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IIRC male pigs need to be castrated early, otherwise their meat takes on a gamey flavor.

I’ve never noticed it myself, but I’m also not sure exactly what a game flavor would be :p

But it seems to me that it’s entirely possible to have never encountered “gamey” pork, if you mostly buy from the same place and they castrate their pigs on time.

Depends on country.

Recipe for steak fajitas In mine (where the most of consumed meat is pork), it’s supposed that the male pigs are castrated if they are going to be later sold for meat, and the butcher simply shouldn’t ever sell you the smelly meat of uncastrated male, it’s not supposed to be eaten by a person. Marinade for tri tip steak In villages, when they raise pigs, they mostly consume male pigs before they mature, leaving a few male pigs for a village to breed.

I buy from a variety of butchers – small independent businesses. Simple chicken marinade for grilling I am big fan of game, which is why I am surprised to hear that it has a gamey flavour.

That might be genetic. Beef stir fry marinade recipe easy To some unlucky people, pork that comes from uncastrated male pigs can smell like onions, urine, or feces.


Grass fed pigs/animals raised in warmer climates will have heavier gamey flavours. Quick chicken marinade for grilling Beefier flavour from grass fed beef is basically an example of this.

It is an actual thing. Chicken breast marinade for grilling Indians smell ginger/tumericish, anglos smell like dead animals, chinese smell like fermented soy, Koreans smell even stronger of fermented soil.

To vegetarians, everybody smells like rotten meat. Chicken marinade for barbecue We are literally what we eat.

We don’t eat rotten meat and it does not get the chance to rot before being digested. Best chicken marinade recipe for grilling I mean there’s nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. Easy bbq chicken marinade I think it’s a morally superior position. Bbq chicken recipe marinade But I find your claim spectacularly unbelievable.

I’m not vegetarian. Spicy bbq chicken marinade Nor vegan. Bbq chicken marinade recipe And in my job, I sell machines that slaughter livestock by the thousands daily.

I’m not criticizing anyone’s diet, everybody smells different based on their diet, and ethnicity/culture affects a large part of what we choose to eat. How to marinate chicken for bbq Indians eat alot of spice etc, NA diet has alot of processed meats, Chinese and koreans eat more fermented foods. How to marinate chicken indian style Even vegetarians have their own smell, ranging from similar to Chinese to methane-ish.

Meat eaters do smell of rotten meat to vegetarians. How to marinate chicken wings In a situation where a vegetarian has not hung out with meat eater for a while, and gets close enough to smell them, it is most obvious then.

Very similar, identical in flavor. How do you marinate chicken Boiled rice is a bit stickier and has a mildly different mouth feel than steam rice.

If you don’t eat a ton of rice, I doubt you’ll really notice.

This is what I meant by boiled rice. Pork barbecue sauce recipe filipino style Basically you add more water than usual. How to marinate chicken for barbecue So instead of dried rice, you have more water and the rice is softer. How to marinate chicken wings for bbq Usually have with side dishes with strong flavor.

• Bring the water to a boil in a pot, then add the pork, ginger, onion, and garlic, cooking for about 3-4 minutes.

• Remove the pork from the water and drain it on a plate lined with a paper towel. How to marinate chicken for bbq indian style Discard the remaining water and vegetables. How to marinate chicken wings for frying After cleaning and drying the pot, heat it with the oil over high heat.

• Place the pork back in, cooking until browned. How to marinate chicken breast for grilling The oil may pop and splash so be careful.

• Add the brown sugar, turning the heat to low. How marinate chicken Stir continuously until the sugar has melted, caramelized, and coated the pork evenly.

• Immediately add the soy sauces and rice wine, stirring and cooking for about 5-6 minutes or until the liquid has reduced into a thick glaze.

• Add the water, stir, and cover the pot for about 45 minutes. How long do you marinate chicken Make sure the mixture is at a low simmer, not boiling. How to marinate chicken indian style sanjeev kapoor Check and stir every 10 minutes or so and add water if the pot is getting dry.

• When the 45 minutes are up, remove the lid, checking to see if the sauce coats the pork in a very thick glaze. How to marinate chicken drumsticks If it is too runny, continue to stir, uncovered, until the liquid has reduced.

• Serve immediately over a bowl of rice and sprinkle with sliced green onions.

