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Make this place a must hit for breakfast in Kihei. Banana nut bread muffins Tge biscuits are delicious and the cb hash is tasty. Healthy banana bread with applesauce Didn’t have the cinnamon rolls but the looked and smelled fantastic. Healthy banana bread pudding Great staff and ample outdoor seating.

Such a cool locals place to enjoy some grub. The best banana bread ever They have a breakfast menu that looked great. Recipe for banana bread with sour cream We opted to go with something off the lunch menu.

But while we waited to order they gave us a taste of their cinnamon rolls. Recipe for banana bread pudding OMG!!! Wow!! Delicious. Best banana bread recipe with sour cream We were going for a luau later in the evening or we would have gotten one.

So we opted to share the grilled fish sandwich which came with fries and a drink. Easy banana bread muffins It was delicious. Easy banana bread healthy Fresh fish perfectly seasoned and cooked, and served on a fresh roll. Easy banana bread pudding The fries were amazing. Banana chocolate chip bread pudding A great meal.

Love this place! Nice staff, super fast service and yummy food! Had the cinnamon rolls, eggs Benedict, corned beef hash, Keiki pancakes and surfer sandwich (between 2 visits). Banana bread recipe betty crocker Parking is a little tricky, and I can’t say if parking in the lot across he street is legit, but we did it and no tickets or tow. Banana bread easy healthy So worth visiting!

If you’re in Kihei you have to try this place for breakfast or brunch. Moist banana bread recipe with oil There is always a line out the door in the morning, but don’t let that scary you off. Moist banana bread recipe sour cream The friendly and fast working staff keeps the line moving and food coming out quick. Best banana bread maui Make sure you come hungry the serving sizes are very large. Moist banana bread with sour cream We had the banana & mac nut pancakes, normally I dislike nuts but this was so delicious. Homemade banana bread calories We also ordered the French toast slam with eggs ( cinnamon rolls in place of bread) which had me wanting to come back the next day to try more. How to make banana bread more moist CASH ONLY.

First, to grab a quick bite before a scuba dive. How to make banana bread muffins We ordered some fried rice and a biscuit ‘to go’ but they came out on plates. Bread banana pudding No big deal – we found the time.

Then, a full breakfast with family. Banana nut bread muffins recipe We had an assortment from cinnamon rolls, pancakes, a surfer sandwich (egg, bacon, cheese and avocado on a brioche roll) to huevos rancheros (eggs atop a flat tortilla, beans, cheese, jarred jalapenos and salsa).

The iced and blended coffees were great! My (decaf) iced mocha was so good that I braved the Saturday morning line to buy another.

Next time, I want to try the veggie scramble and the cinnamon roll French toast (menu items change from day to day).

Friendly service, delicious food, huge portions! I’m a fan of their iced coffee- complete with coffee ice cubes so your drink doesn’t get watered down. Eggless banana bread recipe They take cash only, but have an ATM on site. Best ever banana nut bread The veggie scramble, fried rice, breakfast burritos, biscuits and cinnamon rolls are super tasty.

– Do as the locals do and get one of the traditional dishes or opt for spam eggs Benny or their classic spam and eggs breakfast.

– In a great local center perfect for shopping or catching a drink at the tiki hut after.

– Voted best breakfast 6 years in a row for a reason. Best banana bread pudding recipe Be patient the line does moves fast, this place seems to be a well oiled machine except for the fact that it is extremely hot and stuffy once you get inside to wait – meh.

Kihei Caffe is as good as advertised. Easy banana bread muffins recipe It took maybe 10-15 minutes to get through the line around 11:15. Banana nut bread recipe with buttermilk As many other reviews point out; you need to order and pay first and then find a seat outside. Peanut butter banana bread recipe You cannot save a spot beforehand. Banana nut bread recipe with sour cream I personally had zero issues with this process. Easy healthy banana bread recipe It is also cash only, so make sure to plan accordingly. Best ever gluten free banana bread There is an ATM on site, and for times it is not working, there is another ATM nearby. Best banana bread recipe in the world They will not give you a receipt unless you request it.

The food came out super fast. Easy banana bread recipe for kids Instead of giving people numbers, they just call your name while bringing the food out to you. Best healthy banana bread recipe I am sure most things were prepared ahead of time and kept in warmers. Healthy banana bread recipe applesauce However, everything still seemed super fresh and tasty.

I ordered their fresh corned beef hash and eggs for $12.45 and for an extra $3 I upgraded my side to the pork fried rice. Simple banana bread muffins This way I basically enjoyed two of the main entrees I was looking at. Easy gluten free banana bread recipe It was amazing and I would definitely order this again!

There is a water dispenser and cups available outside, which is convenient.

Breakfast hours are 5am until 2pm daily. Better homes and gardens banana bread recipe The early morning hours are great for those who are early morning risers, those who are on vacation and still have not adjusted to the new time zone, and those who are doing Road to Hana and getting a head start. Best ever moist banana bread You can also order food to go and enjoy a picnic later on. Moist banana bread with sour cream recipe Also, the late breakfast hours are nice for days you get a late start to your day or just want to enjoy breakfast for a late lunch.

The service was great. Best gluten free banana bread recipe Everyone was helpful and seemed happy. Calories in homemade banana bread I was also given a sample of a delicious peanut butter and chocolate drink.

