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The recipe I’m sharing today was one that was partly inspired by my Easy Apple and Cheese Danishes and Cinna-Minis. Banana bread best recipe I love to use crescent rolls to come up with fun and easy desserts. Plus, these are desserts my family can easily make themselves without a whole lot of assistance from me if they want to whip up a little something sweet.

Banana bread recipe 2 bananas We really loved these! The best thing about them is you can totally cater to what your family loves for a pie filling. How to make banana bread moist There are just so many possibilities here. Best banana nut bread You could use Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lemon and Chocolate pie fillings!

Preheat oven to 375F degrees. Classic banana bread recipe Spray regular muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray. Unroll individual crescent roll dough pieces and lay them in individual tins. Put the widest bit of the dough in the bottom. You may have to do this in two batches if you only have the one muffin tin.

Scoop pie filling into each crescent roll dough piece. Be generous with the pie filling. Healthy banana nut bread It’s okay if a little seeps out during baking. Yummy banana bread recipe I actually like when you can see the bit of pie filling bubbling out while baking. Simple banana nut bread It also lets folks see what they are gonna be eating before then even bite into it. You want to bite into these and get a nice taste of the cherry filling. Oatmeal banana bread Because remember, the dough is really gonna puff up around these. Bread banana A good 3 to 4 heaping tablespoons should work. Banana bread recipe simple I’m guessing about 6 or so cherries in each one. Banana bread moist recipe I think I could have even put more filling than in the ones you see here. Start folding the dough around the filling as best you can. You should have three corners to pull in.

Bake for about 13-14 minutes. Simply recipes banana bread Make sure the rolls are cooked all the way. Banana bread best You don’t want to bite into these and still have some of the crescent roll be doughy and not totally baked. Blueberry banana bread They should be fairly firm to the touch and have nice, tan-brown tops. Easy recipe banana bread 14 Minutes was just about right in my oven. Best easy banana bread recipe They appeared done at the 12 minute mark but I let them go just a bit longer to make sure they were totally done.

Make sure the rolls are cooked all the way. Quick easy banana bread You don’t want to bite into these and still have some of the crescent roll be doughy and not totally baked. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe They should be fairly firm to the touch and have nice, tan-brown tops. Banana bread healthy 14 Minutes was just about right in my oven. Sugarless banana bread They appeared done at the 12 minute mark but I let them go just a bit longer to make sure they were totally done.

I am big fan of yours and love your recipes! I have the app Paprika on my apple computer- it’s for recipes- is there anyway to save your recipes to that application, instead of Ziplist? I love being able to take my recipes collection with me to the grocery store ?? Any help would be most appreciated! Looking forward to your next recipe! ??

I made these over the long weekend to serve for a family dinner. Banana bread simple They were amazing! I used cupcake liners in the muffin tin so that guests could have a grab and go dessert. Super moist banana bread This recipe was so easy and delicious. Recipe of banana bread Thank you for sharing!

Girl! First, I love these and second: about 3 weeks ago Pillsbury featured my mini-cinnamon rolls made with Pillsbury pizza dough – I could not —– in my wildest dreams have believed the new traffic and followers I received from that one little effort on their part. I need a recipe for banana bread Congratulations! I’m going to go find those cherry bites and “like” them too!! xoxo

I love these and I have been going to several other recipes on your site. 3 banana bread recipe I love them all and pinned them too! I am glad I found you and can be part of your Weekend postluck! It has been great. Low fat banana bread recipe Thanks! (

I love this idea and how versitile it can be. Banana bread loaf recipe Haven’t tried to make them yet but I will SOON. Low calorie banana bread recipe I also want to try this with a savory filling like chicken or tuna salad. Banana blueberry bread That sure would be really good too. Yummy banana bread Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration. Simple banana nut bread recipe I love this site!

Oh…my…lord! These would be perfect for my babies in the morning while they are getting ready for school! Put something yummy in their tummies to start their morning off and send them to school happy! I am sooooo making these!

I just made these tonight and they were fantastic and super easy. Small banana bread recipe I added apple filling to my second batch and they are just as good. Easy recipe for banana nut bread I noticed that the rolls i pushed into the cupcake pan mold hold up better than just folding them over.

I just found your website on Facebook this morning; I will be making these for work very soon!! I know that they will be a hit!! thank you for all of your yummy recipes!! (already made the cream cheese Danish this morning, and I love them!!)

I have been making these for several years now. Banana nut bread easy recipe Came up with it on my own and am glad to know great minds think alike, Brandie. How to make banana bread recipe That is always a good thing. Banana bread simply recipes I make them with pie crust at times or the crescent rolls…both are delicious and fast. Bake banana bread *Julia, I have placed cream cheese mixture in with the cherries…make a small well in the berry mixture and put in a T. Easy banana bread recipes moist of cream cheese mixture then cover with the dough. Extra moist banana bread So delicious…Blueberry are delicious this way..hubby loves them . Healthy banana nut bread recipe Hot or cold…so darn good.

I loved this recipe, I sprinkled sugar over top before putting them in the oven. Easy banana bread recipe 2 bananas I also tried:

-Apple, where i sprinkled cinnimon and sugar over top before adding into the oven

-Peach where I added nutmeg and cinnimon to the filling, then sprinkling cinnimon and sugar over top before entering into the oven.

-Strawberry, where i sprinkled cinnimon and sugar over top before adding into the oven

-Pear, where i sprinkled cinnimon and sugar over top before adding into the oven

Have made these a few times for big gatherings and they are a hit! I use my mini cupcake pan which works great. Tasty banana bread recipe Try the cherry with a pinch of cream cheese on top of the cherries before you bake them. Baking banana bread Love these quick and easy!

Made these to take to a New Years gathering and they were a hit with everyone! Made a triple batch and all were gone before the party was over! Will try them next time with a bit of the cream cheese. Easy way to make banana bread So easy to make and so good!

I just did a Google search for Cherry Pie Bites and your recipe came up- they look so EASY! I want to make them for my daughter’s birthday (in 2.5 weeks). The best banana nut bread You said they freeze well- do you freeze them after you bake? and when you thaw them out, do you just let them sit out and thaw and serve cold? I would love to fix these now so that I don’t have to worry about it at the last minute :).

Thanks for the recipe! (I will be using it in her Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party in place of the slice of cherry pie)

I saw this recipe on pinterest last night and it was perfect to make today for a church picnic.

They were gone in a flash and several people asked for the recipe.

We had to stop at the store on the way home so I could make more for the family! Thank you for the easy, wonderful recipe!

I saw someone asked on March 18 and October 13 about if these can be frozen and how to thaw them when you are ready to serve? Also do the instructions stay the same if you use different fruit? Also with icing?

Hi Jessica! I have never frozen them so unfortunately I can’t give instructions on that. 5 banana bread recipe Perhaps someone else here has and can help with that. Traditional banana bread recipe The instructions will be the same with the different pie fillings. Light banana bread recipe ??

I have made these before for my boys and they are so good and extremely easy to make! Pillsbury makes cherry and Apple turnovers that you can get in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store that are just as good but so much more expensive! These are way more economical! Crescent rolls are very cheap and I always buy my pie filling at Dollar Tree where it’s always only a $1.00 which is so cheap for pie filling! I can feed my family of 5 on these for about $3.00 which is a lot better than buying 3 boxes of the Pillsbury kind at about $4.00 a box!

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