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Thank you so much for your review. Venice pizza in coatesville pa I have been thinking of trying MSC; but had heard that the food was a big issue with them. Venice pizza & pasta coatesville Your description tells me specifics about why the food is a problem. Domino’s pizza in venice fl I won’t consider MSC based on your comparison.

We also loved Joe and Liv when on the Constellation in October. Venice pizza chesapeake menu They are a very talented young couple.

Always interesting to see how others feel, I hope you don’t mind me adding my opinions here. Venice pizza chesapeake va We have done three Celebrity and one MSC cruise.

I think the overall service is better on Celebrity but we had our favorite bartenders on MSC, and drinks are WAY more affordable than on Celebrity and RCCL if you don’t have a drinks package.

For entertainment, I feel like the cruise entertainment staff on MSC was more active and visible, which I appreciated. Venice pizza huntsville al website The main shows are good on both ships, but on our MSC Grand Voyage there was a lot of opera due to who they hired as the fly-on entertainment, which isn’t my style. Little caesars pizza venice fl Oh and because of the variety of languages on board (5 languages for announcements, but more nationalities than that), the lack of a comedy show was a bummer on MSC.

I can’t remember the late entertainment on X, which says something, but on MSC there was some sort of game or entertainment in a lounge, followed by dancing. Pizza hut venice florida And I felt like the ship passengers were more engaged in the various nights, like “White out”, “Italian”, and the formal nights.

Food, no doubt, Celebrity delivers a knockout punch. Venice pizza canyon country I never went hungry on MSC, and with anytime dining we never waited too long for food, but I did eat in the buffet several nights out of 21. Marco’s pizza in venice florida On X, I look forward to the MDR every night. Venice pizza ridley park Even the buffet on Celebrity is better than the MSC, except the pizza. Venice pizza ridley park pa I know X has good pizza, but oh man MSC’s was just to-die for. Venice pizza ridley park menu Burgers on MSC though, when they had them they weren’t really ‘right’, certainly no Mast Grill.

I mostly agree with your comments. Venice pizza in ridley park pa The entertainment staff are the luck of the draw. Pizza restaurants in venice fl I didn’t think they were good on either of these cruises. Gluten free pizza venice florida Sue Denning and Marten have been our favourites on recent Celebrity cruises. Venice old style pizza manchester nh We did have them both on a couple of cruises before Marten was made a cruise director.

When we were first looking at the Connie for a Christmas cruise we assumed that Christmas day would be a sea day. New venice pizza elkins park In fact we were in Cochin, India.

The ship was full of decorations, but it never really felt like Christmas. New venice pizza elkins park pa Dinner was pretty low key as well. Abbot’s pizza venice ca There was turkey, but not with any of the British trimmings, no Christmas pudding, no crackers and no hats. Little caesars pizza vincennes indiana This was our first Christmas away and probably our last. Marco’s pizza venice florida We are having Christmas “Day” tomorrow at our son’s house!

Anyway, on the actual day we awoke, docked in Cochin, to the dancers below:

We had always wanted to go on a houseboat in Kerala where you have it to yourself and a crew with a cook for a few days. Venice pizza utica ny For that reason we picked the houseboat excursion rather than the motor boat one.

First we stopped for lunch at a beach resort that was very pleasant:

First disappointment was the whole coachload got onto the boat, although we hadn’t been expecting it to be just for us we thought it would be a smaller boat, more like this (similar to the one in the excursion brochure):

Thank you so much for your review. Venice pizza & pasta lancaster I have been thinking of trying MSC; but had heard that the food was a big issue with them. Little venice pizza rochester ny Your description tells me specifics about why the food is a problem. Little venice pizza hollywood fl I won’t consider MSC based on your comparison.

Thank you OP for such a wonderful comparison. Little venice pizza menu I appreciate all the details.

I am also Elite on X and was considering MSC (due in part to the status matching which I just found out about).

However, given the comments I’ve been reading, I agree with MyPinBoynton – I think I’ll pass and stick with Celebrity.

I just wish Celebrity would step it up again a little more for the non-suite guest.

