporate news, latest business

Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited (BSR), the operator of Dung Quat Refinery, has set its pre-tax profit target at VN1.68 trillion ($73 million) for 2017, which is a lot lower than its actual pre-tax profit of VND5 trillion

The martini collection_ 140 recipes to explore

Martini recipes are everywhere and they come in an infinite variety of flavors. Recipe for sloe gin Yet, it’s important to understand that there is the Martini and then there are martinis. Sloe gin fizz recipe Quite often, the latter

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Law firm slams duggan as ‘political hack’ in explosive letter

Law firm slams Duggan as ‘political hack’ in explosive letter Using explosive language and personal attacks, the Jones Day law firm unloaded on Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Check out this story on In a 13-page letter sent to

Homemade christmas gifts thread – page 3

Hand-made gifts have an ongoing history in our family – I was raised believing that items you can get at a store serve well for occasions like birtdhdays (or cases with large Christmas reunions), but a gift made by you

Prunus spinosa l. _ plants of the world online _ kew science

Blackthorn is a shrub belonging to the same genus ( Prunus) as almond, cherry and plum trees. Sloe gin jam recipe The specific epithet spinosa refers to the sharp spines or thorns that are characteristic of this plant. A shrub

Superchocolate_ can chocolate really be a functional food_

A chocolate bar containing 33% pure refined turmeric has been launched into the global functional foods market, as a convenient and enjoyable way to increase daily dosage of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. to raise funds that will be

Magpie _ the cloud pottery

I mentioned a while ago that I bought two things from Susan Duncan last summer when I visited her studio in Lochcarron, on the west coast of Scotland. Damson gin recipe uk This is the second bowl, and it is difficult to

How to boost your mood naturally – natural mood enhancers

You’d love a little boost of serenity, joy, and happiness, but you’d love to get it naturally. Sloe gin jam recipe Whether you’re pregnant or are worried about the slippery slope of dependency that can occur with prescription drugs, there

Can surgery get rid of dark circles under eyes most cream popular night – franskaspraket aspiration

What are small light own spots that do not hurt or itch are not raised and are not dry on your inner thighs around the groin area? Most people would like to look young Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer. Sloe


This page has information on some of the local primary and secondary food producers who will be found regularly at West Kirby Farmers’ Market. “I believe that all food should be cooked with quality fresh ingredients with no added preservatives.

January _ 2017 _ jamsnpans

My Love for all preserves and Kitchen Garden Crafts began with me when as a little girl I spent time with a family friend.. Sloe gin and tonic recipe a completely magical time ! a widow lady who had very

Chocolate baileys poke cake with baileys whipped cream – peas and peonies

This delicious Chocolate Baileys Poke Cake has Baileys in the batter and in the chocolate sauce, topped with Baileys Chocolate Whipped Cream! This post contains affiliate links at NO extra cost to you, I just like sharing the things that

Video eiffel tower goes dark

#WeAreNotAfraid The lights were dimmed on the Eiffel Tower tonight in honor of the London terror attack victims. Sloe gin recipe 70cl Londoner’s and people around the world are sharing the hashtag in support. STORY: [ Link ] View