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Dear president trump, laser fire your trade bullets, don’t scatter ‘em christmas sparkling cocktails

Ordinary people’s heads are spinning with hyperbolic headlines in the pink media. There is a fear of creeping economic apocalypse. But really, is it that bad? Does china deserve a maverick president’s “punishment”? Are trump’s punitive levies similar to the

Milking, bilking, poking and prodding columnists yellow cocktail dresses for women

I have been spending some real quality time with my mother, who lives in a “five-star” residence in nevada. When there last weekend, I came up with the idea of doing a rock opera featuring seniors in their five-star housing.

Bacon do you know what you are eating sweet tea vodka drink recipes

Processed meat is a big part of canadian culture and an even bigger part of the economy of south east manitoba. You just can’t get away from it, bacon, ham, salami and hot dogs are a constant feature of canadian

Can we all agree that getting ready is more fun than actually going out scotch sweet vermouth and angostura bitters

It’s 7 p.M. On a saturday, and you feel hopeful. After a long week of crushing deadlines, joyless commuting, and finding the office bathroom full of people doing their makeup every single time you had to poop at work, you’re

Announcing roadies the road trip reimagined markets insider martini with sweet vermouth

LOS ANGELES, march 12, 2018 /prnewswire/ — A new travel company has launched promising to reimagine the classic road trip: roadies is set to inspire travelers to rediscover the true meaning of exploration. A roadies journey is complete with authentic

Getting to know illinois — and you — propublica classic christmas cocktails recipes

It’s been seven months since I packed up my california apartment and moved across the country to be the web producer for propublica illinois. Can I consider myself a true chicagoan yet? I have survived the record-setting chilly winter, witnessed

Jennifer lawrence spills the beans in most candid interview yet – nz herald white dresses boutique huntsville al

Famously outspoken oscar-winner jennifer lawrence has given one of her most candid interviews yet with veteran radio host howard stern, opening up about everything from the big role she wishes she got to her recent dress controversy. Lawrence made world

Death wish review best summer cocktails with vodka

Eli roth’s death wish remake couldn’t have arrived at a worse time — or a better one, depending on your perspective. It’s practically an NRA promo. In this iteration of the classic urban vigilante story, bruce willis’s paul kersey is

Ensemble theatre’s ‘red velvet’ an agonizing tale of injustice red dresses for women

It’s london, 1833. One of the great actors of the english stage, edmund kean, has fallen ill and must be replaced in the title role of “othello.” fortunately, producer pierre laporte knows who to turn to. When the new actor,

How to get away with murder recap season 4, episode 13 martini rossi sweet vermouth review

This week’s how to get away with murder marked part two of an epic 2-hour long crossover between HTGAWM and other TGIT fave scandal — olivia pope and annalise keating come together to use all of their best power moves to

For the love of the game frank caricchio did not play soccer for the money – front row soccer classic start menu for windows 8

“it was not the money,” he said during a 2013 interview. “it passion. You got hooked. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but maybe it’s like you have a drink of wine and you like to have another drink. You play

Martin’s hardware celebrates 50th anniversary as south lyon business best cocktails nyc

"Mom and dad helped the nugents move to this location (on pontiac trail, south of downtown) in january 1968 and in february bought their own store downtown," said bob martin, who today runs the business with his brother bill. "I

An ordinary muslim clearly states how hated we are times square chronicles gin and lime cocktails crossword clue

In order to have dignity, don’t you have to first honor and respect yourself and others? In hammaad chaudry’s an ordinary muslim, azeem bhatti (sanjit de silva) does neither and yet we are expected to feel sorry for this out of

Cape town is running out of water and day zero is looming vermouth based cocktails

Cape town may be the first global city to run out of water. “day zero”, when the city will transition from the current preservation measures (50 litres/day) to disaster restrictions, will begin when dam levels hit 13.5 per cent of