Was the docking pier close to the city in Cochin? I’m sure it’s the same scenario for us next year on Christmas Day (port day), but I think we’d prefer to head out a little later in the morning and just explore the city independently.

Like you, several years ago, we tried MSC just to give them a try.

Couldn’t agree more with your comments. Venice pizza shop williamsport We did find the staff very friendly though and very open about how awful the food is on MSC! Apparently, they get a lot of complaints.

The only exception though is the pizza as one other on this thread mentioned. Venice pizza in glendale az If all you eat is pizza on a cruise, then you should enjoy MSC.

We will never try them again however, and still very much enjoy X.

Our next stop, on Boxing Day, was New Mangalore. Venice pizza newark tx We felt we needed to do an excursion but didn’t have very high hopes for this one. Venice pizza newark texas We weren’t disappointed!

The workers had to protect their hands with oil against the corrosive nature of the nuts.

Then we visited the Kadri Marjunayh Temple that was interesting.

Then on to St Aloysius Church and Gokamath Temple, above. Venice pizza newark tx menu Really one temple would have been enough, especially as the second involved walking up a concrete road being cured with wet straw. Pizza of venice altadena ca We got our shoes and legs filthy.

We are booked on the 2017 holiday cruise so getting these details about the tours is great. Pizza of venice altadena We want to do the Kerala cruise, but knowing the ship puts the whole group on one large boat is disappointing news as the photo on the shore ex website looks different. Pizza delivery venice california I did a boat tour when on a Swan Hellenic cruise a few year ago but we were on one of the motorized boats then and a small group at that.

Our next stop was Goa and we opted for A Day At Cansualim Beach. Venice gourmet pizza caloundra We didn’t think it was the best beach we’d ever been on, but had a nice day.

Surprisingly, considering the cost of the excursion, sun-beds were not provided on the beach. Venice pizza caloundra menu However, they only cost $5 for beds, umbrella, table and chairs. Venice pizza menu huntsville al Above is the beach bar we were sat at, not where we had lunch.

This where we had the lunch provided on the excursion. Pizza hut venice beach The food was quite good. Old venice pizza co oxford ms The only sour note was we went to sit at a table with two men and they said the chairs were occupied. Old venice pizza menu A couple at the other end of the table said there was room opposite them, which is where we sat. Venice house pizza warman menu Thing is, no-one joined the men up to them leaving. Venice house pizza sutherland They were sat on two chairs with bags on another two and two empty.

Probably a bit expensive for what it was. Venice house pizza menu No doubt there are cheaper ways of getting to a beach.

The next stop was Mumbai where we took the Shades of Mumbai excursion. Venice house pizza prince albert menu We picked this mainly for lunch at the Taj Mahal Hotel that was subject of a British TV series.

First we went to Khotachiwadi, a Portuguese village where we visited a designers house. Venice house pizza saskatoon sk We thought the time could have been better spent as it was the only morning stop. Venice pizza menu yorkville ny We were whisked around Mumbai without any photo stops.

This is The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel where we thought we would be having lunch. Venice pizza menu ridgefield ct Unfortunately the venue was changed.

For our lunch we went to the Oberoi Hotel and although we were disappointed not to be going to the Taj Mahal Hotel this alternative was fine. Pizza of venice altadena menu It is the top rated hotel in Mumbai on TripAdvisor.

After lunch we went to Church Gate station to catch a train to see the laundry.

We then walked to see Mahalakshji Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai’s laundry.

Next was Mani Bhawan, the Ghandi museum that was formerly his Mumbai base.

We did spend quite a time here. Venice pizza house menu Like with the first stop I think this could have been shortened and some photo stops around Mumbai added.

The end of our day in Mumbai. Venice pizza house daily specials As mentioned, we were attracted to this excursion by lunch at the Taj Mahal Hotel (we booked on a previous cruise so got 10% off). Venice pizza and pasta lancaster pa We wouldn’t have booked it otherwise. Venice gourmet pizza caloundra menu That said it was probably the best excursion we did in India.

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