No Kama’aina discount, but the prices were already more than reasonable, especially for the quality and portion sizes.

One disappointment was they were already sold out of the cinnamon rolls by 11:30.

Been here a few times now spanning several trips. Healthy moist banana bread recipe The food is tasty but the service is pretty awful. Healthy moist banana bread Ono food with Manhattan attitude. Best ever banana bread recipe I’ve tried the fried rice, cinnamon rolls, French toast, omelettes and lox plate and they all ranged from good/solid to outstanding. How to make moist banana bread I’ve also lived in Manhattan and I swear you get less attitude in restaurants there. Banana bread cake mix This last time we had two families with two kids in tow, ages 3.5 and 4. Best healthy banana bread As anyone with kids know, waiting in line can be difficult when you have littles who are hungry. Banana bread bread machine We arrived before the crowd and there were several open tables so the moms and kids sat down while the hubbies went to order food. Extreme banana nut bread As we were sitting a waitress tells us in a nasty tone that we can’t sit until we have ordered despite our saying we were in the process of ordering. Eggless banana bread recipes moist Umm, duh that’s exactly what we did but the lady gave us a bitchy attitude anyway. Eggless banana bread with yogurt When one of the kids got a little testy I tried to avoid a potential meltdown by giving the kid a few of those disposable packs of strawberry jam to stack up in a tower. Can i make banana bread without baking soda Voila crisis averted but when the server saw the strawberry jam on the table she comes by and says, “these aren’t toys, this is all money so I need to take them.” She then just grabbed the packets and walked off. Can you make banana bread without baking soda First of all, rude. How to make banana bread without baking soda Secondly, maybe we had them for the food we were waiting on but she didn’t even bother to ask.

The one and only nice person with a positive attitude was the bus boy. Recipe for banana bread with chocolate chips He was polite and cheerful so that offset some of the ugly attitude from the two female servers.

So overall good food but I may skip this place on further Maui trips due to the poor service.

Ate here twice for breakfast. Banana bread bread machine recipe Easy in and out with great menu options. Banana bread recipe hawaii First morning went local with a loco moco, the second morning with the traditional breakfast plate. Banana bread recipe with chocolate chips The first morning’s breakfast was before making the trip to Hana. Banana bread made with coconut flour We took one of their cream cheese cinnamon rolls with us for the road. Banana bread made with sour cream Made a great snack once we got to Black Sand beach!

Good breakfast. Banana bread in cake pan Even if there is a line out the door they have super fast service! The French toast slam was delicious, cinnamon rolls are amazing and they have great smoothies. Blueberry banana bread recipe We went several times.

cute little place! there’s a parking lot and you can sit and look at the beach. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe moist French toast is spot on.. Banana bread healthy recipe 3 slices that are pretty thick.. 3 ingredient banana bread recipe the loco moco was amazing! we upgraded the rice to pork fried rice and we ate till we felt we were gonna explode! excellent cinnamon rolls too.. Banana bread with cake mix and pudding CASH ONLY!! cashier was very nice!

Saw the reviews. Banana bread recipes healthy Had to come check it out ourselves and it was wonderful! You do have to line to order (can’t save tables) but you are pretty much seated immediately after you order. Banana bread recipe with cake mix All outdoor seating, but why not when you’re in maui. Banana bread recipe with yellow cake mix Food arrived fairly quickly. Egg free banana bread recipe It was exactly the type of breakfast joint we were looking for, a little on the heavier side but hey, be my guest and order something lighter. Banana bread buttermilk But you might regret it when you see the waffles, cinnamon rolls, brkfst burritos, and pork fried rice…

My favorite breakfast spot on the whole island. Banana bread recipe gluten free The prices are great, the quality of the food is super high. Bananabread recipes You always get more than what you pay for and the staff is so friendly!

My favorites are the iced coffee (if you come early the ice cubes are frozen coffee), the cinnamon rolls with icing and Mac nuts, the pork fried rice, atkins omelette, banana bread, chorizo breakfast. Banana bread recipe food network Actually I haven’t had anything there that I didn’t at least like, and most everything I really, really like.

The place is cash only, so remember that when you come (there is an ATM inside), and don’t do the tourist thing where you get your seat before you order. Banana bread recipe allrecipes Just go with the flow, you’ll get a seat after you’ve ordered.

A pleasant little spot on a main street! Be aware that the restaurant is cash only — we didn’t realize it (didn’t read any guidebooks, apparently) and the their ATM was broken so my sister had to hold our place in line while I ran across the street to a gas station. Banana bread crumble (Thank goodness for the long line, eh?) Despite that, the portions are generous and everything looked really good. Banana bread crumb cake I had a moco loco with a poached egg, which was delightful. Banana bread recipe without butter Their cinnamon rolls are probably the size of my head and the guy working the register let me pick which one I wanted. Banana bread recipe coconut oil 🙂 You’re doing the lord’s work, my friend.

The only thing I dont like os the long.line that almost always curves around the side of the building. Banana bread streusel Great outside breakfast for lazy Sundays when the family is starving and wants some banana macnut pancakes, bacon and eggs…I love the veggie scramble. Banana bread recipe with coconut oil Also they have killer fresh baked cinnamon rolls!

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