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Six decadent layers of chocolate cake and rich chocolate fudge icing, topped with walnuts. Buttermilk banana bread recipe Featured on the food network as one of america’s “top 5 most decadent desserts” and great for sharing!

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Americans are fat. Banana bread food network Oh, yes, we are. Banana bread donuts I hadn’t been to a Claim Jumper in a year or more. Banana bread recipe using sour cream During that time, I’ve lost 75 lbs. Banana bread with sour cream and oil That’s right 75 lbs. Original betty crocker banana bread recipe and no Claim Jumper.

Banana bread 1 egg Coincidence? Maybe. 4 ingredient banana bread After eating here last night, I’m afraid to weigh myself. Moist banana bread recipe with sour cream Good God, the portions are huge, yet full of flavor. Banana bread sour cream recipe I’ve fallen off the diet truck and can’t get up.

My stomach was so excited, it sounded like Martin Luther King cheering “Free at last. Chocolate banana bread pudding Free at last!” for the steady stream of food … Banana bread recipe taste including an endless Salad Bar, a killer burger called the Widow Maker, monster Beef Ribs, tender Baby Back Ribs, a man-size 18oz Ale, Cheese Bread, French Fries, Seasoned Veggies, and a creamy Sweet Potato. Betty crocker banana nut bread recipe Thank the Lord, I was sharing with my wife.

Only my instinct to survive kicked-in and prevented me from getting the tempting 6-layer Chocolate Motherlode Cake for dessert. Banana bread recipe buttermilk We had ogled it on the way to our booth after seeing it declared as one of America’s “Top 5 Most Decadent Desserts” on the Food Network.

The Salad Bar is loaded with fresh veggies, fruit, and some premade salads. Best moist banana bread I could of / should of just gotten this as it was a meal by itself. Banana bread muffins with applesauce (4 stars)

The big Widow Maker Burger has a juicy Beef Patty topped with Bacon, Onion Rings, fresh Avocado, double-thick Cheddar Cheese, Mayo and Red Relish. Banana bread with 2 bananas Loved it! It was so tall, I couldn’t get my mouth around the whole thing, but bite after bite was bliss (4 stars). Banana bread and butter pudding A pile of Salt & Pepper Shoestring Fries on the side were addictive and flavored just right.

The Pork & Beef Ribs Combo comes with a half-rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs and two burly Beef Back Ribs. Banana bread recipe without baking soda The baby back ribs were so tender and juicy. Banana chocolate bread pudding 4.5 stars for those, however, the beef ribs were tougher and hardly worth the energy to tear the meat off the bone (2.5 stars). Banana bread with chocolate chips recipe Especially nice were the the uber-flavorful Roasted Vegetables and Baked Sweet Potato served with some standard Garlic Cheese Toast.

It’s easy to guess that I went above the “recommended daily allowance” of just about all major food groups & nutrients. Super slice banana bread With the over-the-top flavors, massive portions, decent service, relaxed atmosphere, and free parking, Claim Jumper is a hefty and easy choice to wreck any diet.

“Oh, I have a dream! It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. Frozen bananas for banana bread A dream that all men and women are created equal … Whole wheat banana bread muffins and then become equally fat.”

Claim Jumper is a lot of hype. Banana bread with applesauce and honey The Ore Cart is a lot of hype. Banana bread with applesauce recipe My college friends from the olden days used to talk about the Ore Cart like some holy grail and their descriptions sure made it sound like it.

The Ore Cart is listed under the Specialties section of the menu. Banana bread without baking soda It’s really the Rib & Chicken Combo – “Original Baby Back Pork Ribs or St. Banana bread no baking soda Louis Spare Ribs & a Half Rotisserie Barbecued Chicken

They used to serve the Ore Cart in a huge basket / chest that the king would eat out of or something. Easy banana bread recipe without baking soda Nowadays the Ore Cart comes out like everything else on ceramic plates.

The Ore Cart is a lot of hype: the babyback ribs were dry and the meat must have come from an anorexic pig. Hawaiian banana bread recipe The St. Banana bread with coconut oil Louis beef ribs were better but a glob of fat on bone doesn’t quite cut it for me. Banana bread with honey The quarter chicken was meh.

The cheese potatocake was good and so was the garlic cheese toast – only if it comes with your meal. Banana bread with brown sugar Otherwise, I wouldn’t spend money ordering a side of it.

Lastly, the Chocolate Motherlode Cake. Chocolate chip banana bread muffins Six-Layer Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chips, Fresh Walnuts and Chocolate Fudge. Calories in banana bread slice You’ll probably notice the gigantic cake in the dessert case when you walk in. Can you freeze bananas for banana bread It’s good to share with 5 other people but nothing to call grandma about.

I’ve eaten at Claim Jumper in Costa Mesa, and Vegas, and service at all these were alright. Banana bread without baking soda or powder I would like it if my water was refilled without being asked, especially if people were getting new glasses of arnold palmers and strawberry lemonades before they finish the previous glass.

I think my friends from the college days were a little disappointed at the Ore Cart. Easy banana bread without baking soda I guess when you’ve been eating dorm food day in and day out, Claim Jumper sounds delicious. Calories in slice of banana bread Otherwise this place is a lot of hype from people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

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