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hi ladies, not sure if this has been posted before but i’m really curious… Chicken masala powder there is a soup chinese moms make for their daughters right after they deliver. Chicken masala calories i’ve seen previous episodes of TLC where they’re told to drink it for at least 1 month and it supposedly helps for a quick recovery and it also boosts your energy. Chicken masala indian style can someone please tell me what it is? i am considering it since this is my 2nd pg, due next month.

Chicken masala with my last pg it took me almost 6 months to recover from my c/s… Chicken masala slow cooker willing to try something new. Chicken marinades easy thanks in advance for ur feedback.

They explained all the essential ingredients for “confinement” and you can possibly get all the ingredients from the Asian Market.

Chinese postpartum soup encourages “heaty” food back to your body, since according to the chinese medical field, after you gave birth, your heaty chi went out as well, so the body is in “Cool” condition and needs to have the element heat back. Chicken marinades for baking Ingredients such as ginger, longan, red dates, chinese angelica root (dang gui) and condonopsis pinosula (poor men’s ginseng) are mainly the key ingredients.

thank you sooo much for your feedback. Chicken marinades and rubs it really helps! i posted several msgs, a few even to my half chinese cousin in the netherlands and she said any kind of beef soup but others have said the same as you – ginger, vinegar, etc. Chicken marinades with orange juice i didn’t think to google it (duh lol) but i’ll try that as well and see what others suggest. Chicken marinades recipes otherwise if anyone else has other suggestions pls do share, love to hear em all!

My MIL put eggs, pork feet, and ginger into sweet vinegar. Chicken marinades for bbq In my opinion, it is very tasty! It’s a very common postpartum food for Cantonese. Chicken marinades You must use special sweet vinegar that can be bought from Chinese supermarket. Chicken marinades with lime My MIL (mother-in-law) also makes soup using beef and pig liver, which are consider good for blood production. Chicken marinades for baked chicken Because I breastfeed, so I don’t take any Chinese herb soup.

My mom made a simple one with chicken, dried dates and ginger. Chicken marinades for grilling Basically it was chicken essence. Heart of chicken I had a bowl everyday for a month and then my mom also requested that DH (dear husband) make it periodically for me. How to cook liver of chicken He still does once in a while.

I also had the ginger and sweet vinegar concoction but I never thought of it as soup. Butter chicken masala indian recipe Regardless, I love it.

They have different types of postpartum soup all of which serves to strengthen the new mother’s body. Spicy chicken masala curry I had a simple soup with chicken (preferably fresh), dried red dates, goji berries and ginger (optional), and there are the special soups si quan da bu tang/sup qun dai boh (translates into soup with 10 herbs for complete fortification – I think it sounds better in chinese or cantonese), baht cahn (soup made with 8 herbs) and there’s the sheng hua tang which you take only once or twice to clear the leftover blood from your body.

Everybody I know takes these soups while breastfeeding. Hyderabadi chicken masala curry But you can choose not to. Easy chicken masala curry Some people also put Benedictine Dom in their soup (the alcohol boils off while cooking).

Then there’s the special drink that new moms drink throughout the postpartum period made out of ginger, red dates and dried longans. Chicken masala curry recipe Very yummy.

I almost forgot… Indian chicken masala curry there’s also a special soup made out of green papaya and fish that really helps with breastmilk supply. How to make chicken masala curry I swear by it. Chicken masala tikka recipe I had pathetic milk supply until DH (dear husband) cooked it for me and I had quite a bit of breastmilk after that. Eastern chicken masala powder I pumped 50-60 ounces a day at my peak. Homemade chicken masala powder The chinese papaya fish soup rocks for breastmilk production.

I’m taiwanese and my mom always tries to get me to drink/eat chicken soup with wine in it and I think she throws in like dong quai or ging seng (looks like bark) into it.

I much prefer the korean postpartum soup which is seaweed soup. Tandoori chicken masala powder recipe It’s supposed to be good at helping you increase your iron levels and my mil (mother-in-law) also says it is good for breastmilk production, although I am not too sure about her breastmilk claim.

modfloralpink – Thanks, but I don’t need help with milk supply right now. Chicken masala powder recipe 🙂 I have enough breastmilk for my 4 year old and 7 month old at the moment without drinking anything special. Chicken masala powder ingredients I do miss icecream though. How to make chicken masala powder My 7 month old is sensitive to dairy and I haven’t had icecream in months.

Fishpiggy – I read through your post again. Butter chicken masala powder I think the key to recovery after giving birth is to try to line up as much postpartum support as possible, especially after a C-section.

DH (dear husband) is half chinese and I guess his aunt is going to make the pig feet sweet vinegar soup and whiskey chicken soup for me. Chicken masala in slow cooker I do NOT eat pig’s feet, but I guess I will drink the soup, because it is tasty.

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