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Heat 1 tbsp oil in a shallow saucepan over a medium flame. Best salmon cake recipe Tip in vegetables, seasoning and soy sauce, then cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 mins until soft. Best salmon fillet recipe Tip veg into a food processor with the beans, cheese and bread, season, then pulse to a thick paste.

With wet hands, mould mix into 8 burgers. Best salmon patty recipe These can be kept in the fridge for 2 days or frozen, stacked between greaseproof sheets for up to 2 months.

To cook, heat oil in a frying pan and fry 2-3 mins on each side until crispy. Best salmon recipe Serve with toasted buns, salad, ketchup and mayo.

They worked pretty well, and the mushrooms nicely disguised if your children are not keen on them.

I didn’t get the stickiness issues others have referred to in the comments but I only used a potato masher rather than a blender and also mashed up the cheese and beans first before adding the pre-cooked ingredients. Best salmon recipe baked This seems to then work as a kind of glue (!) and then just add as many breadcrumbs as you need.

Very tasty burgers. Best salmon recipe ever A big hit with the family (including the carnivorous children).

After reading the reviews I was very careful to drain all the water from the carrots. Best salmon recipe oven I wrapped the grated carrot in kitchen towel in advance. Best salmon steak recipe When cooking the mushrooms I made sure all the water was burnt off.

I didnt use all the slices of bread as instructed (used about 1). Best smoked salmon recipe Perhaps a couple more slices would have firmed up the mixture a bit more.

Cooked in a hot oven. Chicken best recipes Beware one side was crispy when cooked, the other still very soft. Delicious baked salmon recipes Flipping them over was a challenge. Easy baked salmon recipe Once cooked they were lovely and firm. Easy canned salmon recipes Even better than the ready made ones.

Bit of care and paitence needed. Easy delicious salmon recipes But results are mouth watering.

Absolutely delicious. Easy oven baked salmon recipes I used Mixed Herbs as the seasoning as didnt have anything else.

I really struggle to get my 3 yr old to eat veg, so I made him come & help me make these. Easy recipe for salmon patties All the way through he was saying “I dont like these” as he’s putting the chopped veg in the pan….. Easy salmon burger recipe but Im happy to say he has just wolfed his first burger down (which I cut up & put in a wrap for him).

My only criticism is that they dont cook hard, and have a very sloppy consistency. Easy salmon dinner recipes I shall try ovening them next time as someone else has said that this made them harder!

Very tasty! Great way to get veg into the kids. Easy salmon patty recipe We made them with slightly less cheese than suggested (‘cos thats all we had) and made them into smaller “slider” style burgers and served them in pita pockets to help contain the sloppiness.

One of the nicer veggie burgers I have made. Easy salmon recipes baked I agree these burgers are on the soft side when cooked, but they are very tasty and not dry like many veggie burgers can be.

To prevent the ‘sloppy’ texture problem, make sure you cook ALL the moisture out of the carrot and leek mix before adding the spices (I used harissa paste). Easy salmon recipes oven It will take longer than 10 minutes but is necessary. Easy smoked salmon recipes Then cook the mushrooms separately and make sure all the moisture cooks out again. Fresh salmon cakes recipe When draining the beans, let them site for 5 minutes in the colander to get rid of all the excess water (push on them a little to get more out).

After doing all that I found I didn’t even need all the bread. Fresh salmon patties recipe It works even better if you let the burgers set in the fridge for a few hours before cooking. Grilled salmon burger recipe Yum!

These are a family favourite. Grilled salmon recipe jamie oliver Add Fine Matzo Meal to the mix if it’s too wet. Grilled salmon steak recipe Also I like to coat the burgers in the matzo meal and firm in the fridge before cooking. Grilled teriyaki salmon recipe Excellent rolled into small balls and cooked from frozen for an easy kids meal. Healthy salmon cakes recipe Pages

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