Chocolate recipes – collection of 21 eggless chocolate recipes

chocolate recipes – chocolate is one ingredient that is loved by many folks including kids. Recipe for curry sauce for chips in this post, i am sharing a collection of chocolate recipes that i have added on blog. Curry paste recipe jamie oliver as i add more recipes, i will update this collection.

the collection mainly consists of eggless cakes along with some desserts, smoothie and a sandwich. Thai coconut green curry recipe if you are a chocolate lover, then do try these chocolate recipes. Recipes with red curry paste for more sweets recipes you can also check these below collections:

5. Vegetarian recipes using red curry paste 121 sweets and desserts collection of 21 chocolate recipes

1. Recipes with red curry paste and coconut milk eggless chocolate cake recipe – basic chocolate cake recipe made with whole wheat flour (atta). Recipes using red curry paste the cake is soft and moist and can be used a base cake for various chocolate frostings.

2. Recipes with red curry paste and chicken black forest cake recipe – an eggless recipe of the classic black forest cake. Recipe for thai red curry paste to make this cake, you need an basic chocolate cake or a chocolate sponge cake. Easy mild curry sauce recipe you can get the cake from outside or make your own at home. Thai green curry chicken recipe coconut milk i have used my basic eggless chocolate cake made from whole wheat flour as a base for this black forest cake.

3. Thai green curry recipe without coconut milk eggless chocolate ice cream recipe – easy recipe of a creamy and smooth chocolate ice cream. Thai green curry paste coconut milk recipe does not need any ice cream maker and also you do not have to beat ice cream twice or thrice. Thai beef green curry recipe coconut milk just make once, freeze and then enjoy.

4. Thai green curry recipe coconut milk eggless chocolate brownie recipe – an easy recipe of chocolate brownie made with whole wheat flour (atta used for making chapatis), sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and oil.

5. Simple curry sauce recipe with curry powder eggless chocolate cake recipe in pressure cooker – the chocolate cake is soft, moist and light and tastes like dutch truffle cake. Red curry sauce recipe thai for more recipes you can make in pressure cooker are pav bhaji, veg biryani, ladi pav, sponge cake, gajar halwa and veg pulao recipe.

6. Chinese takeaway curry sauce recipe uk eggless doughnut recipe – healthy version of donuts made with whole wheat flour (atta) and are baked. in the post, i have shared chocolate glaze as well as the cinnamon+sugar sprinkle recipes too. Chip shop curry sauce recipe uk you can choose to glaze these doughnuts with your favorite glaze recipe. Madras curry paste recipe uk in the recipe i have used ingredients which are easily available in most indian cities and towns.

7. Curry paste recipe uk chocolate chips muffins recipe – easy eggless choc chip muffins made with whole wheat flour (atta). the crumb and texture is soft, light and so good, that no one will come to know that the muffins are eggless and made from whole wheat flour.

8. Homemade curry recipes uk eggless chocolate chip cookies recipe – soft textured and a slight chewy chocolate chip cookies made without eggs. Salmon red curry coconut sauce recipe these cookies are made from whole wheat flour or atta. Thai curry coconut milk recipe the flour which we use for making rotis.

9. Thai curry without coconut milk recipes eggless chocolate fuge recipe – quick and easy recipe of chocolate fudge with just 3 ingredients – chocolate, condensed milk and butter.

10. Tandoori chicken curry sauce recipe chocolate sandwich recipe – crisp and sweet sandwiches made with choco chips. Chicken katsu curry sauce recipe this chocolate sandwich is a quick and easy to prepare sweet snack, which gets done in no time. Chicken curry ingredients recipes for more sandwich recipes, you can check this collection of 32 sandwich recipes.

11. Chicken curry homemade recipe eggless chocolate mousse recipe – this mousse recipe is completely vegetarian as it also does not use any gelatine. Simple curry paste recipe few more mousse recipes on blog are mango mousse, pomegranate mousse and banana mousse recipe.

12. Simple curry sauce recipe using curry powder chocolate cake recipe in pressure cooker – the chocolate cake was soft, spongy, moist and had a lovely texture to it. Red curry paste recipes using as a substitute for eggs, i have added flaxseed paste.

13. Red curry paste recipe chicken chocolate marzipan recipe – soft, melt in the mouth marzipan with cashew, chocolate and coconut goodness. Easy thai green curry recipe using paste if you love chocolates and cashews then try these delicious chocolate marzipan.

14. Easy thai green curry paste recipe eggless banana chocolate cake recipe – delicious, soft, crumbly and a little dense eggless banana chocolate cake. Thai curry paste recipe green few more popular cake recipes on blog are banana cake, vanilla cake, mawa cake and whole wheat cake recipe.

15. Thai curry paste recipe jamie oliver banana chocolate mousse recipe – creamy and smooth eggless mousse made with bananas and chocolate.

16. Thai curry paste recipe vegetarian chocolate avocado mousse recipe – a healthy eggless and vegan mousse recipe. Thai curry paste recipe this quick to make mousse gets done in 10 minutes.

17. Simple thai red curry paste recipe chocolate sandesh recipe – a chocolate based variation of the popular cottage cheese sweet fudge from bengal.

18. Easy red thai curry paste recipe chocolate modak recipe – these modaks are prepared mainly from 3 ingredients chocolate, mawa (khoya or evaporated milk solids) and sugar. Homemade chip shop curry sauce recipe this modak recipe takes less than 30 mins to make and is simple to make during festive seasons. Homemade curry paste recipe it is similar to the recipe of mawa modak.

19. Homemade japanese curry sauce recipe eggless chocolate banana carrot cake– a dense, moist and healthy cake made from bananas, carrot and chocolate. Recipes with thai red curry paste eggless and dairy free recipe.

20. Low fat curry paste recipe chocolate covered strawberries recipe – this is one dessert that you can make at home and you don’t need to spend a lot on buying such chocolate desserts from out. Low fat indian curry sauce recipe you can even dip roasted dry fruits like almonds, cashews and pistachios with chocolate.

21. Low fat chinese curry sauce recipe chocolate banana smoothie recipe – vegan chocolate banana smoothie with thai basil.

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