If you’re serious my method is a 1:1.5 ratio of rice to water if just my wife and I I do one cup rice 1.5 cups water and a pinch of salt. How to marinate chicken fast Bring to boil and then reduce heat to low and cover. How to marinate chicken thighs Don’t touch the pot for 15 minutes. How to marinate chicken legs After that 15 minutes move the pot off the heat but don’t uncover for another 10-15. Marinade for beef stir fry After that fluff the rice a bit and eat

Yeah, it’s more of a quick blanch than full on boil to cook. Marinade for filet mignon It’s to get rid of the gunk that can come from meat cooked in any liquid. Lamb chop grill recipe It’ll result in a cleaner tasting and looking sauce in the end.

OP’s recipe is great with chicken wings. Easy chicken marinade for bbq Just have to cut down on the cooking time and remove the chicken wings before you reduce the sauce.

I’m not sure why you got downvoted. Chicken marinade recipes for baking I’ve done a very similar marinade for chicken in the past. Chicken marinade recipes for grilling It’s fairly common in asian recipes. Skirt steak stir fry I’m the weirdo that has 4 different soy sauces in the cabinet right now. Rib eye steak recipe pan I’ll probably make this exact recipe this weekend. Recipe for beef kabobs I’ve never done pork belly like this and it looks great.

Really? I’ve never stored soy sauce in the fridge and it’s always completely fine. How to make a chicken marinade And I’m not someone who uses a lot of soy sauce either, a bottle will last me a long time.

A quick google says it just keep its flavour better at cool temps and if you want it to last more than a year to refrigerate. Marinade for beef tenderloin Its fermented so it wont really go off just wont taste as good I think.

They have to say that for liability reasons, but sometimes you don’t have to. Recipe for grilled lamb chops I store my ketchup and mustard in the cupboard and have been doing it for years without a problem.

Ketchup is absolutely disgusting. Grilled pork chops recipe bobby flay It’s a tomato that used to be yummy. Grilled pork steak recipes Now it’s a sad mash of acidic garbage drowned in an copious amount of sugar. Bbq pork steak recipe If I wanted to get diabetes, I would prefer to get it eating something palatable.

Ok I have a few questions. Grilled bbq pork chop recipes If I were to use ground ginger and put it in after boiling, how much would be comparable. Pulled pork marinade recipe Could you use the water from boiling when you add it in at the end for more flavor or would it have too much fat? And on a side note, Why do I never see water chestnuts in any of the Asian recipes? (not this one specifically) I thought they were used in Asian cuisine, but I never see them. Marinade for chuck steak They add great texture i feel. Easy chicken marinade for grilling This looks absolutely delicious though, and I plan on cooking it this weekend. Pork belly marinade recipe Thanks for any advice!

I don’t really see the need to ground the ginger but about a table spoon or two will be enough. Easy pork tenderloin marinade for grilling The stock from the boil will not add flavor since the sauce will really over power the stock. Best chicken marinade for baking It will probably dilute the flavor since you are adding more water.

Water chestnuts are great! Usually you can find them in desserts or soups. Beef jerky marinade recipes for dehydrators Not so common in main dishes though.

It will probably dilute the flavor since you are adding more water.

At the end of the recipe, it asks you to add more water. Grilled bbq chicken marinade He wants to know if you can use the stock from earlier for that water, or more specifically, if there would be any benefit in doing so.

If I may, I would suggest not. Easy roast beef marinade He will need to sith out the dirty foam from the pork being boiled. Simple chicken marinade recipes If not it will add bad taste back into the dish.

I just made this for dinner tonight. Recipe for baked lamb chops There’s one big Pitfall built into this recipe that I think needs to be addressed, and that is that no matter how lean you ask for it, pork belly is really fatty. Bbq marinade for pork chops Tons of fat rendered out in this recipe, which means tons of that was in the sauce, mostly sitting on top. Grilled marinated flank steak Which means the sauce really did not reduce. Easy chicken marinade for baking At 45 minutes my sauce was very watery and full of fat. Beef jerky marinade recipe smoker I had to skim lots of it off the top.

That said, the flavor was really good. Roast beef marinade recipe I was afraid it was going to be too salty, but it was perfect. Marinade for bbq pork chops The flavor of the ginger did come through despite the very short boil time. Marinade for grilled pork chops I think that my dark soy sauce was of questionable quality, but it still was very delicious with a little bit of sweetness and the pork belly itself came out even more tender than my rice. Easy grilled pork chops It was an amazing texture, I would eat this again all the time.

