Christian mccaffrey says nfl execs have asked often about skipping his bowl game _ profootballtalk

Former Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey has known the questions would be coming at this week’s NFL Scouting Combine.

McCaffrey made the unsurprising announcement last December that he would be giving up his final season of college football to enter the NFL Draft, then he made at least a somewhat surprising announcement that he would also sit out Stanford’s bowl game to prepare for a pro career. Simple homemade christmas gifts for friends It was hard to blame him for sitting out an exhibition to protect himself, but he knew it would bring questions from NFL evaluators about his thought process and commitment to his team.

“I just tell them how it is,” McCaffrey said, per Healthy homemade brownies from scratch “When they ask, I’m extremely honest with them, and then we move on to now and playing football. Best homemade brownies from scratch I just know I made that decision, it’s a career decision, it was a man decision, to try to protect my dream of playing and succeeding in the NFL. Easy homemade brownies with cocoa powder And whether it gave me an advantage or not, I stuck with it and I’m here now moving on.”

McCaffrey then made clear that he’s done talking about the Sun Bowl and eager to talk about the NFL.

“My teammates…every single one of them supported me, had my back,” McCaffrey said. Best homemade biscuits and gravy “They gave me a little ovation, and I got a lot of love from my teammates. Easy homemade biscuits and gravy recipe It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Simple homemade biscuits without baking powder I was just happy to have a lot of guys who had my back then.”

The son of former Broncos wide receiver Ed McCaffrey is one of this draft’s most interesting players because of his big-play ability and his ability to play multiple positions.

Though we’ll never know what’s actually asked and answered in the Scouting Combine’s interview sessions, Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway gave an honest answer about McCaffrey’s situation when he was asked.

“When I thought about it, kind of the old-school in me wanted to come out saying, ‘Why would those guys not play? It’s their last game,’ this and that,” Elway said. Simple homemade biscuits without shortening “But I tell you what, when you look at where the league is now and talk about the value of these contracts and these players coming out and the risk they’re taking, the old salty guy in me got flipped back to understanding.”

It was a business decision plain and simple. Easy homemade biscuits with self rising flour I won’t be surprised when players decide to skip larger parts of the junior and senior years of college also. Funny easy homemade halloween costumes for adults There really should be a football league that just uses college age players which plays its games between February and April that pays its players. Cheap easy homemade halloween costumes for adults That league would only be competing with the NBA, NHL, and NCAA basketball for ratings not the NCAA Football or NFL. Cute easy homemade halloween costumes for adults That league could even hold its own scouting combine. Simple homemade biscuits from scratch The NFL could just hold its draft in early to mid May.

What they don’t seem to realize is that if they don’t start paying these kids and all0wing them to make money through endorsements, in the not too distant future they’ll see almost every star college player supposed to play in one of these bowl games sit out.

For that matter anyone who expects to be drafted by the NFL will likely be sitting out these games within 10-15 years unless the NCAA starts coughing up some money. Best homemade biscuits from scratch Why put your NFL health at risk for what is a meaningless game for you? Most of these kids aren’t getting degrees that will let them make a serious income. How to make easy homemade biscuits from scratch Its NFL or bust for a lot of them and they have to protect themselves.

I’m ambivalent and honest. Simple homemade halloween costumes for men It’s simple really. Best homemade halloween costumes for men CM put himself before his team at that particular juncture of his college career. Simple homemade halloween costumes for couples I’m sure he didn’t yell “Team!” when he decided that one. Best homemade halloween costumes for couples Is he going to coast while his team is trying to fight for a playoff spot in a contract year for him? Raises the question if money is his motivation. Best homemade halloween costumes for teens I’m sure, discussed with his Dad, all these perceptions that could be. Simple homemade halloween costumes for women How far will he drop? Love the game, please, kids of today! Go back to leather helmets, NFL!

“When I thought about it, kind of the old-school in me wanted to come out saying, ‘Why would those guys not play? It’s their last game,’ this and that,” Elway said.

