Cody bellinger talks dodgers’ mindset, pace-of-play rules, and binge-worthy tv mlb sporting news spanish food dishes recipes

Bellinger spoke with me about his 2018 outlook, new pace-of-play rules and more as part of a promotional campaign for met-rx, a nutritional supplement that he has incorporated into his workout routine to help maintain his weight during the season.

Cody bellinger: we’re all ready. Obviously, (the world series loss) was a tough thing to end on. I got out to spring training a week and a half early, two weeks early, and I want to say 25 or 30 guys were already out there. So we’re all ready to get the season started and show last year wasn’t a fluke.

CB: yeah. I think we’re all happy, especially me, with what I did my rookie season. But, you know, that’s over — the awards and everything were cool — but now we’ve just kind of got to focus on this season, and we’re all hungry for more.Don’t really

CB: just put it in the back of my mind and definitely not even think about the sophomore slump.

Everyone keeps asking me about it and I don’t really care about it. I’m going to go out every day and do what I did last year and not worry about anything — just having fun and trying to help the team win.

CB: obviously we’ve been in the biggest game you can ever be in. We have a young team, so it was good to have our team be a part of that crazy series, and I think it’s only going to get easier from here for us. Or not easier, but we’ve been through it all.

CB: it was kind of an easy choice for me. I’ve always had trouble keeping weight on, or putting weight on as well. The met-rx products … helped me take my workouts to the next level. The big 100 bars were big for me.Don’t really I have one before my workouts every day to kind of fuel me throughout the whole workout.

CB: toward the end of the season last year. I kinda wanted to make a change. I was losing a lot of weight throughout the season last year, and I was eating a lot of food, but I wanted to incorporate something else in my system. I just kept eating those big 100 bars. It’s a great meal replacement, or a great add-on after a meal.

SN: what are your thoughts on the new rules about mound visits? As a first baseman, is this something you’ll have to remind yourself of, to make sure you don’t walk over there out of habit and get charged with a visit?

CB: absolutely. I think it’s good that they’re incorporating it into spring training games right now. I think it’s just going to take a little getting used to, just because you’re so used to walking out to the pitcher after a double play or something — and you can’t leave your position now.Don’t really I think it’s just gonna be something that we have to get used to and really watch out just so we don’t ruin it for the team.

CB: the game of baseball is slow in general, (but) it’s getting to a point where some games are getting ridiculously slow with the amount of timeouts or pauses. … I like what they’re doing with it, so we’ll see how it goes.

SN: A lot has been made of the slow offseason and players not getting good contract offers. Some people say the free-agent system needs fixing. Do you agree with that?

CB: I don’t know much about what went on. I don’t really understand all that kind of stuff, if I’m being honest, so I don’t really have an exact answer. But it definitely was a weird, weird offseason for the players. There are still a lot of deserving players that aren’t signed yet, that’s for sure.Last year