But next time I will drain all the fat out after Browning the pork before I begin the rest of the process.

EDIT: also, the gif glosses over the green onion a bit, but don’t skip it. Grilled marinated pork chops They add a lot of bang to this.

Maybe a slightly longer boil will help render out more of the fat? This could help make the pork more crispy during the browning phase due to slightly less fat.

Where does one find dark soy sauce. Bbq lamb chops recipe I’ve checked international sections of multiple grocery stores (Walmart, Publix, and 2 Krogers near me that don’t have it). Marinade recipe for pork chops It’s always just a very small section to begin with and then they have like 2-3 brands of just plain soy sauce.

Oyster sauce is bomb too, I can find that stuff pretty easily and works great for stir fries.

I don’t believe this is true. Good marinade for pork chops I know of koikuchi, usukuchi, tamari, and shiro, and there are probably several others. Simple marinade for pork chops Some probably change by region, as well, though.

Sure there are different types, but most people use the type popular in their own region. Best marinade for pork chops They individually wouldn’t own two or more types.

The ones I listed weren’t regional, is what I’m saying. Quick marinade for pork chops They’re the most common to cook with and most households probably have two or more of them, and are widely available. Easy marinade for pork chops They all have specific uses. Steak marinade with beer Koikuchi is the general-usage one. Recipe for tri tip steak They may vary slightly by region, and there may be specialties, but it is definitely common to have several types.

Dark soy sauce is a must in every Chinese household. Korean bbq marinade recipe My roommate in college was from China, and his girlfriend taught me how to cook traditional Chinese food (not the General Tso and likes). Best marinade for lamb chops She always used a teaspoon of Dark Soy in all her meals. Easy grilled pork chop marinade A teaspoon of dark soy in Fried rice or Cantonese style noodles adds umami and adds colour and depth to the dish!

If you’ve ever had Chinese food from any American Chinese restaurant, a lot if their soy sauce based dishes use both. Marinade for boneless pork chops It’s very common, much better range of fermented flavor.

I literally have 6 different types of soy right now. Tuna steak marinade jamie oliver Go to an Asian market some time, there’s a shit ton of varieties and soy sauces from different countries taste different.

Red cooked pork is constantly in my rotation of what to cook for dinner. Tuna steak marinade lime I just do it slightly differently. Grilled lamb chops marinade I do bigger chunks of pork belly, melt the sugar first then toss in the pork and I add star anise. Marinated grilled pork chops However you make it, pair it up with some simple veggies (stir fry with garlic+salt, steamed or blanched) and rice and you’ll be good to go.

And it is versatile too since you can red cook most meats. Best steak seasoning recipe for grilling Try it with chicken wings if you want this flavor but fast. Best steak seasoning for grilling Just be mindful of cooking time differences and technique and you can even red cook fish.

Why would you discard the flavorful water used to boil the pork belly, spring onions, garlic, and ginger just to add regular water later on in the recipe? Save that shit!

The first water is used to remove the gamey taste from the pork belly and give a more pure taste. Beef sirloin tip steak recipes In Chinese cooking you often discard the first use of water. Korean bbq marinade beef It seems counterintuitive to western cooking, where we try to concentrate flavors, but it really does work, and helps develop more subtle flavors.

In french cooking, they also do this or roast off boney cuts for similar reason. Korean bbq recipe beef Searing is basically for the same reason . Bbq lamb chops marinade Personally, I findpoacbingthe meat in water clear the grime from the meat more.

All imperial units in the US are defined in terms of metric units. Best steak rub for grilling So in a way, the US is already a metric country.

Plus, the US military uses metric for everything (except possibly the Air Force).

Revisited this recipe a second time using pork rib meat instead of belly to try to bring the sauce together better. Chicken marinade ideas It helped. Grilled steak fajitas recipe I also added a few Spices to mine just to fiddle with the flavor profile. Chicken breast marinade ideas It still didn’t come out as sticky as it seems to in this gif. Pork tenderloin marinade recipe Not sure how to fix that, but it was still delicious

But I think I’ll be reserving that first batch of water for later use. Chicken breast marinade recipes And I might edit the spice list, because there seems to be almost none here. Pork chop marinade for grilling A bit of five spice would probably help. Healthy chicken marinade recipes This seems a bit light on the “chinese” flavor to me.

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