Is this the same old-school Elway who refused to play for the team that drafted him?

My season had come to an end. Best homemade halloween costumes for women Stanford did not qualify for the 4 team NCAA championship tournament. Cute easy homemade halloween costumes for women Getting in the way of the coaching staff to get an early head start on evaluating players who might take my position on the Stanford football team next season would be selfish on my part. Easy homemade ice cream recipes for ice cream makers My Stanford football career had ended, other guys deserve the opportunity to play in the scrimmage.

Why not ask why the junior players decide to skip their senior seasons for a shot at the league?

I’m not saying what Christian McCaffrey did is good or bad. Simple homemade biscuits without milk But a guy who comes out after his junior year declares for the draft AFTER the season is over and far ahead of the next one. Quick and easy homemade christmas gifts for kids His college team knows it, plans for it, and has a scholarship open for someone else.

In this case, McCaffrey came back on scholarship, got a quarter or two of free education, played most of the season, had coaches and teammates counting on him, then quit before the season was finished.

I understand he did it. Best homemade christmas gifts for kids But his scenario and the one you described are not the same, and I also get why he’s being asked the question.

I get it ..the NFL executives are puzzled as to why any college football

player would pass up the chance to get an I-watch or some type of

( see Notre Dame player Jaylon Smith ….he lost between 6- 10 million dollars!! ) turn down the chance to play in El Paso which borders on the most violent city in the world and has such a beautiful tourist

The NCAA and all the schools made over a billion dollars in revenue.

Stanford has sold McCaffery shirts that generated probably close to a million dollars and he gets nothing.

What happens if he suffered an injury resulting in permanently disabling him…..well ….if you look at prior NCAA behavior …they

cut off all medical benefits in 2-3 years leaving the player and family destitute. Simple homemade christmas gifts for kids Of course the players have no income while they are trying to

The NFL executives know the score won’t hurt him. 35 easy homemade halloween costumes for kids The questions

are a result of the boring process of the combine ….where bored NFL

McCaffrey made what he thought was a good business decision and passed up the chance to play a game. Easy homemade christmas tree ornaments for kids A game that is far more meaningful than the label “exhibition” implies.

If I’m an NFL GM, I’m wondering whether he’s committed to the business of football or committed to the game of football. The italian homemade company san francisco I would have little interest in the former and concentrate my draft evaluation on guys that rate high in the latter.

Those giving tacit approval to McCaffrey abandoning his team when it appears his was 100% are missing the point completely. Italian homemade bread recipe If a star player lacked the desire to finish a season with the same group he’s played with, what’s going to happen in the pros? Is this a player who will exaggerate injuries, and only show up in key games?

Injuries can happen in practice as well, and you’ve got to question a player’s heart and passion for the sport.

Don’t think this story is going to turn out well, I see a disappointing pro career ahead.

Well we all know what Stanford winning the Hyundai Sun Bowl means right??????? Absolutely Nothing.

That’s why C Mac skipped that bowl game, and he probably did it with his Head Coach’s blessing; who just recently spoke highly of him as an athlete and student.

You put yourself ahead of the team. Homemade meatballs crockpot Not good buddy. Italian homemade company menu Glad NFL teams are taking these types of decisions into consideration.

I’d agree with this if he had been playing for a championship. Homemade meatballs with grape jelly and chili sauce These exhibition bowl games generate huge money for the NCAA and provide little if any benefit to the players. The italian homemade company sf Look what happened to Jaylon Smith, he suffered permanent damage to his peroneal nerve in his exhibition bowl game and it will likely cost him millions.

He is making a career decision – no different than a computer genius would have to make if he were offered a job in the middle of his senior year. Homemade bbq meatballs crockpot Or that we would have to make if a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity arose while we were in the middle of working on a major product for our current employer.

