Chiquita is my new favorite banana company _ funny

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It goes far beyond that. Easy banana bread 2 bananas They used to be called “United Fruit Company”… Banana bread 2 bananas and their nasty history goes all the way back to early 20th century.

On March 14, 2007, Chiquita Brands was fined $25 million as part of a settlement with the United States Justice Department for having ties to Colombian paramilitary groups. Ingredients to make banana bread According to court documents, between 1997 and 2004, officers of a Chiquita subsidiary paid approximately $1.7 million to the right-wing United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), in exchange for local, employee protection in Colombia’s volatile banana harvesting zone. Banana bread with baking powder Similar payments were also made to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), as well as the National Liberation Army (ELN) from 1989 to 1997, both left-wing organizations.[8][9] All three of these groups are on the U.S. Banana bread machine State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Sour cream banana bread recipe – Wikipedia

“And no?” Your quote makes it sound like it was just as /u/perdidoentx said: namely, the payments to the various paramilitary/terrorist organizations were because they were being extorted.

Maybe I’m not too clear, and I admit that info may not be easily gleaned from the quoted text I provided. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas Chiquita wasn’t actually being extorted. How to make the best banana bread They basically hired those groups as their security… Banana bread re with the side-dish of disapearing any troublesome workers or activists that come knocking.

It does sound like it, but in the end the relationship was very different, specially with the AUC.

The areas where Chiquita opperates were not under the paramilitary groups control, at least not to the point where official state security was not an option. The best banana bread recipe ever Instead of dealing with the colombian state (who has cooperated with them often and in terrible ways, as the link I provided above shows), Chiquita chose to deal with the local criminal groups to serve as their military arm. Banana bread reteta “We’re being extorted” was the argument they used for their defense on the US courts, and it stuck, so it shows in the wording of the final court papers. How to make simple banana bread In the end, the paramilitaries worked directly for the Chiquita exectutives, helping them “get” new lands by scaring away local growers who then sold their land for a pittance, killing anyone who opposed their practices or anyone who proposed anything resembling a strike. Banana bread with They have a horrible history here in Colombia, and sadly it’s not well known outside of here, and even then, it’s not known outside of the people who has worked against that kind of events.

In the interest of clarity, my point is that Chiquita wasn’t an unwilling part of the deal.

After finding this out this out I think about injustices done to south and central Americans every time I buy bananas. Best moist banana bread recipe ever I took a Latin American History course and college, and it is quite a brutal history indeed. Bread machine banana bread recipe I mean… How long to bake banana bread I still love bananas though…

Dude, that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Banana bread baking powder I’ve been specializing in Latin American history in college, and just recently took a class on revolutions in Latin America and a class on the US-Mexican border. How to do banana bread All the horrible shit you learned about in the basic overview course is nothing compared to the fucked up atrocities you find when you dig deeper.

Edit: It seems I need to clarify my stance on multinational banana companies staging coups against democratically elected governments to increase their profit and influence. Banana banana bread recipe I am against those things happening.

Let me get this right. One banana banana bread Chiquita is among the world’s most evil companies, as every reply to your post confirms. Banana bread 3 bananas But now they’re your favorite banana company because they let you advertise for them with an actual sticker on your forehead.

Well, “Banana Republic” isn’t only a shitty clothing store at the mall. Banana bread recipe with milk It’s also the term for tropical countries’ government overthrown by fruit companies (like Chiquita & Dole) and installed with puppet government,s to maintain unfair labor conditions, to bring you cheap bananas.

Cute stickers are cute & all, but saying Chiquita is your favorite banana company is like saying Pol Pot is your favorite dictator, because he looked good in a nehru jacket.

so here we have the alternative banana! wonderful! pay no attention to the rest of the “whole story” around “whole paycheck” and the fear-profiteer John Mackey. Banana bread recipe with butter Ignore at all costs the real position of the business model, focus on its different-ness from the top dog. Banana bread without brown sugar You don’t need the bananas, and you aren’t punishing Chiquita by shopping at Whole Foods, nor are you improving the banana industry. Banana bread with two bananas decolonize your diet, don’t pat yourself on the back for enlightened choices within the super-supermarket spectrum/dipole.

I’ll skip all the other things you said that are tangential to the point and hand and instead ask you about the point you made here:

To the best of my knowledge no one in the supply chain has pointed a gun at anyone to get a banana into Whole Foods. Banana bread with butter I can’t say that about Dole or Chiquita which there is documented evidence of exactly that. Best banana nut bread recipe ever I’m under no illusion that Dole and Chiquita don’t care about me as a single consumer, but my voice is only as loud as my wallet. How long to cook banana bread So my ~$1.50 a week in banana spending is cast to a less violent alternative.

If you’re offering a product/company that is all unicorns and rainbows then I’m all ears. Awesome banana bread Until then I must make the best of bad choices. Banana bread przepis I haven’t run across many large companies that have completely clean hands. Banana bread 4 bananas For this particular choice that means bananas from Whole Foods.

