Cattaneo bros. launches latest addition to all-natural range line deli market news simple chicken marinade

Sustainable snacking is kicking into high gear across our industry as more and more options catering to every kind of consumer continue to fill grocery shelves. And for the carnivores hoping to tap into this craze, cattaneo bros.’ line of all-natural, grass-fed jerky is here to offer consumers a quality artisan meat product.

Tucked between the coast range and the pacific ocean, cattaneo bros. Is tapping into the natural wonders of california with its new one-of-a-kind jerky items from their range line. I caught up with heidi heller to learn more about the company’s latest launch.

“we recently introduced a new jerky stick in our all-natural, grass-fed line, range,” heidi tells me.All-natural grass-fed “we are one of a few jerky companies to offer jerky with clean labels, which, along with how we’ve been doing jerky for the past 70 years, is creating a new health-focused consumer base in recent years.”

While some jerky producers use sugar to cut costs and mask the flavor of poor quality beef, the new jerky options are free of any sugar and major allergens, as well as nitrites & MSG.

Cattaneo bros. Also balances an up-to-date production facility in line with the latest USDA food safety requirements, with a concentrated effort of maintaining the traditional production techniques, and recipes of the original founders. Dating back to 1947, the production technique continues to be unique to the cattaneo bros.All-natural grass-fed name. Exclusively using 100 percent grass-fed beef from sunfed ranch in northern california, where they raise their cattle in the open rangeland of the klamath basin, the company cuts solid strips of beef top rounds for the range line to be hung to dry in the smokehouse ovens—an attention to detail that continues to set the cattaneo bros. Brand apart from others in the game.

“once people have experienced our jerky, they tend to seek it out, as there’s nothing that really compares in terms of quality, flavor, and texture,” heidi explains. “cattaneo bros. Is somewhat of an iconic brand on the central coast and our sales continue to grow year after year. The distribution of jerky is mainly kept in-house and local to san luis obispo and santa barbara counties, but we continue to expand into neighboring territories and acquire new direct-ship wholesale accounts as the demand never seems to cease.”

range line

With a distinct and delicious taste chock full of artfully blended spices, the range line includes four delicious flavors, including sea salt, black pepper, chile cayenne, and chipotle.

And, with over 70 years under its belt, heidi tells me the company is updating its packaging and website to keep up with the times, share more about the family behind the brand, and, ultimately, make online ordering seamless.

“while the packaging on our original lines is nostalgic and well-known locally, it doesn’t do our high-quality products justice. Our processes and recipes may be old fashioned, but our quality is timeless, and we believe our packaging should speak to that,” heidi shares.Cattaneo bros “with our rebrand, we are hoping to update the look and provide more valuable information on our packaging for our customers. We also plan to launch an updated website with the new packaging and brand revision. Our gift packages are pretty extraordinary, and we want our customers to be able to easily order them from wherever they are in the country.”

Heidi also encourages anyone interested to try cattaneo bros. Sausage, which are smoked in the same smokehouse ovens as the jerky and contain the same attention to flavor as the full cattaneo bros. Line.

With something for everyone, including fine jerky, smoked meat snacks, sausages, dried fruits, nuts, gourmet candies, and gift packs for all occasions, cattaneo bros.Cattaneo bros continues its tradition of artisan craft products with its latest release. For more of what’s moving and grooving in deli, dairy, and bakery, stay tuned to deli market news.