Not sure if he is an every down back in the NFL but he could be a great 3Rd down, pass catching back. The italian homemade company menu I w9uldnt touch him till round 3. Best homemade halloween costumes 2016 That being said, I think he was 100% right to skip the game. Easy homemade dog treats with peanut butter It was a meaningless bowl game. Homemade italian meatballs Had it been the rose bowl or final 4 game I am sure he would have played.

It was a business decision plain and simple. Homemade meatballs recipe I won’t be surprised when players decide to skip larger parts of the junior and senior years of college also. Homemade baked meatballs There really should be a football league that just uses college age players which plays its games between February and April that pays its players. Homemade meatballs for spaghetti That league would only be competing with the NBA, NHL, and NCAA basketball for ratings not the NCAA Football or NFL. Homemade meatballs easy That league could even hold its own scouting combine. Homemade meatballs and sauce The NFL could just hold its draft in early to mid May.

The USFL was kind of like that. Recipe for homemade meatballs It was fun until some idiot named Trump killed the league by trying to compete with the NFL.

IF the NCAA starts paying players (which a lot of them are paid in tuition room and board) how much do you think they will be paid????? Lets say 100K/season……….sooooo ummmm they would STILL opt to sit out the bowl games to stay healthy for multi-million dollar contracts in the NFL. Homemade beef meatballs I am 100% ok with not paying college players. Meatballs homemade You get a free tuition AND the opportunity to showcase your talent and show the NFL what your made of to earn the big money. Homemade bbq meatballs College players already think they are above the law and screw universities with their childish acts (jameis winston), giving them more $ than already whats given to them under the table is not going to help anyone.

I agree to a certain degree. Homemade italian meatballs baked Yes there is a difference between a Championship game and just a bowl game. Homemade spaghetti meatballs But McCaffrey is where he’s at because of his teammates. How to make homemade meatballs And for a lot of his teammates the bowl game is their last game ever and something to hold onto forever. Cooking homemade meatballs He is basically saying “thanks for helping me get to where im at, now that you need help with what will be the biggest game of your life im going to sit out and wait for my big money”. Homemade easy meatballs I cant say he is 100% wrong, but that is something that is kinda crappy to do to your teammates who helped you get where you are today. Easy homemade meatballs If i was an NFL owner that would be something that i’d keep in mind when drafting. Italian homemade meatballs You dont ever want that guy walking through routes b/c your already eliminated from teh playoffs and he just doesnt want to hurt himself. Homemade meatballs in sauce Play 100% for every game of every year.

McCaffrey’s response should have been ” Well why did you guys pass on (insert injured 1st roud projected player who got hurt late in college season)?

And if they give you a crappy answer thats all you need to know about that team..

He knows what he is doing, of and by the way, He is the son of former Stanford and NFL wide receiver Ed McCaffrey and former Stanford soccer star Lisa McCaffrey, who is the daughter of U.S. Homemade pork meatballs Olympian Dave Sime.

He’s a smart kid that I would want playing on my NFL team any day. Homemade meatballs with ground beef He’s got the pro pedigree to back up his decisions on how to handle these professional athletic career moves.

He will be drafted by the Patriots to form the first all white offense in the NFL in many years. Homemade sauce and meatballs Another SB run for NE! At some point the NFL will figure out that Bill has the smartest team and that’s why they win! He fits the Patriots!

I’m not buying any of the arguments in favor of him skipping the bowl game. Baking homemade meatballs They all boil down to the same thing: “He might get hurt. Homemade spaghetti meatballs recipe Jalen Smith got hurt and it cost him millions.” Hogwash. Homemade beef meatballs recipe If Smith is as good as advertised, he’ll more than make up for that lost money on his second contract. Homemade meatballs and spaghetti And if you take the “What if I get hurt” mentality, YOU WILL GET HURT! You cannot play sports at a high level worrying if you might get hurt.

Everyone considering the McCaffrey path – shut up, park your ego in neutral, tell your schizophrenic agent (that you already have) to take a lithium, stand with your teammates and play the damn bowl game.

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