The truth is, Dole’s blood and guts doesn’t ennoble Whole Foods. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas The “less violent” option remains a violent act. Banana bread recipe baking powder These good-bananas are a good product sold by a good business to a big-business that sells “good”. Banana cake bread Supporting the model of globalized produce negates the local good it does on the farm. Banana bread with 3 bananas The product loses its goodness when it is put in a crate leaving the same corrupted port, handled by the same abused dockworkers and shipped on the same (insanely destructive) mega-freighter, as Chiquita’s Colombian crop. Best homemade banana bread But you seem to think that once it gets placed on a shelf, it is good again.

Dole doesn’t care about you, but neither does Whole Foods. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas And neither one cares about the other. Banana bread plain flour A banana sale gained by Whole Foods is not, really truly, is not a banana sale lost by Chiquita. Banana bread resepti As corporations, they don’t sell bananas. Banana bread origin They sell banana crates. Rezept banana bread They sell macroeconomics and stocks. Banana bread with plain flour They sell global trade, and they don’t compete for your dollar. How long is banana bread good for Your local store, and the farm workers, they sell bananas. Banana bread recipe with two bananas If you two are out of reach, don’t launder your buck-fifty in the wash of violent intermediary steps.

Where there is no “wholesome” option, do not seek to justify a partial violence. 2 banana banana bread Why is it ok to feed the same manufactured need for tasty bananas on demand that you are so turned off by when it isn’t greenwashed? If you have no access to a wholesome product, accept that. Banana and bread find an alternative.

it’s as simple as making a “banana?” choice before the choice about “which banana?”. Banana bread recipe without nuts You don’t need them. What is banana bread Not for your lifestyle, not for the potassium, not for the benefit of the farmer. Banana bread cooking time The potassium thing is way overhyped (it’s not the only source, even among fruits, nor is it uniquely dense), and nobody buys the banana to support the farmer, they buy to support the habit of buying.

You’ve got a battle, but I assure you it isn’t with me. How long do you bake banana bread Reading your reply sounds like it was meant for someone else. Banana bread with 1 banana You speak with passion on your concerns, but you’re also alienating your audience. Baking powder banana bread If you truly want to affect the change you talk about make sure your goal is to persuade with honesty instead of merely to vilify those that share a difference of opinion. Banana bread with 4 bananas Good luck to you.

Hey OP, how does it feel to be a whore for a company who funded groups directly responsible for mass murder and destruction of democracy?

I hope that change they tossed at you to post this lets you sleep better at night, because these people sure didn’t

In my opinion Dole is the highest quality Banana, they do not bruise as easily as Del Monte Bananas, they ripen faster and generally taste much sweeter than either type, Del Monte 2nd for quality and if you’re planning to hold onto them a while before consumption they tend to last a while before ripening and Chiquita lags behind at third, because fuck Chiquita.

monsanto (bullies farmers), nestea who were responsible for countless deaths in the third world or chiquita (supports a coup of a democratically elected government).

Let me ask you OP, what does it take for a company to not have you suck its dick?

I saw this whilst cashiering at Walmart. How long do you cook banana bread I actually placed the sticker on my forehead until management made me take it off.

In off topicness, I had someone throw a 4011 at me once while ringing them out… How many bananas for banana bread it wasn’t as insulting as it was baffling.

I worked in the banana industry for over 40 years and let me tell you something: Ever wonder why bananas are green for days, are yellow and ripe for a single day and then they turn black? It’s those stickers. Banana bread baking time The adhesive is infused with ethylene, an aging hormone. Banana bread bananas In the industry, it’s known as planned obsolescence because the sticker causes the fruit to go to waste as quickly as possible. Banana bread temperature The idea is to force the consumer to buy more than they can use.

I once stuck a tiny heart sticker on my forehead to make my kids laugh.

I forgot about it and went to the grocery store. Banana bread muffins easy Noticed a couple people give me strange looks, but didn’t think much of it.

Got home and wife started laughing. Pictures of banana bread “So, did you really walk around the grocery store with a heart sticker on your forehead?”

The sticker that says “Kids dig me, moms love me” is better! I’m sad that grocers around here switched from Chiquita to Del Monte because the stickers really pale in comparison.

Funny story, I had a banana with this sticker on it. Moist banana bread recipie I’m at my desk at work and I did it. How many bananas in banana bread Then I smiled. Banana nut bread with sour cream Then my phone rang and I was distracted. Banana nut bread muffins After I helped the user with their issue over the phone I finished my lunch then went down to the lunch room to throw out my trash. Healthy banana bread with applesauce The sticker still on my forehead.

Run into my #1 in the building and as she notices it I realize what she’s looking at. Healthy banana bread pudding Even though it worked out well in the end it was still embarrassing.

I was expecting people coming here to say they do this. The best banana bread ever Wasn’t expecting all the hate and finger pointing.

Also, my daughter and I used to do this and say we were bananas. Recipe for banana bread with sour cream So much for innocent fun. Recipe for banana bread pudding : /

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